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Unit 6 - Lesson 3 - Stories and Ballet



I don't like ballet very much. I've only watched ballet on TV.



The man won his gold medal in Moscow.
Henry said that someone agreed to come along to translate if necessary.
There weren't any other ballets in Thiago's family.
His interests are playing guitar, painting and listening to music.
He said "Thank you, we are going to continue tomorrow."



Where are you from?
I'm from Brazil. It is a beautiful country.
I started by mistake. I went to a circus school when I was twelve.  Basto saw me ate the school and he said that I looked like a dancer. So I started to dance.
I won the silver medal in 1998. In 2001, I entered the Moscow International Competition and won the gold medal.
Are there any other ballet dancers in your family?
My brother is a designer and his grandfather was a musician, but there aren't any ballet dancers.
What are your interests outside ballet?
We are playing the guitar, painting and listening to music. But there isn't much time.
Thank you for the interview. We are going to continue tomorrow.


I prefer to go to the cinema because I find ballet boring.


I like reading exciting stories. The name of the latest story I  have read is "War in Middle East."



I think it is an ostrich's egg. Their eggs are huge. They decide to keep the egg and learn about the egg by writing a letter to laboratory.


Daha önceki ingilizce derslerimizde may modalının izin istemede kullanıldığını gördük. "May" kelimesi ile ihtimal de bildirebiliriz.
-Where is your father?
-He may be in the living room.

This may be a dinosaur egg.
He may come today, or he may come tomorrow.
She may call me this evening.


I think the laboratory may send them a short reply and ask them to bring the egg.


If I were Simon or Beth, I would look on the internet and do research on huge eggs. If I were one of them, I would also offer to break the egg and see what's in it. I wouldn't write a letter to the laboratory, I would send an email. Also, If I found an egg like that, I would ask the laboratory for money if they wanted the egg.
It may rain if there are black clouds.
The baby may be hungry.
He may be sleeping.
The cafe may be closed.