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A Ghost Stories

A Ghost Stories (İngilizce Çocuk Hikayeleri)

It was Christmas Eve. We sat near the fire, my uncle, James Talbot and I.
"I'm very happy you and your friend are here David,
no-one comes here at Christmas because of the terrible stories"said my uncle. "What stories?" asked James.
"There are always terrible noises in the blue room on the 24th of December," said my uncle.
"Chairs and tables move, glasses break and there is a terrible smell of smoke." "A ghost?" asked James.



1.    Christmas Eve: the 24th of December.
2.    noises: sounds.
3.    glasses: we drink from glasses.
4.    smell: we smell with noses.


'Yes, a criminal," answered my uncle. "One Christmas Eve he killed a carol singer. The singer sang Jingle Bells and Silent Night. The criminal opened the window and threw a small piece of coal out of the window. It fell into the singer's mouth and killed him! Another Christmas a poor man playing a guitar came to the house and the criminal hit him on the head with the guitar and killed him too! Every Christmas he killed somebody!"



1.    carol singer: a person who sings Christmas hynms/songs.
2.    coal: a black stone used to make a fire in the house.
3.    fell: is the past tense of to fail.


''No one sleeps in the blue room on Christmas Eve! It was the criminal's room," continued my uncle.
"Ha, ha, ha," laughed James, "I will sleep in the blue room. There are no ghosts! It's ali imagination!"
"No," said my uncle, "you cannot sleep there. You are from a big city.
Strange things happen here in Scotland." "I want to spend the night in that room," James insisted.
"I will stay in the blue room with you,"
I said, "but I don't think I will sleep!"



1.    no-one: no person.
2.    imagination:to form a picture or idea in the mind..
3.    to spend: to pass the night.


We went to bed at eleven o'clock.
The bedroom door creaked1 open and we went in. There was no electricity in the room but James had a candle. We saw that the room was not very big. There was a double bed on the left and two armchairs in front of the fire place. "Is there any wood?" I asked. "We can light a fire, it's very cold in here."
But there was no wood. At that moment the candle went out!



1.    to creak: the noise made when an old door opens.
2.    wood: pieces of trees to make a fire.
3.    to light: to make a fire.
4.    went out: stopped burning.


James tried four times to light the candle. "It's no good," he said, "I can't light it. We must undress1 and go to bed in the dark."
I sat in bed and listened to the wind outside. I was too frightened to sleep, but James slept!
DONG, DONG, DONG ... the clock chimed. "Midnight," I thought. "I shall probably go to sleep at lunch tomorrow!" Then I saw the GHOST!
It crossed the room, picked up an armchair and put it near the fireplace.
It sat down and put a pipe in its mouth. The smell of tobacco filled the room.



1.    undress: to take your clothes off.
2.    frightened: afraid.
3.    to chime: the noise a clock makes when it strikes the hour.
4.    to fiil: to be full.


James woke up. "Is that a man in the armchair?" he whispered.
"it's the GGGGHOST!" I said shaking2. James got out of bed and sat in the other armchair.
"Good-evening," James said, "I didn't know ghosts smoked."
The ghost smiled. "When we die, we can have ali the tobacco we smoked when we were alive'' it said. "Tomorrow I shall start smoking a lot of tobacco," said James. "I like Cavendish," said the ghost. "What do you smoke?" I smoke Cavendish too," answered James.


I sat in bed and listened to James talk to the ghost.
"Did you kili the carol singer?"
"Yes," said the ghost. "He had a terrible voice."
"Did you kili the guitar player?" "GUITAR PLAYER!" shouted the ghost. "He couldn't play a triangle or sauce- pan lids! He played terrible music outside my house.
Then he asked me for money!"
"People say you killed a lot of people at Christmas," said James.
"I only killed musicians who couldn't play and singers who couldn't sing." answered the ghost.


1.      to talk: to speak.
2.      triangle: metal musical instrument.
3.      saucepan lid: used in cooking.


I was a music teacher," continued the ghost. "I loved Beethoven, Mozart and Liszt." "Oh, I love Beethoven too," said James. "I play the violin, listen."
There was an old violin on the wall. James began to play it.
"SCREEECH, SCREEECH, SCREEECH!" The noise was terrible. The ghost put its fingers2 in its ears.
"Stop, stop" it shouted and grabbed4 the violin from James.
I jumped out of bed and pulled James out of the room. The violin crashed on the door as I closed it.
"Was I THAT bad playing the violin?" asked James.
"Yes," I said, "and you were nearly this year's victim!"



1.    screech: terrible noise from a violin or a person’s voice.
2.    fingers: there are five fingers on each hand.
3.    ears: we listen to music with our ears.
4.    to grab: to take by force.


My brother John went to live in an old mile in the south of England.
"There is a ghost in this mili," said his neighbours. "A very rich miller3 lived here. He said he was poor. But everybody4 knew he had a lot of money. When he died, his family looked in the mili, in the kitchen, in bedrooms, everywhere.
They ne ver found a penny!"



One night my brother woke up and saw the ghost. It was at the bottom of the bed. It indicated to my brother to get up and follow him. "He wants to show me where his money is," thought my brother." The ghost went down to the kitchen and pointed at the fireplace.
The next day my brother knocked down the fireplace but didn't find anything!


1.    woke up: is the past of to wake up.
2.    bottom: end.
3.    fireplace: where a fire is burnt in a room.
4.    to knock down: to demolish.


Next night my brother woke up again. The ghost was standing near the window. He wanted John to follow him. He quickly put on his jeans and went downstairs. The ghost went back to kitchen and pointed to the floor. 'The money is here'' thought my brother.
The next morning the builders1 came and took up the kitchen floor. They found nothing!



1.    builder: a man who constructs houses.
2.    took up is the past tense of to take up: to take away/to demolish.
3.    found: is the past tense of to find.


On the third night when the miller's ghost woke my brother up he was very tired. But he followed the ghost back down to the kitchen.
This time the ghost pointed to ceiling. "The miller died twenty years ago," thought my brother. "He probably can't remember where the money is."
The next day the builders took down the ceiling. A chair fell into the kitchen from the bedroom above, then a table and then his bed! But there was no money.



1.    tired: you want to sleep.
2.    back down: returned.
3.    ceiling: upper surface of a room.


When the ghost woke my brother up on the fourth night, he was furious1! John picked up his boot and threw it at the ghost. But the boot went through3 it and broke the mirror. The ghost indicated up to the attic.
"The money must be in the attic!" thought John. My brother took down the ceiling and the walls ... but he didn't find anything.



4.    thought:  is the past tense


John looked everywhere for the money. e completely demolished the house! There was no money in the mili and my brother had no house!
The ghost didn't come on the sixth night so my brother went to the cemetery. He found the miller's grave. On the headstone he read:
JACOB FRYER Miller. BORN APRIL İst 1907. DIED APRIL İst 1972. "April Fool's Day!" said my brother. "It was a joke. There is no money!
The miller's ghost wasn't crying!