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Unit 13 Holidays

Bu ünitede, şu ana kadar öğrendiğimiz farklı konuları hatırlayacağız. İngilizce dilbilgisinde kullanılan be going to gelecek zaman, will gelecek zaman ve  be  fiil-ing şimdiki zaman kullanımlarını hatırlayalım.
-Which holiday is your favourite?
-My favourite holiday is the twenty-third of April because it is for kids. I am going to take part in the celebrations this year. We are going to make a parade. I am going to play in the band.
"Going to" öbeği ile gelecek zamandan bahsederiz.

-Will you wear a costume for the parade?
-Yes, I will wear a big yellow hat, white trousers and a green jacket.  My friends will wear similar costumes too.
"will" de gelecek zamandan bahsetmenin farklı bir yoludur.

-What time will the parade start?
-It will start at half past eight.
-When will your band play?
-We will play between nine o'clock and a quarter to ten.
-Are you excited?
-Of course!

I am sitting in the classroom now. The teacher is writing a story on the board. A student is drawing a picture. One of my friends is erasing his notebook. Ali is solving the exercises in his book.
"Am, is, are" dan sonra fiile "-ing" eki ekleyerek, şimdiki zamanı belirtmiş oluyoruz.



The nineteenth of May is Youth and Sports Holiday. I like it very much. My brother will take part in celebrations of the holiday. There is no school on that day. We will watch the parade on TV. Then, in the afternoon we are going to play football with my friends. I like the parades very much. I like the colourful decorations for the holiday too. The shops will be closed on the nineteenth of May, I dislike that because I like shopping.