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A wave oftalking and laughter passed over the great halı. Then Ramses held up his hand. Na' aam Roosha came in carrying the crown, again he put the crown in the King's hand. But this time Hoodt-Hoodt did not wait to be told what ?28 Hoodt-Hoodt to do. He flew round and round, then came down and stood on the table. There was laughter. Ramses put the crown on Hoodt-Hoodt's head. Na'aam Roosha set the crownjust right; then stood to one side. Hoodt-Hoodt jumped down from the table and walked about in front of the King. He moved his head up and down. He moved his head from side to side. Then he waited to see if the crown would fall off. It didn't. The fairies were close round him, watching. Then Hoodt-Hoodt flew up and hit his head against the top of the hall; the crown was still there! it was safe; it was part of him. Nothing would make it fall off. He was really and truly crowned! The people cried out, the daneers danced, the wrestlers wrestled; the hunting dogs and Sheytana added to the noise. Hoodt-Hoodt was crowned at last. 

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