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Unit 16 - Different Life Styles

Different Life Styles, Farklı Yaşam Tarzları anlamına geliyor.  Şimdiki ingilizce dersimiz üç farklı yaşam tarzlarından bahseden üç ayrı paragraf ile ilgili olacak.


-Hello Jin.
-Where are you from, Jin?
-I am from Korea.
-Where is Korea?
-It is in the far east of Asia.
-Is it very hot in Korea?
-No, Not really.
-What's the climate like in Korea?
-It is very similar to Türkiye. We have four seasons in Korea too but we have a lot of rainy days.
-What sort of clothes do you wear in Korea?
-People in villages wear traditional long and wide dresses. They have beautiful colours and shapes on their clothes too.
-What sort of food do you eat?
-We love rice. We use rice a lot. We like seafood too. We prepare our meals with different spices and sauces.
-Oh that's very good. Nice to meet you Jin.
-Nice to meet you too.



Bedouins usually use camels for transport. Camels are very strong animals. They can carry a lot of things. They are not very fast, but they can walk very long distances. They don't need to drink a lot of water. That's why camels are perfect for transportation in deserts.
-Is it hard to make a Bedouin tent?
-No it isn't. We can put up a tent in a few minutes.
-What is the tent for?
-The tent provides shadow.
-Why are your clothes long and wide? Don't you get hot in them? Why don't you wear short sleeved shirts?
-These clothes protect us from the sun. And they are good for dry weather. They stop our tears from vaporising. We shouldn't loose much water in the desert.
-Oh, I see.



Hello, I am Tufan. I am from Türkiye. I want to invite you to my country. It is very beautiful. Türkiye has got many historical sights and monuments. There are very good beaches too. The cities in Türkiye are very modern. Türkiye is a very good country for a summer holiday. Turkish food is very tasty too. You should try different kebabs! Why don't you come to Türkiye this year?