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Alice In Wonderland - A White Rabbit


it was a beautiful day. 
The birds were singing and the sun was shining. Alice, however, was not happy. "Enough!" she said as she lay under a tree reading a book. "I hate studying mathematics. I cannot read another word. I'm 
so bored," she said throwing her book on the 
"N othing ever happens 
to poor A1ice, living here in this horrible place 
with that for company," she continue d, pointing 
at the book. 
Suddenly, she saw a white rabbit on the top of the hill in front of her. 
"A white rabbit," she said excitedly. But as quickly as the rabbit 
had come, it disappeared again. 
"Oh, what's the point," A1ice said, lying down on the ground and 
closing her eyes. But after a few seconds she sat back up again and said, "Well, even chasing a white rabbit is better than 
nothing at all." 
And she stood up and ran in the direction the rabbit had gone. 
After a few minutes she came to a low wall and behind the wall she saw the rabbit. However, this was not an ordinary rabbit because it was wearing a waistcoat. 
"I didn't know rabbits wore waistcoats," she said surprised. 
At that moment the rabbit to ok out a watch from his waistcoat pocket. 
"I didn't know rabbits wore waistcoats or watches?" Alice added. 
The rabbit then looked at his watch and said, "A quarter to ll. Oh dear! Oh dear! I'm Iate! I'm very Iate!" 
Now Alice was very surprised. "And this one talks" she said to herself as she ran after the rabbit. 
After a while she came to a big rabbit hole and as she looked into the ho le she started to say, "What a big ... ". Unfortunately, she lost her balance and fell into the hole. She fell and fell and fell. it was a very deep hole and it was alsa a very strange hole because in the rabbit hole there was a lot of fumiture: chairs, cupboards, tables. On one table she saw ajar ofher favourite food and picked it up. "Orange marmalade. My favourite," she said. Unfortunately it was empty so she put it back on another table as she continued to fall. 
"What a big rabbit hole. Perhaps I will fall to the other side of the world. Hm, maybe he's an Australian rabbit." 
All ofa sudden she hit the bottom of the hole. Bang! 
"Well, really!" she said. 
At the bottom of the hole was the start of a long and twisted 
corridor with three doors; it was a very strange place thought -. 
Alice. She looked around for the rabbit but he wasn't there. Then 
Alice heard the sound of someone running and then at the end of 
the corridor she saw the rabbit again. 
"Oh. Oh. My ears and whiskers, how Iate it's getting," the rabbit said to himself, looking at his watch. 
"Oh, Mr. Rabbit wait, "" Alice shouted to the rabbit, but he ran 
off down another corridor. Alice ran after him but again he had disappeared. 
"Now, where could he be?" she said. 
She was in another corrido~ now but this one had lots of doors. She tried to open all of them but they were locked but as she turned round she saw a table. 
"That wasn't there before, was it?" she said to herself 
On the table there was a key. "Now, I'll catch that rabbit." 
She took the key and tried to unlock the doors but the key was too smaIl. Alice was just about to give up when she saw a very little door that she had not seen before. She bent down and tried to open the door with the key and it opened. She looked through 
i the door and saw a garden with flowers, trees, a fountain and a rıver, 
"Oh, that is the loveliest garden i have ever seen. If only i could ... " 
She tried to get through the door but it was too smaIl for her. "Oh, no." 
As she got up and turned around she saw a bottle on the table and walked to the table to look at it. 
i "Now that certainly wasn't there before." 
, She looked carefulIy at the boltle. "Drink me'. The Iabel doesn'ı say poison anywhere. It seems all right," she said smeIling the liquid in the bottle and then taking a drink. 
"Hm! Delicious. A sort of cherry, cream, pineapple, chicken, -. 
chocolate taste all mixed up." 
But af ter she had drunk the liquid she started to get smaIler and smaIler. Soon she was only a few centimetres talI. 
"How curious. Now, i can go through the do or to the beautiful garden." 
So she walked back to the door and tried to open it, but unfortunately it had shut when she was drinking the Iiquid and 
she saw now that she had left the key on the table. 
"Oh, no, 1'11 never get in there now." And she started to cry. As she was crying she saw a box on the floor near the table so she stopped crying and opened the box. Inside there was a large cake, almost as large as Atice. 
"Well, I'H eat it," she said. "If I get larger, I can get the key. If I get smaller, i can go under the do or. " 
She to ok a large bite, but unfortunately she got taIler and taIler until her he ad was touching the roof. 
"Now i definitely can't get into the garden," she said as she cried -. 
and cried. 
Just then the white rabbit came running up the corridor. "Oh. Oh. The Duchess. Won't she be angry if I've kept her waiting," he said excitedly. 
"Excuse me, sir," said Alice to the rabbit. 
The rabbit, who was now much smaller than Alice looked up and screamed, "Ah! A giant!" and quickly ran off down the corridor, dropping his gloves. 
"Oh, wait. Wait Mr. Rabbit," Alice called after him. "You forgot 
your gloves." 
When Alice bent down to pick up the gloves she immediately 
started to get smaller again. "Now, i can get into the garden," Alice said happily until she realised she had left the key on the 
table again. 
"Oh, no!. Maybe i can break the door down," she said. 
As she was walking backwards from the table she fell into a large amount of water. 
"It's salty," she said, tasting the water. "But it's not like an ocean. 
i know it's my tears. i better not drown. That would be just too 
silly; drowning in your own tears." 
She had cried so much and now she was so small that her tears 
were like a big ocean and she had to swim. "I do wish I hadn't cried so much when I was big." 
Suddenly she heard someone shouting, "Help! Help!". 
"Over here!" Alice shouted back and a mouse wearing a yellow 
hat and glasses swam to Alice. 
"Good day Mr. Mouse," Alice said to the mouse. 
"Good day?" the mouse replied angrily. "I've never had a worse day. Walking about, minding my own business when 'whoosh' in 
I went." 
"You don't know where the shore is, do you?" Alice asked. ••• 
"No I don't," replied the mouse. 
"Maybe it's that way," he said" swimming around Alice on his 
"You swim with a most unusual swimming style," said Alice. "It's called a mouse paddle. I invented it myself." 
"Really," said Alice. 
"Yes. You can try it if you want." 
"Thank you," said Alice, "but i don't think my tail would be long 
"Perhaps you're right. i wonder who is responsible for letting the 
sea in here." 
"Actually, i don't think it's the sea," said Alice. "You see i was 
crying ... 
But the mouse wasn't listening and he continued, "if i get my paws on whoever did it, I'll bite their nose off. Now what were you saying ab out crying?" 
"Oh nothing," Alice lied. 
Luckily, just then Alice saw the shore and shouted, "Look there's 
the shore!" 
As they came onto the shore Alice saw a lizard who was very wet and must also have been swimming in her tears. 
"Oh! How do you do?" Alice said, introducing herself. "My name is Alice and this is Mr Mouse." . . 
"Bill. Bill the Iizard," the lizard replied. "rm getting too old for swimming in thesea," he 'saidas he tried to stand up .. "It'snotthe,sea,ıt said Atice. 
ıtWhat do you mean it'snot the sea?"a&ked the mouse, looking 
at Alice interestedly. 
"Oh nothing", said Atice quickly. 
"Oh,h9W will I dry myself?" the lizatdwas,saying when a duck 
came up to them, 
"Idon't need to worry about that," said the duck. "I have no 
trouble getting dry after going swimming in the sea. Lizards shouldn't swim in the sea." 
"It's not the sea. Oh, never mind," Alice started to explain but 
then gave up. 
"Oh, rm so wet. How will I ever get dry?" the lizard repeated. 
Just then a dodo rushed out of the water and answered, "By
having a race." 
"Who are you?" said Alice surprised. 
"A dodo of course," the do do replied. "Come on let's have a 
Alice was still surprised and started to say, "But dodos are de ..... " 
"Yes?" asked the dodo. 
"It's just that i thought that dodos were dead," replied Alice. 
"Well there not because I'm here, aren't I?" the dodo said. "You certainly are," admitted Alice. 
"Right you stand here, and you stand here," the dodo told the mouse and the lizard. "You over there!" he said, pointing at the 
"But I'm not wet. i don't want arace," said the duck 
"Oh do be quiet," the dodo told the duck as he organised 
everybody for the race. 
"Ready. Steady. Go!" the dodo shouted and theyall started running around in a circle. 
Af ter a short time Alice said to the dodo, "This really is a very 
unusual race." 
"Perhaps,", the dodo replied, "but it's a very good way to get dry. 
It's called a circle race." 
"How do you know who's wining?" the mouse asked the dodo. 
"You don't," replied the dodo. -. 
"How do you know when it's finished?" asked Alice. 
"You don't," replied the dodo. "Isn't it fun. Come on faster! 
"Oh dear! l'm too old for this," said the old lizard. 
Alice stopped running and said, "Excuse me. Mr. Dodo, do you know the way into that beautiful garden on the other side of the 
"Garden! Garden! How would i know anything about a garden? I'm dead," said the dodo. 
Just then the white rabbit appeared and shouted at Alice, "You! You there! Where are my gloves?" 
"Oh! rm afraid i left them out there," Alice said apologetically. "You left them out there!" the rabbit shouted angrily. "Oh! Fetch me another pair of gloves from my house," he said, giying Alice akey. 
Alice started to say that she didn't know where his house was. "That way!" the rabbit said, pointing to the forest. "Quickly!'' "Such a silly girl'', he added to the dodo. 
"Oh yes a complete fool," the do do agreed. 
Alice ran off in the direction that the rabbit had pointed. She ran through the forest until she came to an old white house. She opened the door and walked in. She found the bedroom and started looking for some gloves for the rabbit. 
"How completely silly," she said to hcrself. "Choosing a pair of gloves for a rabbit." 
Just as she found a pair of gloves, she saw a green bottle on a table and picked up. 
"It doesn't say 'drink me'," she said looking at it, "but maybe something interesting will happen". She to ok a big drink from the bott1e. 
"Hm delicious," she said. 
Immediately she started to get taller and taller until she was as -. 
big as the house. Her arın was hanging out of the upstairs 
windowand her right leg was sticking out of the chimney. 
"Maybe 1 should have waited until i was outside," she said. "1 
wonder if houses are like shoes and you can take them back if 
theyare smaiL. This house is certainly a few sizes too small for 
The white rabbit, who was in a hurry, came to the house and 
shouted "Young lady. Young lady where are my gloves?" 
angrily. He then looked into his post box and started reading a 
letter that was in the box. 
"Excuse me Mr. Rabbit", said the lizard, who had followed the rabbit. 
"Oh not now Bill," said the rabbit, who was still angry. "I want that little girl to hurry." 
"Not so little," said the lizard, who seen how tall Alice had become. 
"Whatever are you talking about?" said the rabbit, getting more and more angry. Now he looked at the house for the first time, and he, too, saw Alice's leg and arın hanging out of his house. "What is she playing at? Up and down like a yo-yo. Get out of my house immediately!" the rabbit shouted. 
"She's not coming," said the lizard. 
"She certainly is not", agreed the rabbit. 
"Oh dear!. Oh dear!. I do need my glass," said the rabbit worriedly. "Oh please Bill, remove that thing from my house." 
So the lizardgota ladder andstarted to climb up to the chimney. "OhI rcally-amtoo oldforthis sort of thing," he said. "Throwherout,nhe continued tohimselftiredly, 
When he got to the top of the ladder hejumped on Alice's foot, shouting, "Out!. Out you go." 
"Step it. That tickles. Pleasestep," pleaded Alice; and kicked her foot, The lizardflew through the aif. Up above the trees he went and thencrashed onto the ground near the rabbit. 
"I do wish youwould stop playing around Bill," said the rabbit. -. 
"I need my gloves." 
As the lizard got up from the ground, he said, "We'll have to bum the house down." 
"Bum my house down," the rabbit cried. "Never we'll find another way." 
Alice started to get tired and fell asleep, but after a while she 
woke up when a small cake hit her on the nose. The rabbit and the lizard were throwing cakes through the window. 
"This should do it," said the rabbit, throwing another cake through the window 
"Myarın," complained the lizard, holding his sore arın. "Cake," said Alice. "I bet in eat this, something will happen." She to ok one of the cakes and ate it. Suddenly she got smaller and smaller until she was the same size as she was when she first went into the house. She stood up and walked out of the front door. The lizard and the rabbit were waiting for her. "Terrible girl, kicking me like that," shouted the lizard. 
"Glove thief," shouted the rabbit and threw another cake at her. "

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