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Unit 10 - Amazing History

 Bu dersimizde ingilizce okumanızı da gelişterecek bazı ilginç konulara yer verdik. Savaşlar, piramitler gibi tarihteki ilginç olaylardan bahsedeceğiz.


I believe some of the mysteries of the past. Most of them are not true, but some of them must be true. For example. The Pyramids are a mystery. Nobody knows how the people built them.


There aren't any monsters on Earth, but there are some very strange animals. They look like monsters.
There isn't a monster in Van Lake. It was a made-up story. It was a tale.
I don't believe in monsters. They are imaginary.


The most important thing if you want to be successful is working hard. If you don't work hard, you can't reach your targets.


People have ceremonies for "Battles of Gallipoli" every year. In these ceremonies, survivors of the battle tells stories about the war.
People tell that the war was very hard. There were a lot of problems. There weren't enough medicine, food or drink. There were diseases too. The weather conditions were very difficult.


The battle of Malazgirt was a very important battle. It happened on 1071 in Malazgirt. It was between Turkish and Byzantine armies.


There was a very important match in Istanbul in 25 May 2005. It was the championship match for the European Champion's League. It was between Liverpool and AC Milan. There were very good players in the teams. Gerard was the best player in Liverpool team and Shevchenko was the best player in Milan. The match ended 4-3 and Liverpool won. Eighty thousand people watched that match.


Conquest of Istanbul was another very important battle. Turkish army conquered Istanbul on 1453. That battle was very hard but the soldiers were very brave. It was an amazing event in history. Turkish army had very large canons and those cannons damaged the walls of Istanbul. The soldiers fought with Byzantine soldiers bravely and they won.


There are many volcanoes in Türkiye, but they are inactive.


The volcano threw out volcanic material. It was hot ash. People and animals died in that hot ash. There weren't any living beings left.


In seventeenth of August in 1999, an earthquake happened in İzmit. It was a summer night and the weather was very hot. People were sleeping in their homes. It was a very long earthquake. The ground shaked for 45 minutes. A Lot of buildings were damaged and some of them collapsed. Only a few people could be saved from the rubble.  Many people died that night. It was a very sad day in history.


-Why did they build the pyramids?
-The king ordered his men to build a pyramid because he wanted a great monument so that people in the future will remember him.
-What did they build it for?
-They built the pyramids as a grave for the king.
-What is inside the pyramids? 
-The king's grave is inside the pyramids. There are many rooms in the pyramid. There are some valuable materials in those rooms.

The Great White Pyramid found in China:

Legend tells us that , there is a gigantic white pyramid in china. It is a lot larger than any Egyption pyramid. The White Pyramid is encased in "pure shimmering stone" and capped with an enormous jewel.  German researcher Hartwig Hausdorf says that there are Turkic writings and mummies in the Pyramids. Turks have been living at that area for 13000 years. Today, Uighur Turks live in that area.