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Unit 9 - Tales and Legends

Bu bölümde, İngilizce olarak hikaye anlatımlarından örnekler okuyacaksınız.


One day Nasreddin Hodja saw a huge tree with tiny plums on the branches. Later, he saw tiny a watermelon plant on the ground, with a huge watermelon. And he said to himself, "Why, oh God, do these huge watermelons grow from tiny plants and tiny plums grow from huge trees? Shouldn't huge fruits grow on huge trees and tiny things grow on tiny plants?"
He lied down under the tree, and started to sleep. A few minutes later, a plum fell on his head and he woke up. He remembered his words and this time said. "It is good that watermelons don't grow on trees because if they grew on trees, a watermelon would fall on my head, then what would happen to me!



One day Hodja heard some noises in the middle of the night. He woke up and asked his wife "What's happening?" His wife looked out the window and said "two men are fighting in the street." Hodja covered himself with a blanket and went out to see them. One of the men grabbed Hodja's blanket and ran away. Hodja returned home without his blanket. His wife asked "Where's the blanket Hodja?" He replied "The blanket went, fight ended."


-Grandpa, what was life like in the past.
-Oh, life was very good. People were happier and friendlier. There was no stress, no pollution. Cities were not crowded. Villages were peaceful.
-When you were young, what did you do in your free time?
-We played outside all day. We ran on the grass, we climbed trees, we drank from rivers. We had animals, we took care of them. And they gave us fresh milk and eggs. We grew our own fruits and vegetables. They were very tasty. My friends and I loved climbing trees and picking up fruits.
-What were your daily routines?
-We woke up very early, we took the sheep to the mountains. We had a sheperd dog. He was a very good dog. My father took care of the plants and my mother did the housework. We were very happy.
-What were your hobbies?
-My favourite activity was going swimming with my friends to the lake.  The water was very fresh and clean.
-Was the lake near the house?
-It wasn't very near. We walked for an hour to get to the lake but we wouldn't be tired at all!
-You were really strong grandpa.
Life was not easier in the past. There weren't any machines to help people. Everyone grew their own vegetables, everyone had their own chicken for eggs, everyone had their own cows and sheep and goats for milk. But it was fun in the past. There was hard work, but no stress. Things were harder but there were no crowds.


"ago" önce manasına gelir ama tek başına kullanılmaz. Mesela  "iki gün önce" demek için "two days ago" deriz.


Today is Thursday. It was Sunday four days ago.
It is August now. It was March five months ago.
I'm thirty years old now. I was twenty-two years old eight years ago.