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Unit 3 - Lesson 2 - Imaginations and Predictions

The people in the pictures are talking. They look surprised.



İngilizce dilbilgisinde en sık kullanılan bir diğer gelecek zaman ifadesi de "will" kelimesiyledir. Cümlelerde özneden hemen sonra "will" sözcüğünü  kullanırsak, cümleye gelecek zaman manası katmış oluruz. "Will" den hemen sonra yüklem gelir. Olumsuz cümleleri "will not" ile, veya kısaca "won't" ile kurarız.
Ayrıca "will" kısaltılarak "'ll" şeklinde de kullanılabilir.
I will help you with your homework.
He'll call you later.

Soru cümlesi kurmak için, will başa alınır.
-Will Jane cook the meal?
-No, Jane won't cook the meal because she is very tired.
-What will Tom do?
-Tom will bring Jane some water and he will cook the meal.

-Will Roger mend the washing machine?
-No, he won't  mend the washing machine.
-What will he do?
-He will call the repairman tomorrow.

-Will Phil go to work by car?
-No he won't because there is heavy snow and it is dangerous.
-What will he do?
-He will go to work by underground.
-The telephone is ringing Jim, can you answer it?
-I'm afraid I can't answer it now!
-I'll answer the telephone then.

-I am making your favourite cake Ahmet, but there isn't any sugar left.
-I'll buy some sugar for you, mum.
-Thank you very much, Ahmet. You are very sweet.

-How much is the bill Ali?
-It is $25
-I'll pay it then!
-No, I want to pay it this time.
-OK, I won't pay it then.


I try to listen the weather forecast every day. Sometimes, I can't watch it if I'm in a hurry.


"It will be a very sunny day for İstanbul today, there won't be any clouds in the sky. Bursa will be a bit cloudy today and tomorrow. Eskişehir will be cloudy too. Ankara will be very hot for two days. İzmir will be very windy.  Diyarbakır will be rainy, Şanlıurfa will be rainy too.  Rize will be foggy today. There will be snow in Erzurum today. Van will also be snowy today.
I think there will be more snow in fifty years because global warming makes summers too hot and makes winters too cold. I think it'll be freezing cold in winters in a hundred year's time. I think there won't be more people in the world in twenty years because there will be many big wars. I think there will be enough clean water for everyone in hundred years because of high technology.


I think there will be holiday resorts in other planets soon. People are very interested in going to space. It will be very exciting and very popular.


İngilizce'de iki farklı kullanımdan bahsedeceğiz. Birincisi ve en çok kullandığımız yöntem, Türkçe'deki gibi isimlerden ve isim öbeklerinden önce sıfatın gelmesidir. Diğer bir yöntemle ise, isim cümlelerinde (yüklemi fiil olmayan cümlelerinde) sıfatları "am, is, are" gibi yardımcı fiillerden sonra kullanarak, özneyi nitelemektir.
red apple
big tree
big apple tree
The apple is red.
The tree is big.
The apple tree is big.


In the future, there World Tourism Organisation will build a huge holiday resort on the moon. They will build the hotels using the minerals and ores of the moon. The hotels will be interesting. They will look like capsules. Visitors will see the Earth from the windows. There will be difficulties too. There won't be a lot of water on the moon. And there won't be fresh fruits an vegetables on the moon.


"As" kelimesini, because ile aynı manada kullanabiliriz. Böylece iki cümleciği sebep sonuç ilişkisi ile bağlamış oluruz.
There will be no dirt as there won't be an atmosphere.
They will throw dirty towels away as there won't be much water.
There won't be fresh food as the Earth is far from the moon.
There will be footprint pollution as  there is no rain or wind.



Holidays in the future will be very interesting. There will be many good resorts in the future. There will be a lot of activities in the future. Those activities will be very interesting. Traveling will be easier in the future as journeys will be faster and more comfortable. There won't be a good natural scenery in the future as there won't be many trees and forests.
I think people will play basketball with very high baskets. I think people will play jumping games most. You can't hear anything on the moon as there is no atmosphere. People will communicate using radios in the games. People will play with very heavy balls and toys.


-Will I get a good mark for English this year?
-Yes, you will get a very good grade this year because you will study on "" It is a very good site.
-Will I learn English very well this year?
-Yes, of course, "" will help you a lot.
-Will I be rich in the future?
-You will be very rich. You will find very good jobs because your English will be very good.
-Will I marry soon?
-No, you will marry when you are twenty-five years old.
-Will my wife be a beautiful girl?
-Yes she will be a very very beautiful girl?
-Will I have many children?
-You will have only three children.
-How many of them will be boys?
-None of them will be boys, you will have three daughters.
-Oh, will they be naughty?
-No, they will be very good and kind kids.
-Will I travel to many contries?
-You will go to a different country every year.
-Will you ask for a lot of money?
-Yes... I mean no, I will only ask for twenty liras.
-Here you are.
-Thank you. And you will often come back and ask abour your future again.



My father doesn't travel a lot because he is retired. He sometimes travels in holidays.

"If" kelimesi ile koşul bildirdiğimizi söylemiştik. Şimdi de biraz daha farklı bir kullanımı göreceğiz.
If Martin calls two hours later, his daughter will be at school.

Burada birbirine "if" sözcüğü ile bağlı iki cümlecik var. "if" sözcüğünün kullanıldığı cümlecik, bir koşul, bir ihtimal bildiriyor. Bu koşul gerçekleşirse, diğer cümlecikteki olay da gerçekleşecek. Bu nedenle de, koşulu geniş zamanla, diğer cümleciği ise gelecek zaman ile kurarız.

If Tina is out, Martin will a message on the answering machine.
Martin will ve at the hotel at 5 pm if the plane arrives on time.
If you go to Paris, you will see the Eiffel Tower.
If you play under the rain, you will be sick.
If you don't study hard, you will fail the test.


If clause için detaylı konu anlatımı buradadır.



Working nine hours a day in that factory is a tiring job.
We will be tired after this hard work.

This book is very surprising. You will be surprised.
Running is tiring. You will be tired.
School is boring for the students. Students will be bored.
I am watching a very interesting movie. I am interested.


I think prices are important for me for a holiday. Weather is important too because I won't enjoy my holiday in bad weather. Accomodation is not important for me in a holiday.


I prefer Hotel Miranda because it is cheaper. It is further to the beach but it is nearer to the city. I think we can enjoy Hotel Miranda because it has a pool too.



Hotel May Day has more swimming pools than Hotel Miranda. There are more restaurants and more discos in Hotel May Day. Hotel Miranda is cheaper than Hotel May Day. Hotel May Day is  more expensive than Hotel Miranda. Hotel May Day has two orchestras and a tennis court but Hotel Miranda doesn't have these. Hotel Miranda is further to the beach but closer to the city than Hotel May Day.

-What will you do if you get lost in Spain?
-I'll ask somebody for directions.
-What will happen if you don't understand the language?
-I will ask other people. I will show my hotel to them on the map.
-What will you do if you lose your passport in Spain?
-I will go to the police and the Turkish Consulate.



I will join the army after I graduate from school. If I join the army in the summer, I will come back next year. Then, I will look for a good job, and if I find a good job, I will work there for a long time. Then, I will start my own business. If I get a lot of costumers and make a lot of money, I will buy a house and a car.




If we pollute the environmenti the fertile lands will become polluted. If fertile lands become polluted, plants will die. If  plants die, the land will turn into desert. If land turns into desert, there won't be any food.