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Unit 13 - Technology: Friend or Foe?


Bu dersimizde ingilizce okumamızı geliştirmemize yardımcı olacak ilginç konulu yazılar okuyacaksınız. Bu yazılarda teknolojinin insan yaşamındaki faydaları ve zararları tartışılacak.

We can see announcements on the notice board. We can also find information about important dates on the board.


We seldom have discussions in our class. They are always very exciting but they are hard.


-Do you think people are happier with technology?
-No, I don't think technology makes people happier. Technology makes things easier but it also causes a lot of stress. People can do one thing easier, but now, they have to do more things.
-Don't you think technology helps people?
-Technology helps people, but technology harms people too. There are many advantages, but there are big disadvantages too.
-I understand. Technology has more advantages than disadvantages but disadvantages of technology are very serious.


Technological machines need less human energy but they consume more electrical energy.
Technology makes cheaper production but it also makes environment dirtier.
Technology makes quicker work but it is more expensive.
I think technology is a friend but not a very good friend. It is not a foe. Technology helps us in many ways but it also has a lot of disadvantages. Technology makes our lives easier but it makes us more stressful because it changes very fast.
-Is it easy to use technology?
-No it isn't. You have to learn it.
-Is it cheap?
-No, technology needs more electric energy and it is more expensive.
-Why do we need technology so much?
-Because technology makes quicker work.
-Where do you use technology?
-We use technology everywhere. There are many technological items in our houses and our works. For example telephones, electrical appliances, cars and machines are technological items.
-Which one do you prefer, MP3 players or CD players?
-I prefer MP3 players because they are light and small.
-I prefer CD players because I have a lot of CDs.


We seldom get electricity cuts. They are called black-outs.
I get really bored when there's no electiricty because I can't watch TV or use computers. I prefer to sleep when there's no electricity.
-Let's continue the game. It is a machine. It looks like a box. One side of this box is made of glass. The rest is plastic. There are small buttons on it.
-It's a screen.
-What kind of screen?
-It has got a flat glass screen .
-Can it be a TV?
-Yes you're right.
-Now it's my turn. It is not a machine. It has four legs. You can put things on it. It has a flat surface and it doesn't have drawers.
-Hmm, if it doesn't have drawers, then it isn't a desk. Is it a table?
-Yes, it is. Now It's your turn
-Ok, It's a round thing, it is very light and it has air in it.
-Is it a machine?
-No, it's not.It is like a toy. Kids like it very much.
-Is it a ball?
-No, it is lighter than a ball.
-Oh, it's a balloon!
-Yes, you're correct.


A microwave oven is a machine. It looks like a small oven. It is made of plastic and metal parts. There is also a tiny screen on it. You can heat a plate of food in it. It heats food easily and very fast. Shops that sell food use them. We use microwave ovens at home and in some offices too, but we don't have them at school.


-I need a machine. I don't know its name in English.
-Can you describe it? What do we use it for?
-We use it for cleaning the house. It has an electric motor, and a brush at the end. It sucks dust and small crusts.
-Oh, it's a vacuum cleaner!
-A vacuum cleaner? That's a funny name.


-What do you call a thing for keeping cool water cool for a long time. It keeps hot water hot for a long time too.
-We call it a thermos. It looks like a bottle.