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Detectives from Scotland Yard


These two men are thieves. Their names are Gus and Mike. Theyare standing in the street. Theyare looking at a house. 
This is the house. It is a smail house. There is acar in front of it. It is a blue car. The thieves are looking at the house. They are looking at the car. too. 
There is a big building next to the house. This building is a bank. The thieves are not going to rob the house. Theyare going to rob the bank. 
A man is leaving the house. The man is holding a ease and a eoat. The thieves ean see the man, but the man eannot see the thieves. 
The man is in the street. He is putting his ease in the ear. He is putting his eoat in the car. too. He is going to drive his ear. 
The man is driving away in the blue car. The thieves are smiling. The rnarı's house is empty. 
lt is night. The house is empty and the windows are dark. Gus and Mike are standing atthe dooL 
"We carı't open this door." Gus says. 
"Lock I .. Mike says. "The man's name is 'James Wood· " 
"He is not here," Gus answers. "The house is dark. Come with me and look for a window." 
Mike breaks a windowand th thieves go into the kitchen. Gı is holding a big bag. There art some tools and a rope in the bag. 
This smail room is under the kitchen. The thieves are in the room. Theyare looking at a wall. 
Mike says, "This room is next to the bank." 
"We can break down the wall." Gus says. He is smiling. "We can get into the bank." 
There are some tools on the floor. There is some rope on the floor, too. 
"Give the tools to me," Mike says. 
Gus is breaking down the wall. Mike says, "This is a thick wall, Gus. l'rn tired. We can't break down this wall." 
"Yes we can," Gus answers. "We can come here tomorrow night. The house is empty." 
The thieves are in the kitchen. Theyare going to leave the house. Gus is not holding the bag. The bag and the tools are under the kitchen. 
The thieves are smiling. Theyare walking down the dark and empty street. 
lt is morning. The sun is shining. Children are going to schooL. Women are going to market. The bank is open. 
The two thieves are in their 
smail room. Theyare in bed. Theyare tired. Theyare sleeping. 
lt is night again. The night is dark. The thieves are going into Wood's house. 
"Corne on, Gus." Mike savs. "the window is open." 
The thieves are working again. There is a big hale in the wall. There are same stones on the tl oor. 
'Tm tired. Gus. We can't break down the wall." Mike says. "it is very thick." 
"We can come tomorrow niqht." Gus says. "We can break into the bank tomorrow niqht." 
lt is morning. The sun is shining. There are some people in the street. A blue car is coming down the street. There is aman in the car. It is James Wood ! 
James Wood is holding his cası and his coat. He goes into his house. Gus and Mike are not working. Theyare sleeping in their room. 
lt is night again. Gus and Mike are standing in the street and looking at James Wood's house. Theyare not smiling ! 
"Look. Gus!" Mike says. "There is a blue car in front of the house! lt is Wood's car. There is a light in the window!" 
"Wood is in the house! What can we do?" Gus says. 
"Listerı to me, Gus l" Mike says. "We can telephone him. Come with me!" 
"What are we going to say to him?" Gus asks. 
The thieves are in a telephone box. Mike is holding a big book. "Look." he savs. "James Wood. His number is 2343." 
"Is that Mr James Wood, please?" Mike asks. 
"Yes, i am James Wood." 
"This is Scotland Yard. i am detective Johnson. Can i come to your house, please? There is a thief in your house." 
"A thief in my house!" Wood says. 
"Yes. He is going to rob the bank. We are looking for him," Mike answers. 
Mike and Gus leave the telephone box. Theyare going to Wood's house. 
"Listen. Gus," Mike says. "We are detectives. Your name is Wills and my name is Johnson." "Yes, Mike." Gus says. 
"There is some rope in our bag. We can tie Wood to a chair. We can rob the bank and drive 
away in Wood's car." Mike says. 
Wood opens the front door. "We are from Scotland Yard." Mike says. "I am detective Johnson. This is detective Wills." 
"Yes, come in, please," Wood says. 
"Lock at this window, Mr Wood," Mike says. "There is 
a thief in this house! Is there a room under the kitchen r: 
"Yes. there is," Wood says. 
The three men are under the kitchen. 
"Look at this hole and those tools." Mike says. 
'The thief isn't here!" Wood says. 
"Yes, he is," Mike says. "You are the thief, Wood. You are going to break down this wall ! You are going to rob the bank! 
"I am not a thief I" Wood shouts. "Please listen to me! This is a mistake I" 
"We are going to arrest you, Wood," Gus says. "Corne with" us. 
Mike and Gus are holding Wood. 
Wood shouts, "You carı't arrest me. i am not a thief !" 
The thieves are not listening to him. Theyare going to tie him to a chair. 
Mike and Gus are in the kitchen. Gus is holding Wood. Wood is sitting on a chair. Mike is holding the rope. 
"Tie him to the chair 'u Gus says. 
Wood is looking at the door. "They are here!" he shouts. "Corne in !" 
The door opens. Mike and Gus are looking at the door. 
Three big men come into the kitchen. Wood shouts, "Arrest these two men! Theyare 
thieves '" 
"What are you doing? You can' arrest us!" Mike shouts. "We are detectives from Scotland Yard. This man is a thief. He is going to rob the bank." 
"I am not a thief." Wood says. "You are thieves. My house is next to the bank. You are going to rob the bank." 
Wood looks at Gus and Mike. "Take them awav !" he shouts. 
There is a big car in front of Wood's house. Wood is standing at the door. He is looking at the thieves. He is smiling. 
'This is not a rnistake." Wood says. 
"Your names are not Johnson and Wills. You are not detectives. i am a detective. i work at Scotland Yard. i am detective James Wood of Scotland Yard l"