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Unit 14 - Ecology


Bu dersimizde hayvanlar aleminden bahsedeceğiz.  İngilizce okumamızı ve kelime dağarcığımızı geliştirmek için aşağıdaki paragrafları okuyalım:

There are different plants and different animals in every region because the climate is different in every region too.


All the animals can't live in the same place because every animal has a certain region to live. Some animals can live in cold, and some can live in hot but they can't live everywhere.


All living beings need each other. Some animals eat other animals, and some animals eat plants.


Every region has its own characteristic. They are different.


-Why can't you find the same animals everywhere?
-We can't find the same animals everywhere because animals need different conditions to live.
-What kind of conditions?
-Climatic and geographic conditions. Some animals like hot weather and some like cold weather.


Hi, I'm a whale. I heard that you human beings hunt my friends to get oil. Why can't you get oil from other things. Why do you need to kill my friends? We don't disturb you. We don't try to kill you. It's unfair.


I know a lot of organizations to protect the ecology. Greenpeace and WWF (World Wildlife Fund) are the most important ones. There are many local organizations too. I am a member of a local environmental protection organisation too. It is called Avrasya Environmental and Youth Foundation.
There will be less clean water to drink.
There will be less forests.
There will be less food.


Climate will change if we don't protect the environment.
There will be less soil if there is erosion.
No, living beings will not have enough food because there will be less forests if we damage the ecology.


We must use energy carefully and we mustn't use chemicals.


Polar bears are big. They are tall. They weigh more than 500 kilos. They are white. They live in the poles. They eat fish and other small animals. They can swim. They can live in very cold areas. They can't live in hotter areas. I don't know if people hunt these animals. They are in danger because the climate is changing. We must protect the ecology to protect these animals.
Ants are very small, they're tiny. They are very short. They are black or red. They eat very small plants or very small animals. People don't hunt these animals but they are in danger. They can climb trees, they can carry things bigger than themselves but they can't swim. We must protect our forests to protect these animals.
-I have a new pet.
-What is it?
-Try to guess. It is small and it is yellow.
-Is it a dog?
-No, it is smaller than a dog.
-What does it eat?
-It eats little seeds.
-Can it sing?
-Yes it can sing very well.
-Is it a bird?
-Yes. Do you like birds?
-Yes I like them very much. They look very cute. They are cleaner than hamsters and they make beautiful sounds.
I like cats because they are clean and I like dogs because they are playful and loyal. I can't decide which one to have, a pet dog or a pet cat. I should get a cat because dogs make a lot of noise. I don't want to upset my neighbours. Dogs are better if you have a garden but cats are better if you don't have a garden. I don't have a garden, so I think I'l get a cat.
When they go to a picnic, people leave some garbage in the picnic area. They sometimes damage the plants and hurt the animals in that area. Some people light fires too. It is very dangerous.  People like to cook food, play games and have a good time in picnics. Kids can climb trees and make swings from the trees.



We should try to keep our region clean. We shouldn't throw garbage into the environment. We should recycle glass, cartons, metal and plastic. We should be very careful in picnics. We shouldn't leave the fires burning. We shouldn't drop glass shards in grass. Glass shards work like a magnifier and start fires. We should be nice to other animals and plants. We shouldn't hurt them.



Adult butterflies produce eggs. There is a young animal in that egg. First, that egg hatches into a caterpillar or a larva. That caterpillar or larva grows and then forms a chrysalis. Later, the chrysalis  turns into a butterfly.


Sue and Sam Goodies have got no children. Sue is 32 years old. Sam is four years older than her. They live in a flat in the capital city. Sue is a teacher and Sam works as an engineer. They go to work by car. They like to do shopping at the weekends and climbing. They sometimes go to cinema or theatre on Sundays. Sue likes reading and painting but she dislikes watching series. Sam likes football and reading but he doesn't like housework. They are both members of "Greenpeace". They sometimes write articles on environment in their free time.
The life cycle of a bean plant is like this:
The bean seed needs soil and water. Then it produces roots. After some time, the plant starts to grow out of the soil. There are small leaves on the plant. The plant grows and produces new beans.

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