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Unit 4 - Dreams

There are some people in the pictures. They are doing activities. They look happy. An old man is watching TV. An old woman is knitting something. A younger man is reading the newspaper while two kids are doing a puzzle. Two young ladies are drinking something and chatting. These must be their favourite activities in their free time.



I don't think dreams have certain meanings all the time because I sometimes see things I did in that day in my dreams. Some dreams have meanings, but most of them are meaningless.


Bu konuda gördüğümüz birçok farklı kullanım, cümle içinde sebep-sonuç bildirmektedir. Bunların en belirgini "if" kelimeciği ile kurulan cümlelerdir. If " eğer " anlamındadır.
If you ride a bicycle in your dream, it shows the need to balance work and pleasure in your life.
Birinci cümle sebep, ikinci cümle ise sonuç sunmaktadır.
If you see an airplane in your dream, you will solve your problems.
If you see comfortable shoes in your dreams, it means that you are becoming comfortable with your personality.


Seeing a car in your dream can show your interest in cars. It can also mean that you are going to be hit by a car.
If you see a donkey in your dream, it can mean that you will be kicked by a donkey in a few days.
I think the family is talking about dreams they saw last night.


The man's bed, blanket and pillows look very old. The man must be poor in real life.  In his dream, he has nice clothes, a lot of money and a nice car. He is richer in his dreams.
İ  Bu cümlelerden birinde vakit belirtiriz, diğerinde de olaydan bahsederiz. "when" ile kurduğumuz cümlecikte vakit belirtilir ve diğer cümle de, tam bu belirttiğimiz anda olan bir olaydan, bir eylemden bahseder. "when" sözcüğü bir andan bahseder. Süreklilik ifade etmez.

When we looked back, the monster was chasing us.
Bu cümleyi incelersek, "when we looked back" zaman bildiren cümleciğimiz oluyor. Diğer cümlecikte de, tam bu an esnasında gerçekleşmekte olan olaydan bahsediliyor.

"when we looked back" shows a moment in the past. It is not a continuing action.
 "the monster was chasing us" is a continuing action. The monster started chasing them before they looked back, and continued chasing them for some more time. Now, it is not chasing them.
"the monster was chasing us" is a long action that started and finished in the past.
"we looked back" is a very short action that happened in a moment in the past.

"While" ifadesi ise, "when"den farklı olarak, bir süreklilik de ifade eder. While ile kurulan cümlecikte bahsedilen olay devam ederken, diğer olayın gerçekleştiğini anlatabiliriz.
"While I was walking to these people" shows a continuing action that took place in the past.
"I saw a very beautiful girl" is not a continuing action.

We use "when" for short, non- continuing actions and "while" for long, continuing actions.

Geçmişteki sürekli olmayan olaylar, simple past tense ile anlatılır. "I went to school"
Geçmişteki sürekli olan olaylar ise, past continuous tense ile anlatılır."I was going to school" 

No, I'm not joking. The bird caught me and started to fly. I was flying with the bird. I was very excited. I couldn't talk for a minute. Then I started talking and told the bird to stop.The bird looked at me and said I can't stop. While the bird was talking, I saw a big mountain. The bird was flying me to the mountain. The bird started to slow down when we reached the mountain and stopped on near a cave. I dropped on the ground and started running. While I was running, I turned back and looke at the bird but it disappered. Then I woke up..
Last night, I was in my dream garden. I was sitting under a huge tree with my dog and I was watching the beautiful flowers. I was very relaxed because the garden was quiet. There was only the sound of the wind and birds. I was listening to the birds but I couldn't see them.