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Unit 2 - Lesson 2 - Activities

I love the sea and I can swim very well.



I think it's summer because it's very hot. The girls's mother doesn't want them to go to the beach because it is dangerous to go to the beach at noon. It is not healthy to swim after a big meal because you feel tired after a meal.
Don't stay under the sun for too long.
Wear a swimsuit at the beach.
Don't light a fire at the beach.
Don't go in the water if it is too wavy.
Don't go in the water alone.


They look out the window and see the sea. They decide to escape and go to the beach. Then, they decide to eat lunch in a cafe. They eat a big meal. Then they walk to the beach. They swim at first but they feel a pain in their legs and stomachs. They go out of the sea and lie on the beach and sleep. Then, they get sunburnt and very ill.

Don't harm the environment at the camp.
Be careful with the fire.
Always share your food.
Don't forget to clean up after you eat your meal.
Put out the fire after you eat.

Don't shout too much at the stadium.
Don't swear, don't tell bad words.
Don't disturb others.
Don't drop litter in the stadium.
Don't throw anyting to the field.

I can give advice to my friends. I can try to help them with their problems. I can talk to them.


Birisine herhangi bir konuda tavsiye vermek için ingilizce günlük konuşmalarda da sıkça rastladığımız, " should " ile "shouldn't " kelimelerini kullanırız.
Bu kelimeler cümleye "yapmalısın" veya "yapmamalısın" şeklinde tavsiye manası katıyor.
You should brush your teeth every day.
You should eat a lot of vegetables.
It is rainy today. We should take an umbrella.
Ahmet and Ali are very tired. They should rest.
I should study hard.

Birisine birşey yapmamasını tavsiye etmek için "shouldn't" kullanırız. "shouldn't", "should not" kelimelerinin kısaltılmış halidir. Her iki şekilde de kullanılabilir.
You should not talk in the classroom.
We shouldn't drop litter on the street.
We shouldn't take any medicine without seeing a doctor.
It is rainy today. We should not go out without our raincoats.

You should practice a lot.
You should go on a diet.
You should go to a dentist.



"Must" ve "mustn't" kelimeleri ise kuralları anlatır. "Must" yapmak zorunda olduğumuz, "mustn't" ise yapmamak zorunda olduğumuz şeyleri anlatır. Anlam olarak "must" ile kurulan cümleler, "should" ile kullanılanlardan çok daha serttir.
I feel bad. I must go to a doctor.
I must go to the bank today because I haven't got any money in my pocket.
They must pass this test or they will not pass this lesson.



You must wear sports shoes.
You mustn't eat in the gym.
You mustn't drink in the gym.
You mustn't drop weights on the floor.

These rules are necessary because everyone should enjoy the gym.

Squash is a similar game to tennis. You must have rackets to play squash. You play it in a room and you hit the ball with your racket and try to hit the walls with the ball. I think it is an interesting game. It is very enjoyable.


"Can" kelimesi ile becerileri ifade ettiğimizi öğrenmiştik. Bu kelimeyi farklı manalarda da kullanabiliriz. Mesela, mümkün olan, veya olmayan durumları ifade etmek için de "can" kullanabiliriz.
I can help you with your maths homework. I am good at maths.
I can't lend you any money because I don't have much.

İhtimal bildirmek için de "can" kullanılabilir.
I have some free time tonight. I can go to a movie with you.

Bazen de izin istemek ve izin vermek için kullanırız:
Can I make a call with your phone?
Can my friend come over after school?
All students can go outside after the test.
You can't play with your friend after school.


beceri "ability"

I can ride a bicycle.

ihtimal  "possibility"  

I can come to your house this evening.

 izin isteme "request"

Can I have a glass of water?

 izin vermek "permission"

You can leave the classroom.


John wants to play squash wih Jane. Jane wants to play at City Sports Center. John wants to play at the gymnasium but it can be closed on Sunday.
Jane can't go on Friday because she must go to the dentist's.
Jane's sister can get Jane's car on Sunday.
-Hi, Jason. Are you free this evening. Can we ride bicycles at the big park this evening?
-I'm afraid we can't. I must study tonight. I have got a Maths exam tomorrow.
-Okay, what about tomorrow evening? Can we go then?
-Sure. We'll meet at the park tomorrow evening.
-That's great. See you later.
There are photographs of Anıtkabir in the picture. The dialog can be about Anıtkabir.



I like going to museums. There are a lot of museums in this city. I often visit them.

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