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Alice In Wonderland - A Tea Party


Alice left the Duchess' house and started to walk. She still didn't know where to look for the beautiful garden. 
After walking for a while she came to a garden with a very big gate. 
"Hm, i think i need to be just a little bit taller," she said and ate a piece of the mushroom that she still had in her pocket. She got taller and opened the gate. 
She walked through the garden for a while until she came to a table where ahare, a dormouse and ahatter were having tea, "Excuse me," said Alice. 
"No room. No room," shouted the hare at Alice, "Go away!" shouted the hatter. 
"There's plenty of room," said Alice pointing at one of the empty chairs. 
"Oh, all right," said the hare. "Have some tea." 
"Oh, thank you very much," said Alice, sitting down. ''There isn't any," laughed the hare. 
"Not abit," added the hatter. -. 
"Then why did you ask me if i wanted any?" asked Alice but " 
they didn't answer. 
The hatter stood up and walked to Alice's chair. "Your hair needs cutting," he said to Alice rudely. "You shouldn't make personal remarks," said Alice. 
"You shouldn't say what you don't mean," replied the hare 
"I mean what I say. At least I say what I meaıvM, it's all the same," said Alice confused. 
"It is not," said the hare. "You might as well say that 'Ilike what 
i get' is the same as 'I get what I like.''' 
"Or 'I see what I eat' is the same as 'I eat what I see"', said the harter. 
"You might as well say 'I breathe when I sleep' is the same as 'I sleep when I breathe'," added the dormouse, who had been sleeping. 
"It is with you," said the harter to the dormouse and the dormouse went to sleep again. 
"Would either of you two gentleman ten me how to enter the beautiful garden?" asked Alice to the harter and the hare. "Perhaps,", said the harter looking at his watch, "if you told me what the date is." 
Alice thought for a while and then said, "The 4th " 
"2 days slow," the harter said and put his watch into his cup of tea. 
"That should fıx it," .said the hare 
"That's no way to tre at the time," said Alice shocked. 
"Ifyou knew time as well as i do, you'd know how to treat him," . said the harter, taking his watch out of his tea. 
"Him?" asked Aliceconfıısed. 
"Ohyes time is a man," saidthe hatter, "I bet you've never spoken to time" 
"No, but I know how to keep time when I play music." Said 
~ Alice. 
"Time just hates beingheaten," the hare told . Alice. 
"". "Now, if you were friends with time, he'd doalmost anything -. 
'ii . you wanted,"the hatter said to .Alice, "What sort of thing?" asked Alice. 
"Well, say it was 9 o'clock and time for your lessons, you could ask time and there you are time for lunch," replied the harter. "What if I wasn't hungry?" asked Alice. 
i "Simple you could just stay at 1:30 until you were," laughed the hatter. 
"Is that how you always stay at tea time?" Alice asked. "Unfortunately, yes," answered the hatter. "You see i had a fight 
with time." 
"What happened?" Alice asked. 
"I was performing a song for the Queen of Hearts," the hatter 
said and stood on his chair and started to sing. 
"Then the Queen jumped up and said 'the timing's wrong you're murdering the time'," the hare continued. 
The hatter stopped singing and said, "And i said 'me! Murdering the time!' And Mr Time heard me and hasn't worked for me 
"And ever since then it's been 6 o'clock. Tea time," said the hare 
Just then the hatter jumped up and ran to another seat. 
"Come on everybody, move up one place," he shouted and 
everyone change d seats. 
"Why did we do that?" asked Alice. 
"There's nev er enough time to do the dishes, so we have to keep 
moving around," explained the hatter. 
"I see," said Alice. 
"You said you might know how I could reach the beautiful garden," she said. 
"N o, nev er heard of it," said the hatter. 
"Nor me," added the hare. "I don't know what you're talking 
about. Stupid girL." 
"I really don't think .... ," started to say angrily. 
But the hatter interruptcd her and said, "Then you shouldn't 
talk." -. 
"Really! Good day," said Alice, who was now very angry. 
She stood up and walked away from the table but the hatter and the hare ignored her and continued the ir tea party. 
"Mad, completcly mad," said Alice af ter she had ldı the garden, 
"1'11 just have to find my garden on my own.
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