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Unit 6 - Lesson 1 - Stories and Films


I don't believe in ghosts or monsters. They are imaginary.


Bu ünitede dikkatimizi çeken farklı bir kullanım, "was, were + v-ing" şeklindeki cümle yapılarıdır. Tahmin edeceğiniz gibi, "was, were" geçmiş zamanı, fiile eklenen "-ing" eki de sürmekte olan bir eylemi çağrıştırıyor. Bu ikisinin beraber kullanıldığı tense'e "past continuous tense" deriz. Geçmişteki bir vakitte, sürmekte olan bir eylemi anlatır. Tabiki bunu anlatmak için, önce geçmişteki bir vakitten bahsetmek gerekir...
I was watching TV at 8 o'clock yesterday evening.
The girl was having lunch at 1 o'clock last Monday.

Geçmişteki vakti saat ve tarih söyleyerek anlatabileceğimiz gibi, bir alt cümlecik ile de anlatabiliriz. Böyle durumlarda, ana cümlemiz ile vakit belirten alt cümleciği "when" ve "while" gibi bağlayıcılar ile bağlayabiliriz. Şimdi bunların ingilizce dilbilgisindeki kullanımlarına biraz bakalım.

Vakit belirtilen cümle "when" ile kurulursa, diğer cümlede bahsettiğimiz eylemin tam o anda gerçekleştiğini söylemiş oluruz. Vakit ifadesi süreklilik anlamı taşımaz. Bu nedenle de simple past ile kurulur.
She looked around when she felt that someone was watching her.
I looked out of the window when I heard the noise.

"While" ifadesi ise, bir süreklilik de ifade eder. Yani "while" ile kurulan, vakit belirten cümlede bir eylem sürmektedir. Diğer olay da bu esnada gerçekleşir. Süreklilik ifadesi olduğu için, "while" ile past continuous kullanırız.
She woke up while the ghost was taking her to the window.
I saw her while I was walking to school.

I was sleeping when I heard a strange noise.
I woke up when I heard a strange noise.
A burglar broke into the house while they were sleeping.
They heard some noises while they were sleeping.


I've never been to a film set. If I had the chance, I would like to see the set of Fast and Furious because there are beautiful girls and fast cars in that set.


-I went to the local bookshop yesterdary and I saw someone you that you love there?
-Who did you see?
-I saw Alev Alatlı.
-Really? Wow! She's my favourite writer. What was she doing there?
-It was her book-signing day. She was signing books.
-Did you get a signed book too?
-Yes, I did.
-Then what happened? Did she talk to her fans?
-While I was leaving the shop, the shopkeeper announced that she will chat and answer fans' questions. So I decided to stay a bit more.
-Very interesting. What was she talking about?
-She was talking about her life. And then, she started talking about her latest project. While she was talking about it, my phone rang. My mother was calling me while Alev Alatlı was talking. I got out of the bookstore to talk. When I got back inside, She was answering some questions.
-What was she wearing?
-She was wearing a black sweater. She also had glasses.
-Were there a lot of fans?
-There weren't many fans at first, but more people were coming while she was talking. There were hundreds of people when she was answering the questions.
-Wow, I wish I was there too.


One of my friends was shopping when I was at the cinema. Janet was cleaning the house when I was at the cinema. Sarah and Kim were gardening while Amy and Daniel were washing the car.



I've heard of Julia Roberts' name but I don't know her very well. I have watched a few films of her.


Later, I realised that it was an earthquake. I was very scared. I ran and hid under the table while the ground was shaking. I was breathing very fast but I couldn't speak. Then, the earthquake stopped. I was scared at first, then I decided to go out. I started walking. I saw my brother when I stepped out of the room. He asked about our parents. We went together to their rooms. They were getting out of the room when we saw them. My father quickly told us to get a few clothes and run out of the house. While we were taking our coats, my father was taking the keys and some money. In the end, we ran out of the building and into the street. When we got out to the street, we saw our neighbours and friends in the street too. Everyone was very scared and sad.


She was dancing when she fell down.
While the author was signing her books, the reporter took her photo.
When the door bell rang, Jane was reading a book.
While we were watching a film, the electricity went off.
I saw a famous actor while I was talking to the director.