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A Na'aam Roosha was a worker in feathers; he came before Ramses. 
"You must make a crown for this little bird," said Ramses. "It must be made of feathers. It must look nice on him; and it must not fall off." 
Na'aam Roosha looked at Hoodt-Hoodt. "He is a fine bird, bigger than most Hoopoos," he said. "Those golden feathers round the head are very pretty. There are black and white marks on the 
i sides of the body and the feet are black. Yes; i can make something really beautiful - black and white and gold. i will begin work at once." 
Hoodt-Hoodt stayed at the Ramasseum for eight days. Na'aam Roosha looked at all the feathers in his work-room and sent out men to get others - soft white feathers, long fine black feathers, 
golden feathers. Day af ter day he worked, setting ••.• 
them just right to make a beautiful crown. 
B The soldiers in the Ramasseum loved HoodtHoodt. They brought him little pieces of food and watched him flying about inside the walls. He went everywhere inside the great house; but he never went near Sheytana.
A change came over the Ramasseum - a happy change. Abou-Kuru, head of the servants, began to speak gently and quietly to those under him; he never used any hard words now. Adenem, one of the servants, had been ill; but now he was much better. The gate-keeper had a bad leg; now he -. walked quite well. The brothers Simbal were always fighting; now they were good friends. A runner came from Karnah to Na' aam Roosha telling him about his son: the son could not speak nor hear, but now he had spoken for the first time. Hoodt-Hoodt sat watching the feather-man at his work; and happiness, like sunlightafter rain, came over the Ramasseum.