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Unit 8 - Parties



Bu dersimizde arkadaşlarımız için parti düzenleyeceğiz ve onları partimize davet edeceğiz.

"Would you like to..." öbeğini teklif veya davet yapmak için kullanırız.
-Would you like to have some chocalate?
-Sure, that would be great!

-Would you like to come to my house after school? We can play together.
-Of course.
-Would you like to come to Kemal's birthday party?
-Sure. When is it?
-It is on the twentieth of June.


-Would you like to come to my party on Saturday?
-Oh, I can't come on Saturday. 
-Why not?
-I should go to the dentist on Saturday.
-That's very sad.
-Thanks for inviting me anyway.

-Would you like to go to the football match tonight?
-Oh, I'm afraid I can't.
-Why not?
-I have a maths exam tomorrow.
-Oh, that's sad.
-How about the basketball match this weekend?
-Of course. I love basketball.



-Why don't we throw a goodbye party for Donald. He is moving to another city.
-That's a great idea! Where should we have the party?
-How about in the park? We can make a garden party in the park.
-Of course. We should invite all the kids at school.
-Oh no, it shouldn't be crowded. Crowded parties are not fun.
-We can invite our class only.
-That's a good idea. When should we have the party?
-We should have the party on Thursday after school.
-That's not a good idea. We have an English exam on Friday.
-Why don't we have the party on Saturday?
-We can have it on Saturday. What should we do in the party?
-Why don't we ask our parents for help? They can prepare food for us.
-Ok. Let's invite all the kids in our class to Donald's goodbye party on Saturday.



We should prepare invitations.
We should invite everyone.
We shouldn't tell Donald. It's a surprise.
We should ask for our parents's help.
We should prepare some decorations, games and activities.
We should set tables.
Sue is preparing the invitations.
Jack is sending the invitations.
George is doing the decorations.
Susan is choosing the games and activities.
The rest is setting the tables.
The parents are helping.




 İşte ingilizce olarak hazırlanmış bir parti davetiyesi: 
Join us in Donald's goodbye party.
It's a surprise party, don't tell Donald!!
It's in the park this Saturday at 3 o'clock.
You can bring a friend.