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Motorbike Madness


Motorbike Madness (İngilizce Çocuk Hikayeleri)


Terry Cook didn't like cricket. He didn't like swimming or tennis. There was only one thing Terry liked: motorbikes! He was mad about ali types of motorbikes. Big ones, small ones, fast ones, slow ones. Motorbikes with pillion seats and motorbikes with sidecars. He loved them ali! Terry came from Redland, a town in the centre of England. There were two factories in Redland. They both made motorbikes.



1. mad: crazy.
2. pillion seat: the place for two people to sit
on a motorbike.
3. sidecar: a small car connected to the side of a motorbike.
4. came is the past tense of to come.
5. factory: a plant, a building where people work.
'in four months I'll be sixteen," he thought. "I must study the Highway Code, take my test and then I can drive a bike on the roads!"
There was only one problem. He hadn't got a motorbike and he hadn't got any money to buy one! He had a part time job on Saturdays when there was no school. But he wasn't paid much money.
"Fil fix dad's old bike," he said to himself.
1. Highway Code: a book of DO’s and DON’T's on how to drive on the roads.
2. test: driving exam.
3. paid is the past tense of to pay.
4. to fix: to repair.
Tom Gates was a mechanic. He had a garage near Terry's house. Terry decided to ask him for help.
"Have you got any old parts of motorbikes?" Terry asked Tom.
"Yes, behind the garage'' the mechanic replied.
Terry found wheels, handlebars, seats and lots of other things. He put them ali in a wheelbarrow and pushed it home.
Terry worked hard on the bike. He exchanged the broken parts and put on new wheels. He painted and polished the bike and put on ali the accessories he found.
When his sixteenth birthday arrived, he went to take his test.
VROOOM, VROOOM, VROOOM, went the engine. He drove out of the garage, front wheel high in the air and zoomed down the Street.
1. to work hard: to do a lot of work.
2. engine: motor.
3. drove is the past tense of to drive.
4. to zoom: to go very guickly.
An Terry's friends stared at him. They were speechless!
"What make of bike is it?" they asked. "Is it German? Is it American? Is it Japanese?"
It was a very strange motorbike! There were two big side mirrors and a flag at the back. The handlebars were enormous! The tank was green, the mudguards were yellow, the wheels were purple, and the pillion seat was blue!
1. to stare at: to look at fixedly.
2. speechless: too surprised to speak.
3. mirror: you look at yourself in a mirror.
4. tank: where there is the petrol.
Billy Green was in Terry's class in school. He was a very bossy boy. He had a brand new motorbike! It was bright red, with black seats.
When he saw Terry's bike, he started to laugh! "What's that? It's not a motorbike'' he said, "it's an old tin!" "My bike is as good as yours!" Terry answered. "Let's ha ve a competition'' suggested Billy.
1. bossy: domineering.
2. brand new: completely new.
3. saw is the past tense of to see.
4. tin: small aluminium Container (tor example: a tin of Coca Cola).
5. a competition: a race.
Mr Holden, Terry and Billy's Science teacher was a motorbike fanatic. He heard the boys talking about a competition.
"Fil organise a cross-country race." he told the boys. "We can have it on Dog Farm, next Saturday afternoon at two o'clock. Each person must pay one pound to enter the race. The boy who comes first, wins the money."
1. a fanatic: an enthusiast.
2. pound: English money.
3. to enter: to go in the race.
4. to win: to come in first position.
Every boy in the area with a motorbike entered the competition.
They practised in the fields, in the streets, everywhere!
VROOOM, VROOOM, VROOOM, went the bikes. Front wheels high in the air zooming along.
When Saturday arrived, Dog Farm was jam-packed with teenagers! There were a lot of mums and dads, too!
1. area: region, zone.
2. high is the opposite of low.
3. jam-packed: completely full.
This is the route," said Mr Holden. "You go down the field to the big oak tree. You must go round the tree and up the hill. At the top of the hill you must zig-zag between ten poles in a field. Remember, you mustn't touch the ground with your feet! Come down the hill'' Mr Holden continued," and through the stream. Go over five small hills, across the bridge and you arrive back here. You have to do the route three times!"
1. route: circuit.
2. to zig-zag: to go from left to right and vice versa.
3. pole: a long piece of wood, a stick.
4. through: pass.
5. stream: a small river.
All the boys were in a row ready for the start of the competition.
Mr Holden waved a green flag, and the motorcyclists raced down the field. The noise was tremendous!
Billy Green was in first position but Terry was close behind. They went round the oak tree and started up the hill! Ali the people were cheering!
1. a row: a line.
2. to wave: to move from left to right.
3. noise: sound.
4. tremendous: very loud.
5. cheering: shouting happily.
Zig-zagged through
the poles and raced down the hill towards the stream. They completed the first route and began down the field for the second time.
Terry overtook Billy Green and went round the oak tree. Now Terry was in the lead!
"Come on Terry," shouted his friends. He went up the hill, zig-zagged through the poles and down the hill to the stream.
1. began is the past tense of to begin: to start.
2. overtook is the past tense of to overtake: to pass.
Terry was in first position! Then, disaster struck! The cyclists were racing down the hill towards the stream. Billy Green was close behind Terry.
"Move over'' he shouted, "I want to overtake you!"
Billy Green's front wheel hit Terry's back wheel. Terry fell off his bike into the water! Billy overtook the boy in the vvater and two minutes later went over the bridge and wont the competition!
1. disaster: a terrıble thing.
2. struck is the past tense of to strike: to hit, to
3. fell is the past tense of to fail.
4. won is the past tense of to win.
Terry sat in water and watched Billy collect the prize.
"Ha, ha, ha," laughed Billy. "I said my bike was the best."
Mr Holden wasn't very happy. "You knocked Terry off his motorbike."
"Yes, but I won the race, and the prize!" Billy answered! "That's what is important!"
"I have a consolation prize for you," said Mr Holden to Terry.
"An air ticket to the isle of Man!" "WOW," shouted Terry.
1. sat is the past tense of to sit.
2. to knock off: to push off.
3. prize: premium, prize money.
4. The İsle of Man is a small island on the west coast of England.
"The ISLE OF MAN!" shouted Terry. The isle of Man is a motorcyclist's paradise!
The TT races are famous! Every year, thousands of motorcyclists from all over the world meet on the isle.
"How wonderful to go to the isle of Man! The consolation prize is much better than the first prize!"
1. TT races are the motorcycle races that are held every year on the Isle of Man.
2. all over: everywhere.
Two weeks later, Terry's friends sat in front of the television to watch the TT races. They saw thousands of strange motorbikes on the roads on the isle of Man.
"Look," they shouted, "There's Terry!" He was riding his green, yellow, purple and blue motorbike. As he passed the TV camera, he gave the thumbs up sign and then disappeared in the crowd.
1. saw is the past tense of to see.
2. gave is the past tense of to give.
3. thumbs up sign: we have one thumb on each hand. Thumbs up indicates everything is OK