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Unit 16 - Inner World


İngilizce olarak kendimizi ifade ederken, "inner world" dediğimiz iç dünyamızdan nasıl bahsederiz? Duygu ve düşüncelerimizi nasıl ifade edebileceğimizi aşağıdaki diyaloglarda görelim.

I am not good at showing my feelings. I can only show my feelings to my closest friends.

Rose was terrified in her dream. 
You have happy dreams when your are happy in your inner world.



-I think she looks angry in the first picture.
-You are right. What about the second picture? Doesn't she look very happy in that picture?
-She looks very happy indeed and in third picture she looks like an idiot. Do you think something scared her?
-No, I think she looks surprised, not scared.
-Can you tell me how she looks in the last picture? Is she happy? Or is she excited?
I am a relaxed person. I don't get angry easily but I feel happy easily. I think women show their feelings easier than man.
-Welcome to our hotel, sir.
-Hi, I'm David Beckham, I booked a room for me and my wife two weeks ago. Here's my reservation information.
-Hmm. I'm sorry but there's a mistake sir. Our hotel is full at the moment, I'm afraid we don't have any free rooms at the moment.
-What do you mean? You must have a room for me. I made a reservation.
-I understand sir, but I can't help you.
-What shall we do then? Where shall we stay?
-I'm terribly sorry sir but it is not my fault and there is nothing I can do now.
-I want to talk to the manager!
-Of course sir, why don't you have a cup of coffee in the lobby while I call Mr. Boring.


I had an appointment with my mother yesterday afternoon but I forgot about it. She called me at 2 o'clock. She was very angry and started shouting at me. I felt very embarassed. I ran to the bus stop immediately but I was late. I couldn't catch the bus. I waited for the next bus. The next bus was at 2:30. I took it and went to my appointment. My mother was waiting for me for an hour. She looked very unhappy. I said "I am very sorry, can you forgive me?" She answered "Yes!"


My friend is not an very optimistic person. That means She doesn't think positive all the time. Most of the time she is a pessimist, she thinks of negative things at first.

Attention everyone! The famous Dr. Who is coming to our school. He will talk about "Mother Planet" in the conferance hall from 4 o'clock to 6 o'clock on Thursday. Everyone is invited.



I can't understand why Cumali didn't help me! He promised to help me last week. I couldn't complete the project myself and the teacher was very angry with me. I should talk to him. I should tell him that he disappointed me and I am now very unhappy.


I used to go shopping with my family, but now I prefer to go shopping alone  or with my friends.
Katie doesn't like that dress because she thinks Nelly looks old in gray.


-I like this shirt Howard, what do you think?
-A shirt?
-Yeah, shall I buy it?
-Well, I guess it's allright.
-Do you really mean it?
-I mean.... Errr.... I think shirts are not fashionable anymore.
-Hmm, you're right. T-shirts are more fashionable. How about this one?
-I think it looks very good. Why don't you try it on?


Bu cümlelerde, "look, smell, taste, feel, sound"  kelimelerinin farklı bir kullanımı var.  Beş duyumuz ile algıladıklarımızı "bu fiillerden sonra sıfat kullanarak " anlatabiliriz.
That is a very young baby. He looks very cute.
There are beautiful flowers in the vase. They look beautiful.
The roses are very beautiful. They smell good too.
Broccoli tastes awful. I don't like it.
Ice feels cold.
My voice is not good. I sound terrible.
That music sounds nice.
I really enjoyed that video. It wasn't a very long video, it was just 2 minutes long. In the beginning the camera showed two cars very closely. There were a lot of people around those cars. Then the race started. Those cars very very fast and I felt really exicted. People on the video looked very excited too.

-This cake tastes delicious. Did you make it?
-Yes, of course I made it.
-I want the recipe for it
-Sure, I'll write it down for you.

-What smells so nice?
-It is my new perfume.
-It is very good. It smells nice. Is it expensive?
-No it's not. I bought it at the perfume shop at the corner.

-The boss looks very angry. Did something bad happen?
-Yes, someone couldn't finish the project on time. He shouted at him for five minutes.
-Why does he shout that much?
-I don't know. You should ask him.
-Oh no!

This room smells very bad, what happened here?
You look good. Did you get a haircut?


-You sound terrible. Are you ill?
-Yes. I think I have flu. I fell awful.