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Unit 11 - Personal Goals

I love space and other planets. I love them so much that I would like to be an astronaut in the future. I want to get in a space shuttle and go to outer space.


"would like" kalıbı mana olarak "want" fiili ile hemen hemen aynı şekilde kullanılır.  İngilizce konuşurken want yerine would like ifadesini kullanırsak, kendimizi daha kibarca ifade etmiş oluruz.
Gelecekten beklentilerimizi, hedeflerimizi anlatırken "would like" kalıbını kullanabiliriz. "Want" fiili de benzer şekilde kullanılabilir.
Which countries would you like to visit?
I would like to be an astronaut.
I would like to have a big mansion in the future.
I would like to be a successful businessman in the future.
My friend would like to be racer.
My sisters would like to have a family in the future.
Paula would like to marry a Japanese man and have Japanese children in the future. Or, she would like to make animation series and she would like to put herself as a chacarter in those animation series..


I think "Buried life" can be a documentary about archeology. Or, it can be a documentary about people's unachieved hopes and dreams.


I would like to be a good, helpful man in the future.  I wouldn't like to be known as a bad person. I would like to be very successful in my job and I would like to be able to help a lot of people. I would like to have a happy home with a happy family too.  I would also like to visit different places. I would like to go abroad and visit important cities. I would like to learn about different cultures.


-Walt Disney had a dream first. Then, he made plans to achieve that dream. "Change your plan. Keep your dream" is a very good saying. He points out the importance of dreams.
-I'm sorry, I couldn't understand you. Do you mean the dreams we see at night?
-No, I mean your personal goals.
-Oh. I think you're right.


If you dream it, you can do it. Because the first step of achievement is having a goal. If you have a goal, then you can reach your goal by working hard. You must make plans to reach your goal. You must try to improve yourself and overcome the problems you face. Every problem has a solution. And don't forget, dreams are more important than plans. You can change your plans but you mustn't change your dreams.


My first goal is to graduate from this school with a good degree. I need to work hard for that. Then, if I achieve my goal, I would like to start another very good school. I will need to work hard in that school too. I would like to have a very good job. I need to have a very good education if I want to have a good job. Then, I would like to start a happy family. To do that, first, I need to be successful in my job.