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Unit 5 - School



My father is a scientist. My mother is an astronaut. Their jobs are very hard.





-What does a photographer do?
-A photographer takes photographs.

-Where does a scientist work?
-A scientist works in a lab.

-Who works in a kitchen?
-A cook works in a kitchen.

-Do musicians wear uniforms?
-No they don't.

-What do actors and actresses do? Do they work in a farm?
-No, they don't work in a farm. They act in movies. They usually wear costumes.

-Where do nurses work?
-They work in hospitals.
-Do you know a nurse?
-Yes, My friend's mother is a nurse.

-What does a policeman do before he goes to work?
-He wears his uniform.

-When does a farmer work?
-A farmer works from the morning to the evening. Farmers don't work at night.
-How long does a farmer work?
-I don't know.




İngilizce konuşurken yaptığımız işleri ne kadar sıklıkta yaptığımızı söylemek için sıklık ifade eden keliemeler kullanırız. En çok kullanılanlar "always, usually, often, sometimes, never" ifadeleridir.


her zaman
çoğu zaman

I always brush my teeth after meals.
He usually plays football after school.
She sometimes visits her grandmother.
They never go for a drive after dinner.





Biraz da basit konuşma diyaloglarını hatırlayalım:

-What's your name?
-It is George Obama.
-What is your job?
-I am a politician.
-Where are you from?
-I am from America.
-What's your nationality?
-I am American.
-Where do you work?
-I have got an office in Washington. I work in my office.
-Can you speak foreign languages?
-Yes, I can. I can speak Spanish and French.
-Do you have a family?
-Yes, I have a wife and two kids.
-What do you do in your free time?
-I like painting in my free time.

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