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Alice In Wonderland - An Invitation


Alice ran away from the house and into the forest but then she realised that she was too small again. 
"I know trees should be big but either this forest is much too big or I'm much too small," she said. 
"Let me see. I suppose I should eat or drink something that usually solves the problem." 
As she was looking for something to eat, she walked close to a mushroom and heard someone say, "Who are you?" 
She looked up and saw a large blue caterpillar sitting on the mushroom, smoking a water pipe. 
"I don't know anymore," replied Alice. 
"Can you explain yourself?" asked the caterpillar. "I can't explain myselfbecause I'm not me." 
"I don't understand," said the caterpillar. 
Alice tried to explain. "All I wanted to do was to get to the beautiful garden, and here I arn 3 inehes talI and talking to a blue caterpillar," Alice told the caterpillar. 
"I arn 3 inehes talI," said the caterpillar. "What's so bad about that?" 
"Oh nothing, sir. I didn't mean anything bad," apologised Alice "It's just that rm the wrong size." 
"The wrong size. The wrong size," the caterpillar said confused. "Don't be stupid, girl. You are the size you are. rm caterpillar size and you are little gir! size." 
"A little too little rm afraid," Alice replied. "You make no sense," the caterpillar said rudely. 
"Very well. 1'11 say good day," Alice said and started to walk away. 
"Wait! Wait!" the caterpillar called to Alice. He didn't want her to go. "I have something to telI you," he continued. 
Alice stopped, looked back at the caterpillar and asked, "What?" "I want to telI you what I know about the beautiful garden," said the caterpillar. 
"Oh, please telI me.". Alice said excitedly. 
"I have never .... ," began the caterpillar, stopping to smoke his pipe as Alice waited patiently. Then he continued, " .. heard of it. " 
"Oh thank you very much," Alice said angrily and started to walk away again. 
"Wait! Wait!" the caterpillar shouted again. "I have something more to telI you." 
"What is it now?" Alice said 
The caterpillar got off the mushroom and started to walk into the forest, turning to Alice to say, "The mushroom." 
"What about the mushroom?" Alice shouted after the caterpillar. "Eat one side and you will grow talIer. Eat the other side and 
you will grow shorter," the caterpillar said as he disappeared into the forest. 
Alice walked round the mushroom and asked herself, "But 
which side is which?" 
She took a piece off each side of the mushroom and tried to decide which was the correct piece. She tried one piece and she got taller and taller. Unfortunately, she got too tall. She was now 
much taller than the trees. 
"Oh dear, that must be the taller side." 
She took a bite of the other piece, but this time she got to small, "Just abit too much," she said and took another bite of the fırst 
This time she was the correct size. 
"There that seemJ" about right now i will fınd that garden." 
She started to walk through the forest again and then she saw a large house in front of her. 
"Maybe they will know where the garden is." 
Just then a fısh came running up to her. 
"Excuse me miss. Exeuse me miss. From the Duchess. An invitation from the Queen to play croquet," he said to her. 
The same as all the other animals she had met, the fısh was not a 
normal fısh; he was dressed like a servant. 
"Why are you dressed as a footman?" Alice asked "Because i am a footman," the fısh replied. 
"I thought you would be a footfısh," said Alice. 
"Then you would be wrong," replied the fısh as he started to .• 
"What should I do with this?" asked Alice. 
"Give it to the Duchess," the fısh said. "She lives in there," he 
said pointing at the house. 
Alice walked to the front door and knocked. Inside she could hear someone trying to make a baby go to sleep by singing, 
The door opened and Alice walked in. Inside there was a cook preparing some food and a woman in a big green hat holding a pig. The pig was dressed in baby's c1othes. 
L "More pepper!" the cook shouted as he tasted the soup he was cooking. "The soup needs more pepper," he said and added a lot 
! more pepper. 
"Excuse me," Alice said politely. "Which one of you is the 
"Not me," shouted the cook. 
"I am the Duchess," said the Duchess. "Now what do you want?" 
"I have an invitation from the Queen for croquet," said Alice. Alice walked to the Duchess and gaye her the invitation. As the Duchess was taking the invitation, she threw the pig into the air. Luckily for the pig, Alice caught it. 
"It needs more pepper." the cook repeated. 
The cook added a lot more pepper to the soup and a big cloud of pepper filled the room. First the cook sneezed, and then the Duchess sneezed. 
"No it doesn't," theDuchess shouted at the cook and threw a 
plate at him. 
"I think she's right," agreed Alice as she also sneezed. 
f "Who asked you?, shouted the cook and threw a plate at Alice. 
i Alice noticed a cat near the fire was smiling. -. 
~ "Why is that cat grinning?" she asked. 
"Because it's a Cheshire cat," replied the Duchess, making no 
"Too much salt, but not enough pepper," the cook said yet again. And again he added more pepper to the soup and made another pepper c1oud. This time the pig sneezed. 
"See what you've done?" shouted the Duchess, took the pig from 
Alice and tried to make it go to sleep by singing, "Be bad to your little boyand beat him when he sneezes. He only does it to annoy because he knows it teases. i hit severely my little boy i beat him when he sneezes. For he can thoroughly enjoy the pepper when he pleases." 
When she had finished she threw the pig back to Alice and said, 
"Here you have the awful thing back. i must dress for croquet," -. 
and then left. 
Alice turned to the cat and asked, "Cheshire cat. Would you please tell me how to get to the beautiful garden?" 
The cat smiled and answered, "That depends on how much you want to get there." 
"Whatever do you mean?" asked Alice. 
"In that direction lives ahatter. He's quite mad. In that direction lives a March hare. He's completely mad," replied the cat. 
"They won't be able to help me if they are mad," said Alice disappointedly. 
"They're all mad. I'm mad. You're mad. He's mad," laughed the caİ. 
''I'm not mad!" shouted the cook and threw a plate at the cat. "How do you know that I'rn mad?" asked Alice. 
"You're here, aren't you?" 
"That's true;" agreed Alice 
"Bye bye," said the cat as it started to disappear. 
"Who knows where the beautiful garden is, the hatter or the hare?" asked Alice. 
Now Alice could only see the cat's mouth. "That's for you to find out," said the cat, "Really, what a curious cat." 
"Oh, no. Not curious. Strange. Yes. Mad. Yes. But curious.," the cat laughed, " .. never." 
"Why not?" asked Alice. 
"My de ar girl", the cat said, "Don't you know 'curiosity killed the cat"'. 
Then the cat completely disappeared and Alice was very confused. 
"Curiouser and curiouser", she said to herself.