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Sıfat ve Zarflar / Adjectives and Adverbs

Once upon a time, a long time ago there was an old man. He lived under tall trees in the high mountains. He only had one daughter. His daughter was veryyoung. Her name was Mary. She was alwayswell behaved and hard-working. She was neverlate, neverdirty or untidy, neverrude and she never told lies.

Was she pretty? No, she wasn't pretty at all. Still, everyone thought she was the best girl in the world.

İngilizce gramerde sıfatların görevleri ve zarfların görevleri nelerdir?
Gramerde sıfatlar ve zarflar , cümle içindeki diğer kelimeleri nitelerler. Kelimeleri niteleme konusunu her  ikisini de ayrı ayrı ele alarak inceleyelim.