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Unit 15 - Modern Medicine


Bu dersimizde ingilizce konuşurken, hastalıklarımızdan nasıl söz ettiğimize bakalım:

When I am ill, I stay at home and don't go to school and I go to a hospital and see a doctor.
I see a dentist two times every year. I see a doctor when I have a problem.



The word medicine have two meanings. "medicine is the science of treating illnesses and injuries." and "Doctors give medicine to people when they are ill. Tablets, capsules, pills etc. are all medicines."


You must study the Faculty of Medicine if you want to be a doctor.
People used to treat illnesses using plants and animal parts. Modern medicine uses latest technology.


I am not feeling very good today. Can I go home?
I don't have any serious health problems. I only have allergies.
I don't give advice to ill people. I tell them to go to a doctor.


There is a very good clinic near our house. I go to that clinic and see a doctor when I have a health problem.


-Hello, doctor.
-Hi, What's the matter with you?
-I have a stomachache.
-When did it start?
-It started last night.
-Hmm... What did you eat before the pain started?
-I was at the party yesterday afternoon and I ate a lot of different foods.
-That might be the cause of your stomachache. You shouldn't eat too much food and you shouldn't eat a lot of different foods at once. I'll give you a prescription now. I'll give you a syrup. Take a spoon of this syrup three times a day, after meals. You will feel much better.



-What's the matter with you, Mustafa?
-I have terrible toothache. It started this morning.
-Hmm. Ok, Let's take a look. Which side is the pain?
-It is on the right side.
-Is it at the top or at the bottom?
-At the top.
-Is it at the front or at the back?
-It's at the back.
-You might have a cavity in the back. Let's take an X-Ray and treat it.
-Is it going to hurt?
-No, It won't hurt more than your toothache.


My knee started to hurt yesterday. I was playing football with my friends and I fell down. Now, it hurts when I walk but it doesn't hurt when I sit down. I think I injured my knee.



I don't have a pet but I know people take their pets to veterinary clinics when their pets have a health problem.

-What's the matter with your dog?
-It can't sleeep well.
-Do you take them out for walks?
-I seldom take it out for a walk.
-You should do it more often. Does he have any other problems?
-Yes, it isn't active. It used to be active but now it is lazy.
-You should give it some vitamins. I'll write a prescription for you.


If you want to loose weight....
You must eat more vegetables. You shouldn't eat fast food. You must eat more fruits. You can eat fish and you can drink ayran but you mustn't eat pizza. You must get up early and do exercise. You shouldn't cook cakes. You should go out for walks. You should walk up and down the stairs. You can't stay at home for weekends.

One apple a day, keeps the doctor away.
Are doctors afraid of apples? No, of course not. That famous saying means that eating fruits is healthy and if you eat fruits everyday, you won't be ill and you won't need to go to a doctor.

Doctors work in hospitals and clinics.

We should eat healthy foods and we should stay away from unhealthy habits. We should drink a lot of water everyday. Water is very healthy. We should eat fresh vegetables and fruits. We shouldn't eat fast food too much. Eating less is healthier. We should have good hobbies. Hobbies are good for body and mind.
-I think I am gaining weight doctor, I don't want to be fat. What should I do?
-You should change your habits. First, you should avoid unhealthy food. You should try to eat less. You should drink a lot of water aswell. You must exercise too.
-Hmm.. I like cycling. I think I can go for a bicycle ride everyday. Is it healthy doctor?
-Yes it is a very good idea. Cycling is very healthy. Don't forget to drink a lot of water.
-How much water should I drink?
-Normally, you must drink 2 liters of water everyday. If you ride your bike a lot, you'll need more water than that.
-How can I gain good eating habits?
-You should think before you eat. You must control yourself.
-OK doctor. I'll keep your advice, thank you.
-Goodbye, and take care!