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Once upon a time, there was a queen. She was kind-hearted. But she was unhappy. She wanted to have a aughter. it was winter. The queen was sitting near the window. And she was embroidering. Suddenly the needle pricked her finger. it was snowing outside. She begged the God. 
- Let me have a daughter. With skin as white as a snow. With cheeks as red as blood. With eyes as black as coal. The God granted her prayers. She gave birth to a beautiful daughter. Her skin was as white as snow. Her cheeks were as red as blood. Her hair and eye s were as black as coaL. The queen named her Snow White. She was very happy. But she died later. The king got married to another woman. The new queen was ill-disposed. She was thinking that she was the most beautiful woman in the world. 
She looked at her magic mirror everyday and asked: - Who is the most beautiful woman in the world? 
The mirror answered all the same: - You are the most beautiful woman, my queen. 
This answer was making the queen very happy. 
One day the magic mirror changed the answer: - You are very beautiful, my queen! 
But Snow White is more beautiful than you are. The queen got angry. Snow White had to die. She called a hunter. 
And gaye him a lot of money. She told the hunter: - Take Snow White to the forest. Kill her there. 
And do not say anything to anybody. The hunter accepted the offer. 
He took Snow White to the forest. Snow White begged the hurıter: - Do not kill me! 
The hunter felt pity for her. And set her free. 
But he advised her: - Do not return to the palace again! Then he killed adeer. 
He took Snow White's shift with blood to the queen. He said to the queen: - i killed Snow White! And here is her heart. 
Snow White was alone in the forest. She was very tired. She saw a hut at a distanee. She hardly reaehed there. The door was open. She entered. She was very surprised. Everything was very smaIl. And they were all seven. Seven smaIl beds. Seven smaIl ehairs. Seven smaIl plates. Seven smaIl spoons. Seven smaIl tables. She was very tired. She put the beds together. She lay on them. And feIl asleep. At night, the owners of the hut returned. They were seven dwarfs. They got afraid when they saw Snow White. When she woke up, She saw seven dwarfs around her. She got frightened. 
One of the dwarfs said: - Don't get frightened. 
Please, teli us about you. 
The princess told them everything. The seven dwarfs were very sad. They said to her: - You can live with us! They became close friends. 
The dwarfs were working in a mine. Show White was deaning and cooking at home. She was washing the dishes and sewing their clothes. And making their beds. They were very happy together. 
The queen asked her magic mirror again: - Who is the most beautiful woman in the world? 
The mirror answered: - Snow White! 
The queen got angry: - Snow White died! The mirror continued: - No, she lives in the forest with the Seven Dwarfs! 
The queen immediately made a plan. She became a beggar. She went to the forest and found the hut. She knocked at the dOOL But Snow White didn't open the door. The queen had a magic comb. She took it out of her pocket. 
She said: - You didn't open the door, at least, take this comb! 
Snow White liked the comb very much .. She opened the window. And took the comb. She combed her hair. The comb was poisonous. And Snow White fell down. The queen retumed to her palace happily. The Seven Dwarfs came back to their home. They found Snow White on the ground. They took the comb out of her hair. Snow White opened her eyes. She told them what happened. 
The Seven Dwarfs advised Snow White: _ Do not open the door to anyone! 
Do not take anything from anyone! 
The queen asked the magic mirror again: _ Who is the most beautiful woman in the world? 
The magic mirror answered again: - Snow White! 
The queen got angry. And said: - Didn't she die? 
She is going to die this time! The queen prepared a basket of apples. The apple at the top was poisonous. She went to the forest. 
And found the hut. She dressed like a villager. 
Snow White didn't open the door. The queen said: - At least, take this apple! 
She deceived Snow White again. Snow White took the apple and bit it. She immediately fainted away. The queen retumed to the palace happily. The Seven Dwarfs retumed from the work. They found Snow White on the ground. They tried to wake her up but she didn't. They cried with sorrow. But they didn't bury Snow White. They made a glass coffin. And put her into it. Each day, one of the dwarfs was standing near the coffin. They were in mouming. 
The queen asked the mirror again: - Who is the most beautiful woman in the world? 
The mirror answered: - Nobody is more beautiful than you are! The queen was very happy. She was sure that Snow White was dead. The Seven Dwarfs were crying for Snow White. One day, a prince came to the forest.
He saw the hut, the coffin and the crying dwarfs. 
The Seven Dwarfs told the prince every- thing. The Prince liked Snow White very much. He wanted to take the coffin to his country. The soldiers began to carry the coffin. One of the soldiers stroke his foot against the stone. The coffin fell down. The poisonous apple in Snow White's tlıroat took out, She opened her eyes and looked around. Everybody was so happy. The prince was alsa very happy. 
He said: - Will you marry me? 
They got married and became very happy. The king learned the truth at last. He drove the queen away from the palace. Snow White said that she wanted seven dwarfs to be in the palace. The king accepted her will.
So, they lived happily together.