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Space Volunteer

Space Volunteer (İngilizce Çocuk Hikayeleri)

Doctor King, head of the Mars project, wanted a volunteer to live on Mars. There were three space volunteers, but the doctor only wanted one man. The first volunteer was Perry Smith, the second was John Evans and the third Craig Thornton.




1.qualifications: what experience you have.
2.technician: a person who can do mechanical work.
3.head: the person in charge.
4.project: plan.
Doctor King opened the door and spoke to the men.
"Please come in and take a seat," he said.
Ali the men were very nervous. They sat down and looked at the doctor. He was a small man with grey hair and a big nose. He had small brown ey es. "You are scientists and astronauts," continued the doctor. "You ali want to go to Mars. What can you teli me about Mars? Is it very different to planet Earth?"
1. spoke is the past tense of to speak.
2. to take a seat: to sit down.
3. nervous: agitated, not calm.
There were nine planets in this solar system. In the year 2016 two more planets were discovered, Persefone and Vulcano. We know very little about these planets. Mars is very near to Earth," said Craig, "but it is quite different. It's very cold on Mars, and there is very little air. There are ultraviolet rays from the sun in the day. They are very dangerous."
1. solar system: the sun and the planets that go round it.
2. to discover: to find.
3. Persefone and Vulcano are the names of imaginary planets.
4. ultraviolet rays: a powerful light that comes from the sun that we can’t see.
"In the south, there are a lot of craters. It is always bombarded by meteorites'' explained John.
"In the north, there are very high volcanoes and deep canyons. There is some ice on the planet but no water. There is no food3."
"It takes 686,98 days for Mars to rotate around the sun," Perry continued. "Christmas comes only once every two years!"
Ali the men laughed.
1. bombarded: to be hit.
2. canyon: deep valley.
3. food: things to eat.
4. once: one time.
Why did you volunteer to go to Mars?" Doctor King asked the three men.
Perry Smith answered first. "I went to the Moon two years ago and stayed there for three weeks. I think it will be interesting to visit Mars, for a short time."
"I want to go," said John Evans, "because when I come back,1 shall be rich and famous!"
"I want to go," said Craig Thornton, "because I live in a big city and I hate the chaos.I think I will like Mars."
1. to stay: to remain.
2. to come back: to return.
3. to hate is the opposite of to love.
4. chaos: confusion.
Can people live on Mars?" asked the doctor.
"No, the weather and the conditions there make it impossible," answered Perry.
"Yes, you are right'' said Doctor King. "but I have experimented and studied the problem for five years. No w I'm sure that, with four or five operations, can make it possible for a man to live on Mars! The man we send to Mars, must live there naturally," concluded Doctor King.
1. weather: climate.
2. conditions: food, water.
3. right: correct.
4. operations: surgical operations a doctor makes on his patients in hospital.
5. to live naturally: to live the same on Mars as on Earth.
But a human on Mars must wear special clothes and breathe from an oxygen canister." Craig replied.
"Not af ter the opera tions," said the doctor. "Today is Monday, March 18th. Tomorrow we will operate on the first volunteer, Perry Smith."
On May the 21st, Perry died. "The opera tions didn't work on Perry'' Doctor King explained to John and Craig. "He wasn't the right subject."
1. clothes: trousers. jackets, shoes.
2. oxygen canister: long metal Container for
3. to die, died: stopped living.
4. subject: person.
On June the 2nd, we will operate on the second volunteer," said the doctor. "Good luck, John'' said Craig.
When John Evans died, on June the 3rd, Craig Thornton was very frightened. "Don't panic," said Doctor King. 'The second volunteer wasn't suitable for the job. "You are perfect! We will operate on August the 30th, at eight o'clock in the morning. Don't be late!"
1. frightened: afraid.
2. suitable: the best person.
3. late is the opposite of early.
The first operation was on Craig's lungs. The Doctor put artificial lungs in Craig.
"Now, he can breathe the air on Mars'' said the Doctor.
The second operation was on the legs. The doctor made them longer.
"Now, he can run very fast and jump high."
The third operation was on the stomach. "With this stomach, he won't drink water or eat very often," the doctor said to the nurse.
1. lungs: we have two lungs in our bodies. We use them to breathe.
2. fast is the opposite of slow,
3. high is the opposite of low.
The fourth operation was the skin. The doctor covered the skin with a very thick material.
"He won't be cold now," said Doctor King. In the fifth operation, the doctor put special glass över Craig's eyes to protect them from the sun's rays. Craig didn't die!
"How are you today?" asked Doctor King. “i feel strange" Craig answered.
"You look perfect," said the doctor.
1. skin: covers ali the body.
2. thick is the opposite of thin (referring to things; ex. a thick sweater).
3. to feel strange: not to feel normal.
Get now and look in the mirror." Craig got out of bed and walked towards the mirror. He was very tali and thin. He had a big chest. His skin was similar to an elephant's skin and his ey es were red. He had no hair. "AHHHHH," shouted Craig when he looked in the mirror.
"You are not a man from Earth now," Doctor King said happily. "You are a MARTIAN!" Craig was shocked! "I am a monster!" he said.
"No, no, you are a perfect man from Mars!" Doctor King answered. "In a few weeks you will go to Mars but first you must practise living with your new body." The next morning Craig and Doctor King flew to Alaska. It was very, very cold! Doctor King wore a coat, boots, gloves and a hat. Craig wore nothing!
1. a few: not many, three or four.
2. flew is the past tense of to fly: to go in an aeroplane.
3. gloves: we wear gloves on our hands when it’s cold.
4. wore is the past tense of to wear.
Are you cold?" Doctor King asked Craig.
“No, I'm not'' the man answered. ''Now'' continued Doctor King, "I want you to run across the ice."
"How far must I go?" Craig asked. "When you are fed up or tired, come back here. I will wait here for you." Craig began to run. First he ran slowly then faster and faster and faster. Craig disappeared in the distance! Craig returned to where Doctor King was two days later!
"Are you tired, hungry or thirsty?" the doctor asked him.
"No, I'm fine'' the man replied.
"Good, you are ready for Mars!" said the doctor.
Craig sat quietly in the spaceship. He listened to the men in the control room. "Five, four, three, two, one, ZERO." The spaceship took of and started its journey towards Mars. Craig looked out of the window and saw the Earth, the sun and the stars in the black sky.
1. thirsty: you want to drink.
2. took off: past tense of to take off; to leave.
3. journey: voyage.
4. saw is the past tense of to see.
The capsule landed on the red planet and Craig got out. He began to walk, then jump, then run. Craig started to laugh.
"No buildings, no traffic, no noise, no pollution, no wars and no Doctor King! I think I will like here'' he said.
Craig Thornton is stili on Mars. He's waiting for Houston to send him a friend. If YOU want to be a volunteer, write to Doctor King, Houston, Texas, U.S.A!
1. landed: arrived.
2. buildings: houses, schools, offices, ete.
3. noise: sound.
4. pollution: rubbish (bottles, plastic bags, boxes, dirt, ete.).