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Unit 1 - Friendship


Bu dersimizde arkadaşlıklardan behseden, arkadaşlığın tanımını yapan ingilizce diyaloglar okuyacağız.

I think the most important quality of a true friend is sincerity. A true friend must be sincere to me. He must always say the right things and he must warn me when I'm doing something wrong. Other important qualities are reliability and honesty. A friend must be supportive, it is important too. A true friend doesn't have to be beautiful or handsome. He or she doesn't have to be tall or slim either.
I think friendship is very different from love because friendship last much longer. My friend thinks friendship is similar to love because both are very important. You should try hard to keep your friendship and love. They need care and patience.
Good friends stand by each other. He is grateful for each day. My pet brings joy to my life. Does a lot of money make your dreams come true? A true friend sees the best in someone. I'll be there for you.
-Hi, George, do you still have my dictionary?You borrowed it last month and didn't return it yet. -Hello, Newman. Are you sure I didn't return it to you? I... errr... can't remember. -Yes, George.  I have been waiting for a month! -Hmm. I can't remember where I left it. I'm sorry, I think I lost it. -I can't believe you! You always loose other people's things. -I'm really sorry. I can buy you a new one. -Okay but you shouldn't behave like this. You must be more more careful next time. -Sure. I promise, I will be more careful.
You should study harder and do more exercies because practice makes perfect. You can ask your friends and family for help. You can also ask the teachers for help. You must try to understand the sentences but you mustn't try to memorise their translations. You must pay attention in class and do the activities in the workbook.
My ideal friend should be sincere. My ideal friend  must always tell the truth. My ideal friend  must be understanding. My ideal friend should be honest and reliable too.

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