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Unit 1 - Interesting Beliefs



The Zodiac is made up of 12 different sun signs. Your date of birth determines which one you are.  

There are 12 sign signs:

Aries - the Ram, Taurus - the Bull, Gemini the Twins, Cancer the Crab, Leo - the Lion, Virgo - the Virgin, Libra the Scales, Scorpio - the Scorpion , Sagittarius - the Archer, Capricorn- the Sea Goat , Aquarius - the Water Bearer,  Pisces - the Fishes


The bull is the symbol of Taurus.
Taurus people's birthdays are in April or May.




Bu ünitede, cümlelerde gelecek zaman ifadelerini hatırlıyoruz. Gelecek zamanı ifade etmek için "will" yardımcı fiilini;  sonra da yalın halde fiilimizi kullanırız.
You will have some problems at school.
She will visit my grandparents.
Olumsuz cümleleri ise "won't" ile kuruyoruz.
She won't visit my grandparents.



-When is your birthday?
-It is on the first of February.
-What's your sun sign?
-My sun sign is Capricorn. I am a capricorn.
-What are your sun sign's colours?
-My sun sign is Capricorn. My sun sign's colours are black and green. Capricorn people are usually talkative and cool.
My brother's sign is Libra because his birthday is on the third of October. He is gentle and balanced. He likes black. He also likes purple too.


Shamanism comprises a range of traditional beliefs and practices concerned with communication with the spirit world. A practicioner of Shamanism is called a Shaman.


The Evil Eye: Turkish people and middle eastern people love evil eye beads. They are dark blue and round and they are made of glass. There are small round areas in the middle, these areas are in different colours. The middle part is usually white and blue. There is a small hole on the top. You can put a string in the hole and hang it on your wall. Evil eye beads protect you from bad luck and bad thoughts of other people.

There are other different beliefs. For example, they say if you see a black cat, it will bring you bad luck. These beliefs are called "superstitions".
-What's your name?
-I'm Rosa Maria.
-How old are you, Rosa Maria?
-I'm twenty years old.
-When is your birthday?
-It's on the third of October.
-What do you look like? Is your hair long or short? What colour is your hair? What colour are your eyes?
-I have got short black hair and black eyes.
-Are you tall?
-No I'm not.
-Have you got any brothers and sisters?
-I have got two sisters.
-Are you married?
-No, I'm single.
-Where are you from? What's your nationality?
-I'm from Spain. I'm Spanish.
-Which city do you live in?
-I live in Barcelona.
-What do you do?
-I am a university student.
-What are your interests?
-I like music. I like dancing and playing the guitar. I don't like driving a car.
-Nice to meet you.


Hello. I'm a new student in this class. My name is Atakan. I'm from Eskişehir. I have got a sisters and a brother. They are younger than me. I am the oldest of them. I like reading history books and computers. I don't like dolls. I was born on the tenth of June so I'm a Gemini.
I live in a house with my family. I haven't got a room. I share a room with my brother. Our room is large. There are two beds and two sofas in our room. We have got a computer in our room too.

"anything, something, nothing, everything"
İngilizce dilbilgisinde bu sözcüklere belgesiz zamirler deriz. Bu ifadeler kesin, ayırt edici bilgi vermeden, tanıtmadan isimlere işaret ederler.
Something "bazı şeyler" veya "birkaç şey" manasına kullanılır, olumlu cümlelerde kullanılır ve cümleye olumlu mana katar.
The children always want something.
I see something in the sky!
The suitcase is heavy. There is something in the suitcase.
"Anything" "hiçbirşey" manasında kullanılır. Olumsuz cümlelerde kullanılır ve cümleye olumsuz mana katar.  Ayrıca soru cümlelerinde de çoğunlukla anything kullanmayı tercih ederiz.
The box is empty. There isn't anything in the box.
I haven't got any money in my wallet.
Is there anything in the box?
-Do you have anything in your pocket?
-Yes, I have a little, red ball in my pocket.
"Nothing" de "hiçbirşey" manasında kullanılır. Olumlu cümlelerde kullanılır ve bu cümlelerdeki manayı olumsuza çevirir.
I can see nothing.
There is nothing on the table.
"Everything" "her şey" anlamındadır. Olumlu cümlelerde kullanılır.
I put everything in my drawer.
Everything in this shop is cheap.