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JIM: You are a bad boy. You say that theyare

the same. If they are the same, take my half and give me your half.

TOM: No, i will not.

JIM: You must. if you do not, i will hit you. (An old man comes in.)

OLD MAN: Boys! Why are you quartelling, you two boys?

JIM: i gave Tom half of my penciL. He gave me half ofhis apple. But his half is much bigger than my half. He is a bad boy.

TOM: My half is not bigger. Look at it. (He gives his half to the Old Man.)

OLD MAN: Now, boy, let me see your half. (Jim gives his half to the Old Man.) i think the two bits are the same.

JIM: No, this bit is bigger.

TOM: jim, you are a bad boy. The Old Man says that theyare the same. (He speaks to the Old Man.) Give me my half.

OLD MAN: Tom, You say that your half is the same as jim's half. i will give his half to you and you shall give your half to him.

TOM: No, no! Give me my half. JIM: Yes, yesI Give me Tom's half.

OLD MAN: Yes, i think Tom's halfis bigger. i will bite a bit from Tom's half. Then they wiU be the same.

JIM: Yes, then they will be the same. (The Old Man bites abitfrom Tom's half.)

TOM: Oh, look. jim's half is bigger now. i want jim's half.

JIM: No. Theyare the same now. Give me my half.

OLD MAN: No, Jim's half is bigger. i will bite a bit from Jim's apple. (He bites a bit from Jim's apple.) Now theyare the same.

JIM: Look! Tom's half is bigger now. i want Tom's half.

TOM: No, theyare the same. Give me my half. OLD MAN: i think that Tom's half is a little bigger. i will bite Tom's half. (He bites Tom's half.)

TOM: Now Jim's half is bigger.

OLD MAN: IfJim's half is bigger, i will bite abit from it. (He bites Jim's apple and eats all of it.) JIM: Oh! Oh! now Tom's half is bigger. Give it to me.

OLD MAN: if Tom's half is bigger i must bite it too. (He bites Tom' s half and eats it all.) Do not quarre1, my boys. Those who quarrel never get any good from it.



The King of Bolnia John's mother

Prince Paul, his brother Mr. Dupin

John Lane, a servant Three men

SCENE i in the King's house

The King is sitting writing. The King' s brother, Prince Paul, comes in and stands near him.

PRINCE PAUL: To whom areyou writing, brother? KING: i am writing to the King of France. No one must know about this letter. if anyone sees this letter, there will be fighting. The King of Saxia will fight us. There will be war!l

PRINCE PAUL: Some men have come to see you about the new road. Shall i tell them to come in here?

When one country fights with arıother country, that is war.

KING: No! i will go out and see them in the hall. You must stay here.

(The King puts the lamp on his letter to hide it.

Then he goes out. Prince Paul sits down and takes a book. John, a servant, comes into the room. He has a eloth in his hand. He begins to elean the room. He rubs the table with the eloth. He takes up the lamp and begins to rub it. Then he sees the letter. He quickly throws the eloth down on the letter. Then he takes up the eloth with the letter and goes quickly out of the room. Just as he is going out, Paul calls him.)

PRINCE PAUL: John! JOHN: Yes, Prince PauL.

PRINCE PAUL: John, i am going riding in the forest to-day. Please have the horses ready. You will come riding with me.

JOHN: Yes, Prince PauL.

(John goes out. The King comes in. He goes to the table. He takes up the lamp.)

KING: Paul, have you got my letter? i put it here; but it is not here now.

PRINCE PAUL: No, brother, i have not got it. it must be there.

KING: it is not here. What shall i do? If the King of Saxia sees this letter, there will be war! What shall i do? Did anyon e come into the room?

PRINCE PAUL: A servant came in. KING: Which servant?


KING: Do you think that he has taken it?

PRINCE PAUL: i do not think John would tak e your letter. (He goes to the door.) John! John! (John comes in.)

JOHN: Yes, Prince PauL.

PRINCE PAUL: Did you see aletter on that table when you came into the room?

JOHN: No, Prince PauL. i did not see any letter.

SCENE 2 Mr. Dupin's roonı

Mr. Dupin is standing near the window. He goes quickly to the table and sits down. There is a tap) at the door.

MR. DUPIN: Come in. Come in, Prince PauL. (The King and Prince Paul come in. Prince Paul has a beard. The King has his face hidden.)

PAUL: How did you know--?

MR. DUPIN: i know everything. What can i do for you?

PAUL: The King wrote aletter.

MR. DUPIN: Ah! He wrote aletter to-to whom?

PAUL: i do not want to tell you.

MR. DUPIN : You may ten me all; the letter was to the King of France.

PAUL: Do not speak of it. No one must know.

If the King of Saxia knows of this, there will be war.

MR. DUPIN: But someone does know. You have lost the letter.

Tap = the smail noise made by hitting a door when one wants to enter a room.

KING: Yes, the letter is lost. i put it on a table in the room. My brother Paul was in the room. No one cam e into the room.

MR. DUPIN: No one?

KING: A servant namedJohn came into the room.

No other person came.


PAUL: Do you think that the servant took the letter? But he did not. We have looked in his room; it is not there. We have looked in his boxes. We have looked everywhere, but we cannot find it.

MR. DUPIN: Then he has it with him. He carries it with him. He carries it hidden in his elothes.

PAUL: How can we look in his dothes?

MR. Du PIN : Ç9.:ri<!iI1K~n the forest. Take John withyou. i shall comewitfi three men. i shall come and take all your money. And i shall look in your elothes to see if you have any more money or any jewels. Go at noon. Ride near the little hut on the south road. i shall be there. (Mr. Dupin stands up. He goes and opens the door, and the King and Prince Paul go out.)

SCENE 3 A Forest

PAUL (outside): i want to walk. We will get down from our horses here. Come, John. (Paul and John come in.)

PAUL: This is a beautiful forest. And this is the

most beautiful bit-just near this hut. Do you know this road, John?

JOHN: Yes, i know it. i have walked along this way many times. My mother, Mrs. Lane, lives near here. She lives on the other side of the forest.

PAUL: Ah! When did you last see your mother?

j JOHN: i saw her on-- it was the day af ter ~ you asked me about the letter. You knowthat letter which the King lost.

PAUL: Ah. yes. Let us sit down. (Mr. Dupin comes in with three men.)

MR. DUPIN: Stand !-or i shoot! Hands up!

Take their money, my men! See that they do not hide any-thing. Look in their elothes.

JOHN: i am a servant. i have no money.

MR. DUPIN: Oh! A servant! The servant sometimes hides the rich man's money; then the rich man says, "I have no money." And the servant says, " i am a servant "; and we get nothing. Look at the servant too. (The men bring Paul's money to Mr. Dupin. They look in]ohn's elothes. Then they go away.)

JOHN: Oh! Oh! Ten pieces of gold! i had ten gold pieces, and they have taken them.

PAUL: i will give you the money. Did they take any other things? They took all my letters and papers.

JOHN: No. i had no letters or papers.

?SCENE 4 Mr. Dupin's room

Mr. Dupin is sitting at the table. Prince Paul is standing near.

MR. DUPIN: No, there was no letter. He had no


PAUL: Had he any money? MR. DUPIN: No.

PAUL: Oh! He said that he had ten gold pieces.

And i gaye him ten pieces of gold. He is a

bad servan t.

MR. DUPIN: i heard what he. said to you.

PAUL: When?

i MR. DUPIN: When you were standing near the

hut. He spoke about his mother.

PAUL: Yes. But why do you say that? His mother did not take the King's letter

MR. DUPIN: No. She did not take it. But she may have got it! John went to see his  mother on the day after the letter was taken. On the day after!

PAUL: We must look in her house.
MR. DUPIN: No. We cannot do that. Wecan not go to her house and look for the letter. She will say, " i know nothing about any letter." And, if we look we shall not find it. A letter is a very small thing. It is not hard to hide a letter so that no one can find it. 

PAUL: What shall we do?
MR. DUPIN: i know what to do. i always know what to do. (Mr. Dupin goes to the door. He calls his three men. They come in.) i will tell you what i am going to do. i shall go to Mrs. Lane's house. When i have gone inside, you will put paper and wood outside Mrs. Lane's of you will look in through the window-but you must not P~s.e.en- i shall rub the back of my .head. When you see me do that, you will set fire to house is on fire!" Then cry, "Fire! Fire! The house is on fire!" That is all.

THE MEN: Yes.We know what to do. When shall we go?

MR. DUPIN: Now. i shall come at once.

?SCENE 5 A room in Mrs. Lane's house Mrs. Lane is sitting, reading. There is a cry outside, " Help I Help I " She goes to the door.

MRS. LANE: What is it?

MR. DUPIN: i am ill. Oh, help! Let me in! (Mrs. Lane opens the door.)

MR. DUPIN: i was walking through the forest, and i became ilı. i cannot walk. May i sit here?

MRS. LANE: Yes. You may sit here. But i shall not give you anything to eat. Many poor men come here and ask for food. i send them away. They should work. They are lazy.

MR. DUPIN: i am not poor. i do not want food. i will sit here-and then i will go on. Thank you. (Mrs. Lane sits down and begins to read.) MR. DUPIN: It is a beautiful forest. (Mrs. Lane strys nothing.)


MR. DUPIN: it is very hot to-day-is it not? (Mrs. Lane says nothing.)

MR. DUPIN: Do you know anyone in the King's

house? i know aman called John.


MR. DUPIN: Yes. He is a nice man.

MRS. LANE: Ah! Does John know you?

MR. DUPIN: Yes, he knows me. He will soon know more of me. My name is Smith .. '" , MRS. LANE: He has never spoken about you. MR. DUPIN: i fell down in the forest. My he ad hit a tree. (He rubs the back of his head.)

(Noise outside. Cries of" Fire! Fire!" Fire is seen outside the window. Mrs. Lane runs to the wall. She takes out a stone and puts in her arm. She takes out the letter. Mr. Dupin is near her.

She sees him.)

MR. DUPIN: Thank you, Mrs. Fontain. That is

your name? Yes, i knew it. i know everything. i know all about you. May i have

that letter?

MRS. LANE: No! it is my son's letter.

MR. DUPIN: It is not your son's letter. it is the King's letter. The King of Saxia has given you money to find out what we are doing, and to take the King's letters.

JOHN: Yes, he did, but how did you know that the letter was hidden in my mother's house? How did you know that it was hidden in the


MR. DUPIN: i know everything.'



A friend

Two men

King Salomon and same friends Aman with a sword

SCENE i Two huts

Sarah is at the door of her hui.

FRIEND: Good morning! 1 have come to see your new baby. ls it a bayar a girl?

SARAH: lt is a boy. 1 am so happy to have it. lt is ten days old. lt is sleeping now. You may come and see it. (The friend goes into

the hut.)

FRIEND (coming out): lt is a very pretty baby, so

nice and fat. Now 1 am going to see Deborah .

She has a new baby, too. i will see which baby is bigger and fatter. (She goes to Deborah' s hut. Deboralı comes out of her hut.)

DEBORAH: Good moming, my friend.

FRIEND: i have come to see your new baby. i went to see Sarah's baby. He is very nice

and fat.

DEBORAH: The baby is sleeping now. You can come in and see it. (They go in.)

SCENE 2 The saıne: ıNight DEBORAH: What sh all i do? \\That shall i do?

- My little baby is dead! Now Sarah has a babyand i have none. i will take my dead babyand change it for Sarah's (She goes into Sarah' s hut. Then she comes out carrying a baby. She goes into her hut. She carries her dead baby into Sarah'  hut.)

SCENE 3 The saıne: Morning Saralı comes crying to Deborah' s door.

DEBORAH.-Good morrring, Sarah! Why are you crying?

SARAH: My little baby is dead. It was so happy when we went to sIeep. This morrring, when i went to get it, i found it dead. When it is dead, it does not look like my baby. i (She cries. The friend comes in.)

FRIEND: Why is Sarah crying? DEBORAH: ,Her baby is dead.

SARAH: Yes, i do not know how it died. And the dead baby does not look like my baby. Deborah's baby-looks like my baby. (Deborah is angry.) ,

FRIEND: i shall go and see Deborah's baby. (She goes in.).:

SARAH: Deborah, you must not be angry. i am very sad. i do not know what i am saying.

DEBORAH: Poor Sarah! But you must not say that my baby looks lik e your baby. (The , friend comes out of the house,)

FRIEND: But the baby does look like Sarah's baby. i think it is Sarah's baby.

DEBORAH: if you say that, i sh all be very angry.

We must be friends. We must not quarrel.

SARAH: i do not want to quarrel, but i think you have got my baby.

DEBORAH: You are a bad woman. You want to take my baby because your baby is dead. Go away!

FRIEND: i know what to do. We will go and bring the dead baby here. When the two babies are here, we sh all see if the dead baby is Sarah's baby or Deborah's baby. i saw

.. the two babies when they were alive.

DEBORAH: i do not want to see thedead baby.

You must not bring it here.

SARAH : You do not want our friend to help. i think you are a bad woman. You want to quarrel.

FRIEND: We must not quarrel here. We rnusı take our quarrel to the King.

SARAH: Yes, let us go to King Solomon. He is a good King. He can tell us which baby İs dead. Bring your baby, Deborah.

SCENE 4 Outside King Solonıon's house The three women come to the King's house. A serıant

is standing at the door.

SERVANT: What do you want? SARAH: We want to see the King.

SERVANT: The King does not want to see any-one.

He is asleep. You cannot see the King to-day.

DEBüRAH: Let us go home. The King wilI not see us to-day.

FRIEND: We must see the King to-day. Please go and ask if he wilI see us. You are a lazy servant.

SERVANT: i am not lazy. i know that the King is a great King. He will not' speak to poor women. Your baby will cry and make a noise. Go back to your house.

DEBüRAH: Yes, my baby wilI make a noise when it sees the King. We must go home.

FRIEND : (she takes same money and puts it into the servant's hand): Be a good servant. Go and ask if the King will see us.

SERVANr: Wait here. i will go and ask. SARAH: He is a bad man. Poor women must

give him money if they want to see the King. (Servant comes back.)

SERVANT: Yes, you can see the King. Please com e in.

SCENE 5 Inside King Solonıon's house The three women are standing infront of the King.

KING: What is your quarre1?

SARAH: O King! i have a baby. And Deborah has a baby. One baby is dead. The dead baby looks lik e Deborah's baby. i think Deborah took my baby when her baby died.

DEBORAH: O King! Sarah is angry because her baby is dead. She came to see my baby. When she saw my baby she wanted it because her baby is dead.

FRIEND: O King! i saw the two babies. i think the dead baby is Deborah's baby. i

think Deborah took Sarah's baby in tlı night, when Sarah was asleep.

KING: Call the swordsman.! Tell him to brin his sword. (A man comes in. He has a big SWOl . in his hand.)

SERVANT: O King! Here is the swordsman. KING: Bring the baby here. (A servant tak Deborah's babyand brings it to the King.) i aı a just King. i do not know whose baby thi is. i do not know if this is Deborah's. bab or Sarah's baby. But i must be just t each of you. i will take this babyand Ci it into two halves. Then Sarah can hav half of this baby, and Deborah can have hal

DEBORAH: Yes, yes, the King is a good Kin!

Cut the baby in halves.

SARAH: But the baby will die!

KING: Yes, the baby will die. But you sha each have one half of the baby. So you wi not quarrel any more.

SARAH: O King! Save my baby. Do not Ct the baby. Give the baby to Deborah. Lı the baby liye.

KING: Give the baby to Sarah. Sarah wants tb baby to liye. So i know that Sarah is th mother. Deborah is a bad woman. She too Sarah's baby. (Two men take Deborah away,

FRIEND: The King is a just King. O good Kin Solomon!

ALL: O good King Solomon. Just King Solomoıı

Long liye the King!

ı A sword(s)man = aman with a sword.



John Black, his son A servant


Tom two bad men

Mr. Bell, a rich man (very fat)


PLACE: A large room in Mr. Black's house. The windows have long blue curtains in front of them. A servant is putting the things in the room in their places. He puts some bread and other food on the table. There is the sound of a beli, and the servant goes to the door.

SERVANT: Come in. Who are you?

BoB: i am Mr. Bell. Mr. Black asked me to come and see him.

SERV ANT: Yes, yes, i am getting everything ready for you. Please sit down. Mr. Black is not ready. He is dressing.

BOB: i will wait. Are you the new servant? i do not know you.

SERVANT: i have been here six months.

BOB: Ah! i have been away in other countries for two years. Please take my hat. (The servant takes the hat and goes out of the room. Bob goes quickly to the windowand opens it. A small man comes in through the windowand stands behind 1 the curtain. The servant comes back.)

SERVANT: Shal1 i get you some-thing to drink, Mr. Beıı?

BOB: Yes, please. (The servant goes across the room to get the drink. Bob goes behind the servant. Bob takes a cloth and puts it quickly over the servant's face. The servant soan falls doum asleep.)

BOB: Come out, Tom. (The man behind the curtain comes out.)

TOM: Is he asleep, Bob?

BOB: Yes. He will sleep for hours. We will put him outside. You take his feet. (They take the servant out through a side door. They come back. Then they hear sameone coming.)

BOB: Quick, Tom, sameone is coming. (They get behind the curtain. John Black comes into the room.)

J ORN: Ah! My father's friend has not come. i want something to eat. i will take abit of bread.) This is good bread. i will have anather bit. (He takes anather bit of bread and is just eating it when Mr. Black comes in.)

MR. BLACK: Oh! You bad boy. That bread is

 Behind = at the back of.

set ready for my friend, Mr. BelI. You must not eat that hread. You are always eating. You will soan he too fat. (John holds the bit of bread in his hand.)

JOHN: Why is Mr. Bell coming?

MR. BLACK: Mr. Bell is coming to see my red

jeweI. .

JOHN: What! Is your red jewel here in the ı

house? You said that the jewel must stay

in the city so that had men may not come

and take it.

MR. BLACK: Yes, it was in the city; hut to-day i hrought it home. Mr. Bell is a rich man.

He wants to huy this red jewel. When we j

sell it, we shall he rich. 1

• .1

JOHN: May i see the jewel, father?

MR. BLACK: Here it is. (He gives the jeıoel to John. Just then the curtain moves.) Oh, John! there is a man at the window. (John jumps to one side. Bob and Tom come out.)

BOB: Now, Mr. Black, please stand over there Put your hands up. John, put your handı up. (ohn uts the bread it' nd tha ~l!Et~J!.is ••. ~n ••• f •. up.) Tom, you must se~ that

John does not get away or make a noıse.

TOM: If you make a noise i will shoot you. BOB: Now, Mr. Black, i want that box.

MR. BLACK: How do you know that i have it! BOB: You were in Mr. Bell's garden. i heard

you tell Mr. Bell that you wanted to sell yoU! red jewel. i was on the other side of the wall So i know you have the jewel here in the box. Give it to me.

MR. BLACK: i will not give it to you.

BOB: Then i must take it. (He puts a piece OJ eloth over Mr. Black' s Jace. Mr. Black Jallı down asleep. Bob puts his hands into Mr. Black' s elothes and brings out the box.)

BOB: Here is the box! Now, we will get the red jewel. (He opens the box.) Oh! the jewd is not here! The jewel is not here! ( Ton looks at the box. John jumps over and puts ou, the lamp.)

TOM: Come here, John, or i will shoot. (TOl1

shoots.) -

BOB: Tom! Tom! Do not shoot. The police man will he ar you. There is a policemaı outside in the road. Where is John?

TOM: He is behind that big chair. (Tom bring:

John out.)

?27 BOB: What is in your mouth?

JOHN: Bread.

BOB: Open your mouth and let me see. (John opens his mouth. There is the sound of a bell at the front door.)

BOB: Quick, Tom! The policeman heard you shoot. We must get away quickly! (Bob and Tom go out of the window. An old man comes in. He is the rich Mr. Bel! who comes to buy the jewel.)

MR BELL: John! Is your father ill ?

JOHN: Two bad men cam e to take the red jewel.

They went out of the window when they heard you coming. (Mr. Black wakes and sits up.)

MR. BLACK: Eh? Where am I? Oh! my red jewel! Where are they? The two men? Where are they? We must get the jewel!

JOHN: They went out of the window.

MR. BLACK: We must go af ter them. We must go after them! My jewel! My jewel!

JOHN (holding out his hand): Here is the jewel. MR. BLACK: Oh, John! How did you get it?

Where was it?

JOHN: When i saw the two men looking for ~ i~U,EUt, it lıl.,~~~utli wıtha piece of b.!.Sı.<Wo They cou1d-not "l1n<il'f::-Do 1 eat

too much father? - ..•

MR. "B"i:"A:CK: ~ever' again will i say you eat too much! Eat as much as you want.

MR. BELL: If you eat, you will become as fat and as rich as i am!


PEOPLE IN THE PLAY Mr. Hey, a bad man Mr. Hung

Mr. Sing

Mr. Bey, a money-changer Tan Gin, his son

A policeman

SCENE i A street in Hankow (a city in China)

T wo men on one side of a wall are speaking. , policeman, standing on the other side of the wa/,

hears them.

MR. HUNG: Why are you so sad, Mr. Hey? MR. HEY: i have no money. i have this ba piece 1 of gold. How can i get money for it MR. HUNG: i know how to get money with tha bad piece of gold.

1 Piece of = a bit of.

MR. HEY: How can you do that? No one wilI huy it.

MR. HUNG: You must tak e the piece of had gold to Mr. Bey's money-shop. His hoy, Tan Gin is there now. He will not know that it is a had piece of gold. IJ:riLL hringJ::ou aletter.

MR. HEY: Good, let us go quickly. ---.-----

MR. HUNG: Wait! You must take this gol d ring. When you are asking ahout the ring, i will com e in.

SCENE 2 A money-shop in Water Street Tan Cin is putting same money into a box. Mr.

Hey comes into the shop. He has a gold ring in his hand.

MR. HEY: i want to sell this gold ring. Will you huy it?

TAN GIN: A gold ring? Yes, we will huy it. MR. HEY: i do not want to sen it. My father gaye it to me when i was small.

TAN GIN: Then why do you sell it?

?MR. HEY: i have six children and they have nothing to eat.

TAN GIN: Ah! that is sad! Show me the ring. MR. HEY: There it is. (He shows the ring.) How much money will you give me?

TAN GIN (he takes the ring): Please wait! i wil! weigh it. Please wait. (Mr. Hey sits down. Tan Cin goes to weigh the ring. Mr. Hung comes in.)

MR. HUNG: Are you Mr. Hey? MR. HEY: Yes, i am.

MR. HUNG: That's good. i went to your house but you were out. They said,·" He is at the money-shop ", so i came here.

MR. HEY: Yes, i am selling my gold ring. i have no money to buy food for my children. They have nothing to eat.

MR. HUNG: Do not sen your ring. i have brought you some money from your brother in Hong Kong.

MR. HEY: Ah, good! How much money?

MR. HUNG: A piece of gold. it weighs six ounces. When i saw your brother i said, " i am go ing to Hankow." He said, " Ah! to Hankow. You will see my brother. i am glad. Please give this piece of gold to my brother. i am told that he has no money."-Here is the gold.

MR. HEY: Thank you very much. Did he send aletter?

MR. HUNG: Yes, here is his letter. (He gives the Zetler to Mr. Hey.)

MR. HEY: Thank you very much. Here is money for you.

MR. HUNG: Thank you.

MR. HEY (speaking to Tan Cin): Please give me my ring. i do not want to sell it now. (Tan Cin gives the ring to Mr. Hey.) i cannot read. Please read this letter for me.

TAN GIN: Yes, yes. (He reads.)

Hong Kong, March i, 1910.

My Dear Brother,

i hear that you have no money. They say that you have no work. i want to help you. i send you a pieee of gold. i have not very mueh money, so i eannot send )'ou more than one pieee. The pieee of gold weighs six ounees.

My friend, Mr. Hung, is go ing to your city, He will take the pieee of gold to you.

i shall eome to Hankow next year. Then i shall see your six ehildren.

Your brother,


MR. HEY: Thank you! Now, will you please give me some money for this piece of gold.

TAN GIN: Yes, i will weigh it. (He weighs it at one side of the room.) Ha! his letter said six ounces, but this is seven ounees. i shall give him the money for six ounces. And i sh all get one ounce. Good! (Tan Cin gets the money from the box and gives it to Mr. Hey.) Yes, there are six ounces. Here is your money. (They go over.)

MR. HEY: Thank you very much. (Mr. Bey comes into the shop. Tan Cin goes away. Mr. Sing comes into the money-shop.)

MR. SING: it is a nice day, is it not?

MR. BEY: Yes. it is very nice. But there will soan be rain.

MR. SING: Ah, we want rain. The fie1ds are hard and dusty:........J.. ~i o"'1,ı).",,· ,

MR. BEY: What can i do for Vou?

MR. SING: i came to ask a question. Did aman come here and get same money for a bit of gold?

MR. BEY: i do not know. i havejust come in. MR. SING: Who was here?

MR. BEY: My boy, Tan Gin.

MR. SING: Ask him.

MR. BEY: Tan Gin! Tan Gin!

TAN GIN (from a room inside): Yes, father. MR. BEY: Come here.

TAN GIN (coming in): What is it?

MR. BEY: Did aman get same money for a piece

of gold when i was away?

TAN GIN: Yes. Why do you ask?

MR. SING: Tell him to bring it. i think it is bad. MR. BEY: Go and bring it to me. (Tan Cin goes

to get it.)

MR. SING: The man who brought the gold is a bad man. i know him.

MR. BEY: What? Do you know him?

MR. SING: Yes, he took same money from my friend, Chang. My friend told me about him. One day we saw him in the street

and my friend said, " Look, do you see that man? He to ok my money. He is a bad man."

TAN GIN (comes back with the piece of gold): Here is the gold. Why do you want it?

MR. BEY: This man thinks that it is bad; it is not gold.

TAN GIN: i think it is good.

MR. BEY: We will cut it and see. (He cuts it.) it is bad! It is bad! Oh! you bad boy! (He goes over to hit Tan Cin and Tan Cin runs away.)

MR. BEY (to Mr. Sing): Do you know where that

man is now?

MR. SING: Yes, i saw him in a garden. The garden is down this street. He is sitting there with his friends. i can take you to him.

MR. BEY: Good! Let us go now.

MR. SING: Wait! Will you give me some money

if i take you to him?

MR. BEY: Yes, yes, come quickly! MR. SING: Give me the money.

MR. BEY (gets some money from the box): Here it is, here it is! (He gives some money to Mr. Sing.) MR. SING: Tell your boy to come and bring that bit of gold.

MR. BEY: Tan Cin! Tell your mother to come to the shop. You come with us and bring that piece of gold.

SCENE 3 A garden

Many people are silting at tables eating and drinkim Mr. Hey is there. He is sitting at a table with tlJ) friends. Mr. Sing, Mr. Bey and Tan Cin com e iı MR. SING: There! See that man there with tw friends. That is the man.

MR. BEY (he goes over and speaks to Mr. Hey): Di you get some money for a piece of gold ?

MR. HEY: Yes, why do you ask?

MR. BEY: it is bad; it is not gold; you are a ba man. i sh all get a policeman. (He spea! to Tan Cin.) Tan Gin, go and get a polic man. (Tan Cin goes.)

MR. HEY (Mr. Hey goes quickly and stops Tan Cin.

Wait! My brother in Hong Kong sent ro that piece of gold. i did not know that it wa bad. Read this. (He gives the letler i Mr. Bey. Mr. Bey reads the letler.)

MR. BEY: Ha! you did not know that the piec of gold was bad. But you must give me th money and take back the piece of gold. do not want bad gold.

MR. HEY: If the gold is bad, i will give you th money. Let me see the piece of gold.

MR. BEY: Where is it, Tan Gin? Where is th

piece of gold ?

TAN GIN: Here it is, father.

MR. HEY: Is this the bit of gold which i gaye you TAN GIN: Yes, it is.

MR. HEY: This is not gold. But is this the pie which i gaye you? i will weigh it and see

(He ealls a servant.) Servant! i want to weigh this pieee of gold. (The servant eomes to the tabZe.)

. MR. HEV (he weighs the pieee of goZd): Ho! Ho!

This pieee of gold weighs seven ounees. My brother writes in this letter that it is six

. ounees. (He takes the Zetler and gives it to Mr.

Bey.) Tan Gin gave me money for six ounees. Now, you say that this bad gold is my gold; but it weighs seven ounees. Oh! you are a bad man. Get out of here. (They run to the door of the garden. A peliceman eomes in.)

POLICEMAN: Why are you running away? MR. BEV: i must go to my shop.

POLICEMAN: Wait! Did that man sell you some gold?

MR. BEV: Yes, and it was bad.

MR. HEV: You must not say that. My pieee of gold weighed six ounees. This pieee weighs seven ounees. Please read this letter. (He gives the Zetler to the poZieeman.)

POLICEMAN: Yes, i know about this letter. i heard you speaking to your friend. i was on the other side of the wall. That is your friend over there. (He points to Mr. Hung.) Come here! (Mr. Hung eomes over to the poZieeman. ) You two are bad men and you must eome with me. (He takes eaeh man by the arm.) Mr. Bey, you must tell your boy, Tan Gin, that he must be a good boy,--or I shall have to take him away too. (The policeman takes Mr.Hey and Mr.Hung away.)



Father Jane Two servants ı

Mother Servant the Prince

Cinderella Prince Same men an

Anne A Fairy women at tn Prince's hou

SCENE I A room in Cinderella's house Cinderella' s mother died when Cinderella was alittı girl. Now her father is going away. He wü

marry a new wife. His new wife has two chil dren. They are girls, Anne and Jane. Cinda ella is dressed in blue. Her father comes in.

FATHER: Cinderella, i have something to td you.

CINDERELLA: Yes, father, what is it? FATHER: i am going away to-day.

CINDERELLA: Where are you going?

FATHER: i am going to marry a new wife. Your mother died when you were small. Now you are a big girL. You will love your new


CINDERELLA: i am glad that you will be happy-

When will the new mother come?

FATHER: She will come back with me af ter three days. She has two girls of her own. They are big girls. They can help you. (He goes


SCENE 2 The saıne rooın

Cinderella is sitting in the same room. Her father comes in. The new mother and the two girls are

with him.

FATHER: Cinderella, this is your new mother. MOTHER: i am g1<id to see you, Cinderella. How happy we shall all be! These two girls will be your sisters. Anne, this is Cinderella. J ane, this is Cinderella. You will be very


JANE: Come, Cinderella. Come and see our

new dothes. (Jane, Anne and Cinderella go


FATHER: Will you love Cinderella? Will you

\ help her?

MOTHER: Yes, yes. Let us go and see the garden.

(They go out.)

SCENE 3 The same; arter one month

Anne, Jane and Cinderella are in the same room.

ANNE: Take my dress and wash it, Cinderella. CINDERELLA: But i must cook the food.

ANNE: You must wash this dress. Quickly!

Do what i say. (She gives the dress to Cinderella. Cinderella goes out. Jane comes in.) JANE: Where is Cinderella? She must dean my shoes.

ANNE: She is washing my dress.

JANE: She heIps you too much. She must clean

my shoes now. i will call her to come now.

ANNE: No. She must wash my dress. JANE: No. i will call her now.

ANNE: No. You must not. (Anne stands in front of door. The mother comes in.)

MOTHER: Why are you quarrelling?

JANE: Cinderella heIps Anne too much. i want her to dean my shoes.

ANNE: Cinderella is washing my dress.

MOTHER (calls to Cinderella): Cinderella, you must heIpJane too. You must work more quickly.

CINDERELLA: But, mother, i have too much work to do.

MOTHER : You are a lazy girl. Go and dean those shoes.

CINDERELLA: Why cannot Jane dean her own shoes ? She does no work.

MOTHER : You are a bad girl. You are lazy. (She hits Cinderella. Cinderella cries. The father comes in.)

 FATHER: Why is Cinderella crying?

MOTHER: She is a lazy girl, She will not help Jane dean her shoes.

CINDERELLA: But, father, i do all the work. FATHER: No, Cinderella, you must not say that. i know that your new mother loves you. She will help you. You must not be lazy. Go and do your work. (Cinderella goes out.)

MOTHER: i love Cinderella, but she is a lazy girl.

She will not help.

FATHER: i have spoken to her. She will be a good girl. (They go out.)

?SCENE 4 The same

Cinderella is silting by the fire. Jane and Anne are near the door. A sereant comes to the door.

JANE: What do you want?

ANNE: Look, he has aletter. (She takes the Zetler and reads it.) Oh, Jane! The Prince wants us all to go to his house to-night. A great

many men and women will be there. What a nice time we sh all have.

JANE (going near Anne to look at the Zetter): Will the Prince tell us to-night whom he will marry? Mother says that he will tell soan.

ANNE: Oh! Oh! He may tell us to-nightor he may not! Jane, we must put on our most beautiful dothes. Cinderella, you must dean my red dress and my red shoes.

JANE: i will put on my beautiful blue dress and my jewe1s. Cinderella, go quickly and get my dress. You have no beautiful dothes, Cinderella. You cannot go to the Prince's house. Quickly Anne! Take the letter to mother. (Cinderella looks sad. She goes out to get the clothes. Anne and Jane run to find their mother.)

SCENE 5 That night

'-._ ... " . ~.- ._-_0_' ---

The mother and Cinderella are in the room.

MOTHER: Cinderella, are the shoes dean? CINDERELLA: Yes, mother, theyare dean.

MOTHER: i must callJane and Anne. (She calls.) Jane! Anne! Come here. The carriage is at the door. It is time to go to the Prince's house. (Jane and Anne come in.)

JANE: Quick, Cinderella, give me my shoes. (Cinderella gives the shoes to Jane. Jane sits down to put them on her feet.) Oh! Oh! These shoes are too small. But theyare pretty shoes. i must put them on. (She puts on the shoes and stands up.) Oh! i cannot walk. (She sits down; then she stands up again.)

ANNE: i think my red dress is more beautiful than Jane's dress.

JANE: My shoes are more beautiful than yours. ANNE (walking to the door): i know the Prince will like me.

JANE: You are not beautiful. The Prince will like me. i know he will.

MOTHER: Now, girls, you must not quarrel.

Come, the carriage is here. (The two girls go out. The mother calls.) Father, come on; the carriage is ready. (Mother goes out. Father comes in quickly.)

FATHER: Cinderella, we must go now. Your mother says you have not got a nice dress

ready, so you cannot come. You are so lazy, i.

Why did you not make a dress for to-night?

i (Father goes out quickly.) ••

CINDERELLA: i have no nice dress; so i cannot

go to the Prince's house! (She sits down by

fire-place and cries.)

SCENE 6 1nhe sanne

Cinderella is sitting near the fire. She is crying, A beautiful fairy eomes in.

FAIRY: Why are you crying, Cinderella? CINDERELLA: i have so mu ch work to do. My sisters do nothing. i have no nice dresses, but my sisters have rnany beautiful dresses. My sisters are not kind to me, and my mother tells my father that i am lazy. He does not know that i have no good elothes. He thinks that my mother is good. He thinks that she loves me. But she is bad, and she does not love me. No-one loves me, and i am so sad! (She eries.)

F AIRY: Poor Cinderella! i know that you are a good gid and that you are not lazy. i will help you. What do you want, Cinderella?

CINDERELLA (sadly): i do not know.

F AIRY: i know what you want. You want to go to the Prince's house to-night.

CINDERELLA: i cannot go to the Prince's house. i have no nice elothes. i have no carriage.

FAIRY: A fairy can make elothes and a carriage, Cinderella. i will make some for you, and you shall go to the Prince's house.

CINDERELLA: O Fairy! How can you do that? FAIRY: You must do what i tell you to do. CINDERELLA: i will, kin d Fairy! Oh, i will do

whatever you tell me.

F AIRY: Bring me a big red apple from the garden. (Cinderella goes to the garden. She brings a big red apple.)

F AIRY: Put it outside the door. Then come in, and look out of the window. (Cinderella puts the apple outside the door. She comes in, goes to the windowand looks out.)

CINDERELLA: Oh! Oh! What a beautiful carriage, all red and gold. But where shall i find the horses?

FAIRY: Can your cat catch mice?

CINDERELLA: Yes, she can. i will call her. (She goes out, calling the cat. She comes back, and brings the cat to the Fairy.)

F AIRY : Cat, catch two mice for Cinderella. ( The cat runs to a hole in the watl and catches two mice, and brings them to Cinderella.)

F AIRY: Put the mice outside the door, in front of the carriage. (Cinderella takes the mice outside. She comes and looks out of the window.) CINDERELLA: O Fairy! i see two beautiful white horses. But who will sit on the front of the carriage? i have no servant.

FAIRY: Take the cat outside. Put her on the carriage. (Cinderella takes the cat outside, and puts her on the carriage. Then she comes in, and

looks out of the window.) -.

CINDERELLA: O Fairy! A man in beautiful

elothes, all red and gold, is standing by the "


F AIRY: He will take you to the Prince's house, Cinderella.

CINDERELLA (looking sadly down at her dress): The Prince will not like me in this old dress, Fairy.

FAIRY: No, my child. But he will like you in the beautiful dress which you will find in your room. (Cinderella goes to her room quickly. She comes back dressed in a beautiful white dress. She looks like a beautiful jlower.)

CINDERELLA: O Fairy! What a beautiful dress!

And what pretty little golden shoes! Thank you, Fairy. You are very good to me. Now i can go to the Prince's house. Oh, thank you very much.

FAIRY (giving a kiss to Cinderella): You are beautiful, my clii'ia:- You will be very happy at the Prince's house. He will think that you are a Princess.

CINDERELLA: i am not a Princess, Fairy. i am just a very happy girl. (Cinderella goes to the door.)

FAIRY: Wait, Cinderella.

CINDERELLA (comes back): What do you want to telI me, Fairy?

F AIRY: You must remember just one thing. You must come home before the clock strikes twelve. After twe1ve, all your beautiful things will go away. You will not look like a Princess. You will look like Cinderella in her old blue dress. Remember what i have told you.

CıNDERELLA: i will remember, Fairy. i will come home before the clock strikes twelve. Thank you again and again, Fairy. (Cinderella goes out. The Fairy looks out of the window.)

?SCENE 7 At the Prince's house

The Prince is standing near a window. Some men and women are near him. He looks out of the window.

PRINCE: Oh! Look! Here comes a beautiful Princess. She looks like a flower, a beautiful white flower. (The men and women look out. Then Cinderella comes through the door. Jane and Anne are standing near the door. They do not know that the new Princess is their sister.)

ANNE: She is very pretty. What a beautiful dress! Her dres s is more beautiful than ours.

JANE: Look at her shoes. Theyare madeofgold.

She must be very rich.

ANNE: Look at her jewels. Mother must give us more jewe1s. She must ask father to buy them.

PRINCE (goes to Cinderella. He takes her hand):

Oh, beautiful Princess! i am very glad you have come to my house. Come and see my friends. (Cinderella goes and speaks to some men and women. The Prince stays at her side.)

JANE: The Prince looks very happy.

ANNE: He will want to marry this new Princess.

Why did she come to-night? The Prince thought that i was very beautiful before she came. i do not like her. ( The Prince' s servants bring things to eat and drink.)

JANE: What! Do you think the Prince would marry you ? You are too old. i am three years younger than you. The Prince likes me very much. i think he will marry me. This Princess will not stay.See, she is going now. ( The clock begins to strike: One! Two!)

PRINCE: You must not go, beautiful Princess.

Youhave not told me your name. (Cinderella begins to run to the door.)

CINDERELLA: i must go now. i must go! PRINCE (running after her): Wait, wait. i must tell you. You are the most beautiful Prin-

cess i ever saw! You are--

(Cinderella runs out of the door. One little golden shoe falls OjJ. The Prince finds the shoe. The clock strikes twelve.)

PRINCE (calling outside in the garden): Where is she? Where is she? i cannot see her. (The Prince comes back to the room. He gives the little golden shoe to a servant.) In the moming tak e this shoe to every house in the city. You must find the beautiful Princess who was here to-night. I do not know her name. This is her shoe. I t is very small, I do not think that any other woman can put it on. Find her. I want to marry her.

SCENE 8 Cinderella's hODle; the next day Anne, Jane and Cinderella are in the same room as bejore. Cinderella is cooking the jood.

JANE: Oh, it was so nice, Cinderella. You did not see the beautiful Princess last night. She did not telI her name, but she was very pretty.

ANNE: The Prince wants to marry her.

JANE: How do you know this? Did he telI you?

You think that you know everything about the Prince!

ANNE: And you think the Prince is going to marry


JANE: i do not. ANNE: You do.

JANE: i do not. (The mother comes in. A servant comes to the door.ş

MOTHER: Come in. What do you want? SERVANT: The Prince's servant is here. He has a little golden shoe. He says that every young woman in the city must put on the shoe.

ANNE: He is looking for the beautiful Princess. JANE: Bring in the golden shoe. i can put it on. ( The servant goes out. The Prince' s sereant comes in. He has the little golden shoe in his hand.) JANE: Give it to me.

ANNE: No give it to me. She is younger than i am. MOTHER (takes the shoe jrom the servant. She gives

the shoe to Anne): Put the shoe on, Anne. (Anne cannot put the shoe on her joot. The shoe is too small.)

JANE: i knew it. You cannot put the shoe on.

Give it to me. (Anne throws the shoe down. The Prinee' s seruant-gioes it to Jane.)

JANE: it is very small, But ı will put it on. (Jane puts the shoe on. She walks to the fireplace, but she falls down. She takes o.ff the shoe and throws it down. Then she begins to ery.)

JANE: Oh! Oh! No-one can put that shoe on.

It is too smaIl for any foot.

CINDERELLA: May ı put the shoe on?

MOTHER, ANNE, JANE: No! No! You cannot put that shoe on your foot; it is too small,

PRINCE'S SERVANT: The Prince said that every young woman must put it on. (He gives the shoe to Cinderella. Cinderella sits down. She puts on the shoe.)

ANNE: Oh! You can put it on-but you cannot stand up in it. (Cinderella stands up.)

JANE: You cannot walk in it. (Cinderella walks.) ANNE andJANE: Oh!

(Cinderella takes the other golden shoe from her eoat.

She puts it on.) ANNE: What!

JANE: Where did you find the other shoe? PRINCE'S SERVANT: You are the beautiful Prin-

cess. (He kisses Cinderella' s hand. The Fairy eomes in and stands in front of Cinderella. Cinderella walks to the door. The Prinee eomes in.)

PRINCE: Oh, my Princess, you looked beautiful in your fairy dress, dressed like a flower. You look more beautiful now, dressed as you areas a poor girl. ı sh all marry you. And ı shall love you aIways-my beautiful Queen!

A fisherman

Mina, a young girl The King

Two servants of the King The little Man

?-~ ?-~-



The Queen's child ~ The Queen's servant An old woman, ser-

vant of the Queen Other servants of the Queen

?SCENE i in front of the fisherınan's hut An old .fisherman is working at his nets. Ayoung

girl, Mina, comes out of the hut and sits doum.

FISHERMAN: Where have you been, Mina? MINA: i have been in the house all day, Father. FISHERMAN: What have you been doing?

MINA: i have made this new dress to-day, Father.

FISHERMAN: What? . Did you make that pretty dress? Did no one heIp you?

MINA : Yes, Father, i made this dress. There is no one to help me. i make all my dresses now.

FISHERMAN : You are young to make dresses.

When your mother died she told me that you could do many things. And you can! You can cook the food, make the bread, dean the house; and now you make your dresses. And what pretty dresses! i think you could make a golden dress from my fishnet! Yes, i know you could do it. Ha! Ha! my good little girl!

MINA: Oh, Father, i could not make a dress of gold from your fish-net.

FISHERMAN (stands up. He puts his arm about the gir! and kisses her): You could do it! You could do it! i know you could. (The King comes in. T wo servants are with him.)

KING: Good day, Fisherman. What a beautiful gir! you have!

FISHERMAN: She is beautiful, O King. She can do many things. She is very young, but she can cook the food, make the bread, dean the house, and make beautiful dresses. She could make a gold dress from a fish-net. i know she could.

KING: She is a good girl, a very good girl, Now, i should like to have a dress of gold for my mother. Everyone will know i am very rich. Make me a dress of gold from a fish-net, my girl.

MINA: O King, i cannot make a dress of gold from a fish-net. My father is very old and does not know what he is saying. (Mina runs

into the hut, erying.)

KING (speaking to the two servants who are with him):

Bring this gid to my house. She shall make a dress of gold from a fish-net, or she shall die.

FI8HERMAN: O King, do not kill my child. She can do many things, but it may be that she cannot make a dress of gold from a fish-net. Do not take her away. O King, i am an old man. My wife is dead. if Mina goes away, who will cook my food? She is all that i have. i love her. Do not take her


KING : You said that she could make adress of

gold from a fish-net. You are her father. You know what she can do. i want that dress. (The King walks down the road and goes away. The two servants take the girl by the arms and take her away. The father goes into the

hut, erying.)

SCENE 2 A smail room in the King's house

Mina is silting by the window alone. She is crying.

She has a fish-net in her hands. Another fish-net is in a box at her feet. The door at one side of

the room is shut.

MINA: What shall i do? What shall i do? The King says that i must make a dress to-day. i must make a dress of gold from this old

?fish-net. i cannot do it! And to-night they will kill me. Oh! Oh! What shall i do? Mother! Mother! save me! save me ! .( She puts her head down and cries.) (A very Lıttle Man comes in. His nose is large. His dothes are old.)

LI'ITLE MAN: Good moming, my good girl, Why are you crying?

MINA: The King says i must make a gold dress from this fish-net, i cannot do it. i do not know how to do it.

LIITLE MAN: What will you give me if I do it for you?

MINA: Here are some jewels. Theyare all that i have. They were my mother's. Oh, i knew that she would save me. (The Little Man takes the jewels. Then he takes the fish-net in his hands.)

LIITLE MAN: Fish-net, fish-net, Change to gold. For a dress

These jewels were soId.

(The Little Man puts the fish-net in the box. He brings up out of the box a dress made of gold net. He gives it to Mina.)

MINA: Thank you, thank you, kind littIe friend.

Now the King will say that i may go home. (The Little Man goes out.)

?SCENE 3 Saıne rooın; next day

Mina stands by the windows, looking out. The King' s servant comes in. He has a box in his hands. Mina looks at him.

MINA: Did the King like the gold dress? SERVANT: Yes. The King likes the gold dress very much. He wants another dress just like it.

MINA: What? Another dress? Oh, i cannot make another dress. The King wants too much.

SERVANT: You must do what the King says. He wants another gol d dress. You must do it to-day, or you will die. (Servant gives her a fish-net in a box. Mina sits down. She begins to cry. The servant goes out.)

MINA: Oh! Oh! What shall i do? Little Man, will you help me again? (The Little Man comes in.)

LITTLE MAN: Good moming, my good girl. Why are you crying? Did the King like the gold dress?

MINA: Yes, yes. The King likes the gold dress too much. He wants another one. i cannot make another one.

LITTLE MAN: What will you give me if i do it for you?

MINA: i have nothing but this ring. It was my mother's. i do not want to give it to you.

LITTLE MAN: Do you want the dress of gold? MINA: Oh, yes, yes. Here is the ring. (Mina gives him the ring.)

LITTLE MAN (He takes the fish-net out of the box.)

i Fish-net, fish-net, Change to gold. For a dress

This ring was sold.

i (The Little Man puts the fish-net in the box. He

brings out a dress made of gold net. He gives the

dress to Mina.)

MINA: Thank you, thank you, kind little friend.

! You have saved me again. (Little Man goes


SCENE 4 Samme roo~; next day

Mina stands by the window, looking out. The King' s servant comes in. He has a box in his hands. Mina looks at him.

MINA: May i go home now?

SERVANT: The King likes the new dress very much. it is very beautiful. He wants

another dress like it.

MINA: Oh! Oh! The King wants too much.

i cannot make another dress. i cannot do it.

SERVANT: if you make another dress you shall be his queen. The King will marry you.

MINA: i shall be queen? Oh! Oh! i should liketo be queen. What can i do? What can i do? (Servant gives her the box. He goes out.) MINA: i have nothing more to give to the Little Man. What shall i do? (The Little Man

i comes in.)

i LITTLE MAN: Good moming, my good girl?

Do you want my help again?

MINA: Oh, Iittle friend, i do want your he1p again. i must make another goId dress for the King. Then he will make me his queen. But i cannot make the dress.

LITILE MAN: What will you give me to do it for you?

MINA: i have nothing more to give. i have given you my jewels and my ring. i have nothing more. i must die. (She looks out of the window.)

LITILE MAN: When you are queen you will have a chiId. Say that you will give me the chiId. Then i will make the dress for you.

MINA: i wouId not want to give away my chiId.

But there is no other way. . . . i may never have a chiId. . . . Yes, i will give you my chiId.

LITILE MAN: (He takes the fish-net out of the box.)

Fish-net, fish-net,

Change to gold.

For a dress

Her chiId is soId.

(The Little Man puts the fish-net in the box. He brings out a dress of gold. He gives the dress to Mina. She does not say anything. The Little Man goes out.)

SCENE 5 Next year


i Mina is queen. She has a beautiful red dress and red

shoes, She is sitting by a little bed. A ehild is in the bed. She is speaking to the ehild.

MINA: My little child! How i love you! You are a pretty little girL. Some day you will be a beautiful woman. You are a princess now. Some day you may be a queen. And my father is a fisherman! What a change my mother would see! But she is dead.

(The Little Man eomes in.)

LıTTLE MAN: i have come for the child. You

said that you would give her to me.

MINA: Oh, no! No! i cannot do that. i cannot

give her to you. i love my child.

LrITLE MAN: You said that you would give her to me. i made three gold dresses for you. i shall tell the King about the dresses. He

will kill you.

MINA: i remember now. i said that i would

give the child to you. But i love the child too much. i cannot give her away. i will give you aLL my riches. The King has given me great riches. i will give them all to you.

LITTLE MAN: i do not want your riches. i want the child. You said that you would give me the child. (Mina begins to ery.)

. LITTLE MAN: i see that you love your child very

ı i much. i will give you three days to find

i another way. You do not know my name now. You must find what my name is.

You must tell me my name. i will come every day. Every day you may ask me seven names. if you tell me my name, i will not take the child. (The Little Man goes out.) (The Qııeen rings a beli. A servant eomes in.)

QUEEN MINA: i must find the name of the Little Man. Call three servants. Tell them to go over all the country. They must ride down every road. They must go to every city. They must go quickly. They must tell me the names of all the men of the country. Quickly! Quickly! In three days I must know the name of the Little Man. Do not wait, Go quickly! (The servant goes out. The Queen looks at the ehild. She takes the ehild in her arms and kisses her.)

SCENE 6 Next day; same room

The Queen sits by the fire. She has the ehild in her arms, The Little Man eomes in.

LITTLE MAN: Do you know my name, Queen


QUEEN MINA: Is your name Henry? LITTLE MAN: No, that is not my name. QUEEN MINA: Is it Tom?

LITTLE MAN: No, that is not my name.

QUEEN MINA: Is it John?


QUEEN MINA: Is it Dick ? LITTLE MAN: No, it is not. QUEEN MINA: Is it Bill?


i QUEEN MINA: Is it Jim?

LITTLE MAN: No, it is not. QUEEN MINA: Is it Chadie?

LITTLE MAN: No. You have had seven names.

That is all for to-day. Two days more! Then I shall take the ehiId. (The Little Man goes out. The Queen puts the ehild in the bed. The Qyeen goes to the window. She puts her head in her hands and cries. The Qyeen rings a bell. A servant eomes in.)

QUEEN MINA: Do not ask any more names of men. I think the Little Man with the ugIy faee has a fairy name. Help me to think of seven fairy names.

SERVANT: We will help you, Queen Mina. (The

servant goes out.)

SCENE 7 Next day; same room

Queen Mina sits by the fire. She has the ehild in

her arms. The Little Man eomes in.

LITTLE MAN: Do you know my name, Queen? QUEEN MINA: Is it Long-Beard?

LITTLE MAN: No. That is not my name. QUEEN MINA: Is it Big-Nose?




QUEEN MINA: Is it Duek's-Foot?


QUEEN MINA: Is it Fat-Head?

LI'ITLE MAN: No. Just one more name to-day. QUEEN M1NA: IS it Big-Bad-Woır?

LITfLE MAN: No. You have said seven names.

That is all for to-day. I will come once more. if you do not know my name that time, I shall take the child. (The Little Man goes out. The Q,ueen puts the child in bed. She puts her head in her hands and aies. Then she rings a beli. A servant comes in.)

SERVANT: I am here, Queen Mina. What can I do for you? (The Q,ueen looks up. She walks to the window. She walks back to the fire-place.) QUEEN MINA: I cannot find out what the name of the Little Man is. He will take the child


SERV ANT: He shall not take the child. We must

find out his name.

QUEEN MINA: He has a name of his own. No other man or fairy has that name.

SERVANT: if we could find his house .... QUEEN MINA: Yes, yes. That is it. You must find his house. You may hear someone say his name. Go quickly. Send three servants. Send every servant in the house. We must find his house to-day. Quickly! Quickly!

SERVANT: We shall go quickly, Queen Mina.

(ne servant goes out. The Q,ueen walks up and -.

down the room quickly. Then she goes to the

child's bed. She takes the child in her arms. She

kisses it.)

SCENE 8 Next moming; the same room

The Qjteen is walking up and down the room quiekly.

She has the ehild in her arms. She kisses the ehild, walks a little more, then kisses her again. She rings a bell. An old woman eomes in.

QUEEN MINA: Have the servants come back? OLD WOMAN: All but one, Queen Mina.

QUEEN MıNA: They have not com e to me. Why have they not come to me?

OLD WOMAN (erying): They have nothing to tell you. They did not find the Li ttle Man' s house. (The Qjteen takes the ehild in her arms.)

QUEEN MINA: Oh, my child! my child! The last hour has come! What can save you now? ( The Qjteen kisses the ehild.) The Little Man shall not take you. i will save you. i will tell the King about the dress. He may kill me, but the Little Man shall not take you, my pretty child. (The Qjteen puts

\ the ehild in the bed. She goes to the door. A

" servant eomes in quiekly. He is hat. His clothes

[ are dusty. His shoes are dusty. He speaks quickly.)

; SERVANT: O Queen Mina, i saw the Little Man.

\ He was in front of a hut. He was cooking

i some food over a fire. Then he put out the fire and ate up the food. He is coming here now. i have come quickly.

QUEEN MINA: What did he say? Did he say his

name. Quickly! Tell me!

SERVANT: He jumped up and down in front of the

fire. He said:

" Fire, fire, cook my food.

To-night the chiId wiII come, Ha! Ha! Ha! Good! Good! To-night the chiId wiII come.

The fisherman's gir! a queen became. But aII the same, all the same,

She does not know and she cannot tell That RumpeI-Stilts-Ken is my name. Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!"

QUEEN MINA: RumpeI-Stilts-Ken! RumpeI-

Stilts-Ken! What aname! But now i know it! i know! He shaII not take my chiId. (The Queen takes up the child. She kisses the child many times. A noise is heard. The servant and the Old Woman go out. The Little Man comes in. He rubs his hands, He looks pleased.ş

LITTLE MAN: Do you know my name now, Queen? This is the Iast day. To-night i shalI take the chiId with me.

QUEEN MINA: Is your name Giant's-Foot? LITTLE MAN: No, that is not my name. QUEEN MINA: Is it Beans-in-the-Pot? LITTLE MAN: No.

QUEEN MINA: Is it Donkey's-Ears? LITTLE MAN: No, it is not.

QUEEN MINA: Is it ... can it be RumpeI-StiItsKen?

LITTLE MAN (very angry): Who toId you that?

Some wizard toId you that. i say that some wizard must have to Id you that. 


Ha! Ha! ... Ha! Ha!

QUEEN MINA: Good day, Mr. Rumpel-Stilts-Ken.

Good-day! Run home, or we will throw you out. (The Queen has the ehild in her arms.) Thank you, Little Man, for helping me .