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Hoodt Hoodt - Ramses - ISABEL MCLANE MOWRY


A Many years ago there was a great king of Egypt named Ramses II. He lived in a great building called the Ramasseum. The Ramasseum was in Upper Egypt, about twenty miles from the Nile. There had never been such a beautiful house: the walls of so me rooms were covered with jewels; others were made of mil k-white stone. All round the house there was a high strong wall. Outside the wall there was desert (dry dead land) on all sides. 
B In the Ramasseum there was one very high building called the Pylon: from the top of it you could see the desert all round. You could see the sun come up over the Nile; you could see it go down, in red and gold, behind the west-ern hills. There was always a company of the best soldiers on the top of the Pylon, watching the desert. No one could come across the desert to the Ramasseum without being seen. if any army came, the soldiers on the Pylon cried out: then Ramses made ready for baule and called together his men. Ramses jumped into his chariot; thegateswereopenedand hewent out followed by his army to fight. (The picture on page 2 shows Ramses in his chariot pulled by two horses.) 
?C Ramses was a great fighter. He was a very strong man and he loved war. He was Pharaoh (King) for 67 years. He had i Lo children. He built great buildings in all parts of Egypt. 
He loved war, and he loved hunting. (Hunting means riding out to kill animals.) In those days there were great forests in U pp er Egypt, and many animals lived in them. There Ramses went hunting. 
N ow the story begins . . . 
it was winter. Ramses had been hunting all day in the forest. There is no snow in the winter in Egypt; but night comes on very quickly. In the forest night came even mor e quickIy. Ramses had not noticed how Iate it was. Night had come; and he was lost - lost in the forest. 
And now I must tell you about Hoodt-Hoodt.