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Alice In Wonderland - The Queen Of Hearts


She walked until she came to a tree with a door. 
"Hm, that's curious," she said and opened it. As soon as she opened it she fell into another very big hole but this time when she hit the bottom she saw the beautiful garden. 
"The beautiful garden," she said happily. "Just look at those roses, theyalmost don't look reaL." 
She walked over to one of the rose bushes and smelt one of the roses. 
"Smells more like paint than a rose," she said, putting her nose closer to the flower. When she took the rose away from her no se and touched her nose she realised the rose had been painted. 
Just then she heard and saw three men painting some roses. However, like all the other things she had seen that day the men were not like normal men. They were actually playing cards with a head, arms and legs. 
"Hey, Club you've just painted aleaf," one of them said. 
"It was a rose. Anyway youjust painted Diamond's hand," said elub. 
"What? Sp ade why did you do that?" said Diamond. "Me? Club did that," said Spade. 
"You!" Club said angrily. 
Alice interrupted them and asked, "Why are you painting the .•• 
white roses red?" 
This should have been a red rose but Spade planted a white one," explained Club. 
"Me'?" complained Spade. 
"Ifthe Queen finds out, then it's ... ", Diamond started to say but Club interrupted him and continued, " .... off with our heads." 
in the distance there was the sound of trumpets. "Oh not.Here.comes the Queen.". shouted Club. 
"Oh qıpckly!'P' shouted Diamond' and theyall started to 
mn areund and panie: ' 
The King and Queen of Hearts arrived with all of their servants and soldiers. The Queeninspeeted all the soldiers and then 
leoked at the ':Voses. " ' 
"These roses have been'painted, she shouted. "Who is 
responsible?" , 
"He is," said Diamond, pointing at Spade. "He is," said Spade, pointing at Club. 
"He is," said Club, pointing at Diamond. 
"You all are. Offwith their heads!" said the Queen and she ordered asoIdier to take them away and cut off their heads. 
Arter they had been taken away the Queen noticed Alice. 
?"Who are you?" she asked Alice. 
"Alice", Alice said nervously and then remembered to add, 
"Your Majesty." 
While the Queen had been talking to Alice, the King had mn 
\ after the soldier and said, "You may let them go. A royal 
Just then the Queen shouted "King!" and the King looked back 
nervously and replied, "Yes, dear," and hurried back to her. "This is Alice," the Queen said, pointing to Alice. "She's joining 
us for croquet." 
"How do you do?" the King said to Alice. 
"Come on let's go," the Queen commanded and theyall walked 
off to the croquet field. 
When they got there, Alice met the white rabbit again. "I'm sorry about your house," she apologised. 
"No matter. At least you cleaned the chimney," he said 
Then Alice met the Duchess. "I do hope your little pig ... I mean 
baby is welL." said Alice. 
"Actually I beat him very hard before I came," the Duchess said, 
"Get to your croquet places," the Queen shouted to everyone as 
she walked to her place. 
"Oh this girl needs a ball and a mallet," she said to a servant. The servant gave Alice a pink flamingo and a hedgehog. "There you are my dear your ball and mallet," said the Queen. Alice looked at the flamingo and the hedgehog and was very 
"Excuse me, your Majesty but i only seem to have a hedgehog 
and aflamingo," she said. 
The Queen was very angry and started to shout "Off with her 
he ad" when the King interrupted her and said, "Ah, we all use hedgehogs and flamingos. it makes a more interesting game." 
The Queen took the first shot and because everyone was frightened of her they made sure her shot was successful. When Alice tried to shoot, however, 
everything went wrong. 
"This real1y is the strangest game of croquet i have ever played," 
Alice said to the rabbit. 
"Ssh," the rabbit said, trying to make Alice shut up. "Whatever 
you do don't beat the Queen." 
"Why ever not?" asked Alice. 
"The last one who beat the Queen .... offwith his head," said the 
rabbit frightenedly. 
"How disgusting," said Alice angrily. "Why that Queen is such 
a .... ," she was go ing to say the Queen was a stupid woman but she saw the Queen looking at her and said, "such a good croquet 
player it's hardly worth playing." 
The Queen to ok another shot and said to herself, "Very good 
shot my Majesty." 
After the croquet match was fınished there was a party. A servant walked round offering tarts. 
"Tarts'. The Queen's tarts.". the knave said to everyone but 
nobody would take one. 
"No thank you." said the rabbit. 
"No thank you very much," said the Duchess. 
When the knave, came to Alice he asked her, "Tarts Madam?" "Oh, thank you. rm so hungry," Alice said and took two tarts. " Hm, delicious. Perhaps abit too much pepper but at least I'm 
the same size." 
Suddenly Alice heard someone say, "I've found someone.". When she looked round she saw it was the cat. 
"Oh, it's you Mr Cheshire Cat." 
"l've found someone who knows about your beautiful garden," it 
"This garden doesn't have painted flowers, does it?" she asked 
"Oh, certainly not. Follow me:' 
i They walked away from the croquet match and towards a tree. Iİ "He knows", said the cat, pointing to the tree. 
Out of the tree jumped the dodo. "Hello," he said 
"The dodo?" Alice said surprised. 
"You thought i was still dead, didn't you?" the dodo said. "He won't know where the garden is," Alice said to the cat. The cat just said "You never know." and disappeared. 
"I certainly don't know where it is. I'm a dodo," the dodo said, daneing around. 
"I think 1'11 go back to the croquet," Alice said and started to walk back to the croquet field. 
"But Mock Turtle knows," the dodo called after Alice. Alice stopped and walked back to the dodo. 
"Who?" she asked. 
"The Mock Turtle. 1'11 take you to him." "Very well", Alice said 
"Walk this way," the dodo said, walking to the river. 
When they got to the river they saw the mock turıle lying by the' side of the river. 
"Oh dear. Oh me," cried the turtle. 
"She wants to get to the beautifuI garden," the dodo said to the turtle. 
"Oh, what's the point. I can't go on," the turtle ignored him and continued to cry. 
"Whatever is the matter?" Alice asked the turtle. "Don't ask," the turtle said. 
"What's wrong with him?" she asked the dodo. "He's a mock turtle. They're alllike that." 
"Why do they ea11 you a moek turtle?" she asked the turtle. "Beeause .. beeause I'm not a real turtle. That's my trouble," he replied 
'Tm very sorry to hear that, but do you know where my garden is?
"Oh yes, a long time ago when i was very little we had a teacher, an old turtle, called tortoise ... ", the turtle started to explain. 
"if he was a turtle, why did you call him tortoise?" interrupted 
"Because he taught us. Si11y girL." 
"Yes, a real fool," agreed the dodo. 
"Old tortoise taught us reading and writing," continued the 
"And the garden? What about the garden?" Alice asked. 
"Oh, and mystery. Ancient and modem mystery ... ", he 
"And the garden?" Alice interrupted again. 
He ignored her and continued, "and geography, Lots of 
geography ... " 
"Please sir. I'd like to find the beautiful garden," Atice said. 
"Oh all right. i tell you where it is." 
"Tell her! Tell her!" shouted the dodo excitedly. 
The turtle began to explain the directions, "Well, you walk over there .... " But he was interrupted by voices in the distance. "The trial's beginning. The trial's beginning. The trial's 
beginning," the voices were shouting. 
"A trial!" the dodo shouted. 
"Oh, i do like a trial," said the turtle happily and stood up and 
walked towards the Queen's castle. 
"But what ab out my garden?" Alice asked the dodo. 
"What garden? There's a trial on," he replied and ran off to the 
Alice, the do do and the turtle arrived at the castle just as the trial was about to begin. The King was the judge, the white rabbit was the court officer and the jury included all the characters that 
Alice had met that day. 
"Court officer, bring in the prisoner," the King said. 
"Bring in the prisoner," the rabbit repeated. Then many other 
people around the eourt repeated it. 
The knave who had served the tarts was lead into the eourt. 
"Offwith his head," the Queen shouted. 
"Wait de ar, please. We must have a trial fırst." The King said to 
the Queen. 
"And then offwith his head?" the Queen asked. 
"Please read the eharges," the King said to the rabbit. 
This also was repeated by many people around the eourt. 
"The eharges. ", the rabbit began, "The Queen ofhearts, she made some tarts all on a summers day. The Knave of hearts, he 
stole the tarts and took them quite away." 
"Consider your verdict," the King said to the jury. 
Everyone on the jury thought for a few seeonds and then 
shouted, 'Guilty! Guilty! Guilty!" 
"Offwith his head," shouted the Queen 
"Wait! Wait! We must show the evidenee," the rabbit said quiekly. 
"Bring on the evidenee," the King said and this too was repeated 
around the eourt 
A servant brought a tray to the King and the King looked at it. 
"A tray oftarts with two missing. Stolen!" he said. 
"Offwith his head," the Queen shouted. 
Aliee now realized that there had been a mistake and she walked towards the jury. 
"Oh de ar. Exeuse me," she said. 
"Silence in eourt," the King said and this was again repeated 
around the eourt. 
"I ate the tarts," Aliee said. 
"What?" everyone in the eourt said surprised. 
When everyone saw who it was, they started to aeeuse her of different crimes. 
?"She's the one who sto1e my tea," said the hatter. "And my cake," said the hare. 
"I did not," said Alice trying to defend herself. 
"She nearly drowned me," accused the mouse. "And me," said the duck. 
"And ruined my chimney," said the rabbit. 
"And she kidnapped my pig ... er baby," said the Duchess. "And she kicked me through the air," said the lizard. "She's guilty", said the rabbit. 
"Arrest her." Said the King, pointing at her. "Offwith her head," said both the King and Queen. 
All the soldiers started to move towards Alice and tried to surround her. Alice felt inside her pocket and thankfully there was still a piece of the mushroom. She ate it and luckily for 
?Alice it was from the side that made her taller. She got taller and taller, and as she got taller she pushed over all the soldiers and threw the jury into the air. 
"Oh, no not again," said the lizard as he flew through the air towards Alice's face. 
"Go away! Go away!" shouted Alice trying to brush away all the falling animals. But as she brushed them away from her face she opened her eye s and saw that they were leaves. 
She was lying again under the tree where she had been studying mathematics. 
"The beautiful garden," she said looking at the trees and flowers in front of her. 
"The principles of logical caıCulus," she said as she noticed her mathematics book. 
?"No soldiers. No Queen of Hearts it must have been a dream. i better get on." 
And she stood up and walked safely toward her home.