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Edward's Butterfly


Edward Elephant Ioves wateliing the little creatures of the countryside.ı When he gQesJor a walk and sees a beetle or an ant, he fol1ows it very quietly to find out where it lives. ?One day Edward saw a hedgehog and followed him. When the hedgehog stopped, Edward stopped too. When the hedgehog made Httle grunting noises, Edward made thern too. Grrmp, grrmmp, GERRUMP! Edward thought it was such fun, but the noise frightened the hedgehog and he ran away into the bushes. "Oh dear," said Edward, "Ionly wanted to be friendly." Then he saw a bright yellow butterfly with little green dots on her wings. She was dancing in the air and enjoying the sun.
"Oh, how beautiful you are," cried Edward, and he ran af ter her as fast as he could. "I wish i could fly like a butterfly," thought Edward. "I know, I'lI pretend." And he flapped his ears up and down as if they were wings. When the butterfly Ianded on a flower, Edward got down on the ground and pretended he was a flower too. When the butterfly flew away, Edward followed her. The butterflyledEdwardup. a hill. "O h dear;". he sighed as he tried to keep up with her. "My legs feel so heavy, i can't pretend to be a butterfly anymore." But tb,ebııtterfly just danced along. ~tWi:shyou were big and i was. small. Then you could carry me," he said. The butterfly fluttered away and Edward followed her. They Went doWn the hm and now Edward's legs felt So light he could imagine he was a bright yellow butterfly again. "Fly, fly, butterfly," be Sang. ?Soon Edward and the butterfly were going uphill again. Up, up, up they went. "This must be a mountain," thought Edward. Then he saw the town Iying far beIow. "Do i really liye there?" he said. "The town Iooks so smaIL.
How strange - everything seems to be changing size today. Especiaııy me." Edward turnet round to follow the butterfly, but she had disappeared. "What a pity," hesaid. Edward sat down and had a long think. "I know" he said at last. "I thought we were friends,but nıaybe the butterfly didn't. Maybe she .. thought I was a horrid monster running after her and now she's hiding." He looked for the butterfly under the roses. He scratched himself on thistles and stung himself on nettles, but he could not find her anywhere. "Please don't hide," he cal1ed softly. "I'm not a monster, i want to be your friend." Suddenly the butterfly was back again. She flew down and settled on Edward's forehead. "You don't seem frightened of me," he said. The butterfly danced in the sunlight, and Edward skipped af ter her happily when she darted away again. Soon they came to a huge cave and Edward watched as the butterfly fluttered into the entrance. it was so dark inside, the butterfly glowed like a tiny dot of sunshine. Then she disappeared as sheflew de ep into the mountain. "Hmmm, it looks pitch dark in there," thought Edward. "If i had more time, l'd follow her. But i am rather busy ... Now what should i be busy doing?" Just then the butterfly fluttered out of the cave. "Ah, yes;' cried Edward. "Fo11owing my friend! That's what i should be doing!" And Edward turned and ran af ter the butterfly all the way down the mountain and back to town. "Goodbye;' shouted Edward as he turned for home. "1'11 corne back to the mountain and see you soon" Edward was covered with bumps and scratches but he was so happy, he did not notice them. Bonnie Bunny and Max Mouse were waiting for him. "Have you been fighting a hedgehog?" asked Bonnie. "No,' said Edward, "but I've had all sorts of adventures." "Adventures! What's happened?" cried Max. But Edward just smiled and said nothing.