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A The Wise Women were working in their room under-ground when the King's servant came to them. The King·ofthe Islands made Ramses angry and they were doing Black Magie against him. They had made a "King of the Islands" out of wax; they were putting needles into its heart and saying magic words. In a few days they hoped to hear that same one had killed the King of the Islands - right through the he art, just where the magic needle was in the wax. 
B The King's servant came in. They heard the King's orders - to make a feather crown grow on a little bird's head. What kind ofwork was this! They wanted to laugh. They wanted to send the King's servant away and finish the King of the Islands. But they must do what Ramses ordered, or he would 
I have them burnt, "It must be done," they said; I "we can finish the King of the Islands later." -. So they set to work. They took a frog, and a 
mouse, and the eyes of night birds, and ants and many other magic things, and put them in their pot. They said magic words and they made a very bad smell. They did not like the work at alL. This see her. And they could not see something which was all round them; it was a happy company of fairies. There they were! - on the table, under the table, flying round the room, sitting on the Wise Women's heads. They were all laughing because now no hurt could com e to Hoodt-Hoodt or his crown. The fairies' work was done. They flew out into the fresh air, daneing and jumping. Some threw their hats into the air. So me made ugly faces at the Wise Women. "Bah!" said the Seven Wise Women; they did not know why they said it, but they felt something good around them: "Bah!" The Wise Women took up the pot and elimbed up out of their dark under-ground room, up - and up - and up till they came above ground. The light hurt their eyes, and the fresh air was cold. They went to the great hall where Ramses and the princes and all the great men were waiting.