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Unit 13 - A Good Language Learner.

I think I am very good at listening and reading activities. I am not bad at writing and speaking either. I don't usually have difficulty in understanding a native speaker and I never get stressed while I'm using my language. I am very  proud of my English skills.



Tessa looks to be in a classroom on the countryside. We can see trees and valleys from the window.

İngilizce 'de bazı fiillere çeşitli kelimecikler eklenerek, yeni manalar kazandırılmıştır. Bu öbeklere "phrasal verbs" denir. Genellikle verb+preposition olarak iki kelimeden oluşurlar. Daha önce de "get up", "stand up", "sit down" gibi öbekler kullandık... Şimdi bunlara benzer farklı örnekleri tanıyarak kelime haznemizi geliştirelim.

Bu ünitede de "write down", "put together", "find out", "be afraid of", "look (a word) up", "put together" gibi örnekler görüyoruz. Bunların anlamlarını tahmin etmek gördüğünüz gibi çok kolay!

I always try to watch English movies and read English books, but I don't really plan my language learning. I never look for opportunities to practice speaking and I am afraid of taking risks about my skills. I rarely review the subjects but I try to learn from my mistakes. Do you think I'm a good language learner?


I don't have much difficulty learning a new language. I have the most difficulty in speaking and writing because they need a lot of practice.
I think that learning vocabulary is very important but I think speaking and listening are more important of than vocabulary practice. Combining different skills is the most important key in learning a new language better.
I believe it's all right to make mistakes. The teacher never interrupts me. In my opinion, it's a good way of encouragement for me. Friends shouldn't correct each other's errors. When they correct my errors, personally, I feel uncomfortable.

Learning a language means learning all four skills; reading, writing, listening and speaking. The main aim is to be able to use the language. Let's think about why people study English. People study a foreign language because they want to be able to communicate with other people. A learner should talk and write easily. Also, a learner should understand the things he or she reads and hears.  We should improve all of our skills at the same time.


-Do you think speaking is more important than other skills?
-Well, if you want to travel abroad, maybe speaking is more important for you. But generally, I believe that other skills are as important as speaking.
-Hmm. I think speaking is very important because if you speak a lot with other people, your other skills will improve faster.
-What I want to say is, listening is as important as speaking because if you can't understand the words you hear, you can't speak either.
-That's a good point. I believe we should say listening is as important as speaking.



-Who do you think is the best language learner in this class?
-I think Frank is the best learner in this class because he watches the  movies in English, reads English books and he talks English with his friends.
-You are right. He can improve his skills easily. What about Hans? He reads a lot of books and he often writes short stories.
-Is he good at listening and speaking?
-No, but he is very good at vocabulary.
-You are right. What should we do?
-I think we should nominate Frank and Hans. All the class can vote for them and the winner will be the best learner of this class.