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A Hoocit-Hoodt flew down onto the table. "May the little bird see how beautiful he is?" said Na' aam Roosha. Ramses ordered two servants to bring in a bo wl of water. The bowl was cut from a jewel. The King raised him up and he stood and looked down into the water and saw himself. "Ha!" said Hoodt-Hoodt, "She won't fly away when i sing to her now! She won't look at that other bird now!" He stood on one foot, and looked at himself in the water. He stood on the other foot and looked. And he nearly fell in - but the King caught him just in time; and everyone laughed. B Then Hoodt-Hoodt looked up at the King. 
"Is there one more little thing which i might ask? " Ramses did not look pleased. "What is it?"he said. "I got a crown because Wa-waha lost his way in the forest. If Wa-waha had not lost his way, I shouldn't have a crown. So please do not kin Wa-waha .. Do not let him be hurt in any way." 
"Bring in Wa-waha," said Ramses. 
Wa-waha was brought in. There were chains on his hands, and chains on his feet. And his face was white with fear. 
"Take offthe chains," said Ramses. So Wa-waha knew that all was well again, and nothing would happen to him. 
Hoodt-Hoodt looked into the King's eyes: then he flew round and round and down onto Wa-waha's head, 
"Tap! Tap! Tap!" he tapped with his beak on Wa-waha's head. 
C Then Hoodt-Hoodt flew back to say "Thank you" to the King, but no words would come. He could not speak. So he flew up. "Tap! Tap!": he tapped with his beak on Pharaoh's ear; and the King knew what he meant. A warm wind of happiness seemed to blow into the Ramasseum. Where did it come from? Only Hoodt-Hoodt knew; he saw the great companies of fairies flying into into the hall to lead him back to the forest. 
The singers were singing and the daneers were dancing, and the people were looking up and crying out good wishes to him as he flew out of the halı. Even Sheytana called out a good wish in her deep ' angry voıce. 
D Hoodt-Hoodt flew over the desert. There was the river - a silver line through the green. And there was the sun, just coming up into the sky. And there was Miss Hoopoo asleep among the grasses. "Tap, Tap, Tap" said Hoodt-Hoodt very gently. "Tap, Tap, Tap!" Miss Hoopoo raised her head. "TAP! TAP! TAP!" She looked up, and saw the King of the Birds with his beautiful, beautiful crown, and she turned back in fear. 
He was real; he was her Hoopoo, her loved one! 
Hoodt-Hoodt sang his love song - the most beautiful love song that ever was heard in Egypt; and the fairies in the trees and in the grasses and the fiowers heard it. And Miss Hoopoo was the happiesı bird that was ever seen in Egypt: the fairies in the trees and in the grasses and in the fiowers saw her. 
E So from that day to this, the little Hoopoo bird has been seen with his beautiful crown of feathers. And from this day on - on - on to the end of time, you will see Hoopoos by the River Nile, all with their feathery crowns. And wherever the Hoopoo is he will always bring happiness to all who see him - on - on - on to the end of time. 
But there is just one last thing to telJ. The Gods heard Hoodt-Hoodt's love song too; and they said "A voice and a crown are too much for one little bird." 
?How Hoodt-Hoodt ıoent home 37 That is why the Hoopoo bird has never sung again - never since that day. Tap! Tap! Tap! Hoodt- Hoodt! That is the end of the story.