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Puss In Boots

Puss In Boots (İngilizce Çocuk Hikayeleri)

An old miller lived with his three sons in an old mili near a river. He was a happy man. He liked his work and he liked fishing. The miller had three things. The mili, a mule and a cat. The mili was his home and where he worked. He made the best flour in the county. The mule carried the big sacks of flour to the villages. The cat caught mice.When the miller died, the three things went to his three Is a cat ali I have?" shouted the youngest man. Three men sat at a table. The oldest1 son was fat and very happy. The second son was tali and thin. The youngest son was very angry. "I am the oldest, I have the mili'' said one man."I am the second son. I have the mule'' said another man. "You are the youngest, dear brother, you have the cat.""I can't work with a cat. I can eat it. "That's all"



1. oldest: superlative of old.
2. youngest: superlative of young.
''Eat me," said the cat. "He can't eat a beautiful, intelligent, modest cat like me! I'm good at catching mice. I'm better than an old mili or a stupid mule!" The cat was very offended  "I am only a cat,'' it said to its new owner. "But I'm a very clever and smart cat! Find me a strong sack and a pair of boots. I will show you what I can do! I will make your fortune," the cat said. "Give me the chance and I will make you a V.I.P.! You will not regret having a cat!"The young man looked at the cat. "A sack is easy to find but boots cost a lot of money and I ha ve very little," he thought. "Can I trust a cat? Cats are very changeable!" But the young men decided to give the cat a chance. He went to the shoemaker. 'T d like a pair of boots." "What colour?" asked the shoemaker. "Black."
"What size?" "Oh, very small, they're for my cat. A pair of long boots," said the young man. The shoemaker wasn't surprised, he often made boots and shoes for cats, dogs and other pets. The young man went back home.
"Here are your boots," said the young man. "Do they fit? V' The cat put them on. "Yes they fit perfectly." "And here is the sack." The cat took the sack and went to the rabbit hutches. It opened the sack and put in some fresh green leaves. "Rabbits love leaves " thought the cat. Then it lay down very, very still. A young rabbit came near the sack. SNIFF, SNIFF, SNIFF. Into the sack it went. Up jumped the cat and closed the sack. "Got you!" said the cat.
1. hutch: where rabbits live.
2. leaves: they grow on trees.
3. to lie, lay: to be down on the ground.
4. to sniff: to smell with your nose.
The cat, in its new boots and the sack over its shoulder, went to the castle. Everybody looked at the cat as it vvalked along the roads. The castle was a long way and it was difficult to see the King. But the cat was sure the King liked rabbits!
"I have a gift for the King," the cat said to the soldier on guard outside the castle. "Follow me," he said.
"Your Majesty''said the cat.
“The Marquis of Carabâ sends this rabbit." (This was the name the cat called the young man). "Thank the Marquis for his gift. ''I'm very fond of rabbits'' said the King.
The cat went to a field and lay very stili again. This time two pheasants went into the sack. The cat repeated his visit to the castle. "Wonderful," said the King. "These will be perfect at Christmas!" 'The Marquis will be very pleased you liked his gift," said the cat. The cat often went to the castle. The King was always pleased to see it. The cat took fish and geese, always from the Marquis of Carabâ! Your Master is very generous," said the King.
"I hope to meet him one day."
1. field: a piece of land in the country.
2. pheasants: brown and coloured birds, very good to eat.
3. pleased: happy.
One day, several months later, the cat took two hares to the King. Naturally, from the Marquis of Carabâ. "Thank the Marquis again, but now I must go'' said the King.
"I am going out with the princess. It is her birthday today. We are going to the country. I want to show her how beautiful the scenery is here. And then we are going to have a picnic near the river." "A picnic near the river'' thought the cat! "This is my chance to help my master." The cat quickly left the castle and ran back home.
1. several: two or three.
2. hare: an animal similar to a rabbit.
3. scenery: view of the country.
4. master: owner, proprietor.
Quick, master, you must do as I say'' said the cat. "Go down to the river, take off your jacket and trousers and jump in the river." "What!" said the young man. "Are you completely insane?" "You don't have time to think," said the cat, "you must go now." The young man thought the cat was mad but he went down to the river, took off his clothes and jumped in. The King's coach approached. "Help, help," shouted the cat. "The Marquis is in the river and can't swim."
"Stop the coach", shouted the King.
"Oh, it's you. What's wrong?"
1. insane / mad: crazy.
2. thought: is the past tense of to think.
3. coach: a means of transport.
4. to approach: to arrive.
5. what’s wrong: what’s the matter / not right.
Good heavens," said the King. "The Marquis is in difficulty. Some men took ali his clothesxsaid the cat. "I tried to stop them but it was impossible." The King was speechless and the Marquis was very red in the face! The King called a soldier.
"Go to the coach and bring a suitcase." "What's wrong?" said the Princess.
"You stay in the coach my dear," answered the King. The King gave the Marquis some beautiful clothes.
"We are going for a picnic," said the King. "Please come with us." "That's very kind of you," said the Marquis.
1. clothes: trousers, jacket, ete.
2. speechless: so shocked you can’t speak
The Marquis got into the coach and sat opposite the Princess. "What a lovely girl," he thought. The Princess was tali, with long blonde hair. She had an oval face and the bluest eyes in the county, the Marquis was sure. Her nose and mouth were small. The Princess also liked the young man. The King talked and talked but the two young people didn't listen to him.
They stopped for the picnic at a picturesque place near the river. The two young people walked round the lake and talked, while the King snored under a tree.
1. to snore: a noise some people make when
2. totalk: to speak.
3. picturesque: very pretty.
It was harvesting time and the farmers were working in the fields. It was a very good year for the farmers. The cat ran ahead of the coach and spoke to the people. "The King's coach is coming. When he asks whose land this is, you must say that it's the Marquis of Carabâ's land. If you don't I will send the ogre and he will eat you!" Ali the people were afraid of the ogre and agreed to do what the cat asked. When the King's coach passed the King shouted. "Whose wheat fields are these?" "They are the Marquis of Carabâ's, your Majesty."
1. wheat: bread is made from wheat.
2. ogre: a giant who eats people.
Again the cat ran ahead and spoke to the people. These farmers were picking grapes to make wine. "Whose are these vineyards?" asked the King. "They are the Marquis of Carabâ's, your Majesty."
The coach passed orchards full of apples, pears, plums and oranges. There were fields of potatoes, carrots, spinach and cabbages. The King was very impressed! "You have wonderful land'' said the King. There are so many vegetables and so much fruit. I must try your wine. I'm sure it's very good." "Of course'' said the Marquis.
1. impressed: pleased and surprised.
2. orchard: where fruit trees grow.
It was evening and they were near the ogre's castle. He was the richest person in the kingdom, after the King, of course. The cat went to visit him. "People say you are very clever and can change into any animal you want." "It's true'' said the ogre, and changed into a lion. "Can you also change into a bird?" asked the cat. "That's easy'' said the ogre and there was an eagle flying round the room. "But can you change into something very small," asked the cat, "a mouse for example?"
"Of course, I can," said the ogre.
There on the chair was a small mouse. GOBBLE, GOBBLE, and the cat ate it!
1. true: correct
The King's coach arrived at the castle. "Welcome to the Marquis of Carabâ's castle' said the cat. "What! This is YOUR castle," said the King. "Yes," said the Marquis more shocked1 than the King. "Come into the dining room'' said the cat. "Dinner is ready. Your Majesty must try the Marquis's wine." After several glasses of wine the King said, "I offer you my daughtefs hand." The Marquis and the Princess were married the next day.
Ali the people came to the wedding. There was a big party in the garden. The King was very happy and said to the cat: "From today you are SIR PUSSIN BOOTS!"
1. shocked: surprised.
2. ready: prepared.