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Unit 2 - Tourist Attractions

I want to see Mardin city because Mardin's architecture is very good. There are many old buildings and they are very interesting. Tourists want to go to Mardin and see those buildings. The old buildings in Mardin are tourist attractions.



I went to Marmaris last year. Marmaris is a very beautiful town. It is on the seaside. There are very beautiful beaches in Marmaris. There are hotels, shops and restaurants in the town center. They are very good. The weather is very suitable too. It doesn't rain much.  You can enjoy the sea, sun and sand in Marmaris. Why don't you go there this year? You will love it.


What can you buy in Türkiye:
There are many interesting items in shops in Türkiye. Shops sell traditional arts and crafts in big bazaars. You can't find those items in any other country in the world. Turkish carpets and kilims are great. They are very colourful and there are traditional Turkish motifs on them. Their quality is very good.  You can also buy leather items. Their prices are cheap. Turkish pottery and ceramic items are very good too. They are also cheap. You can also buy gold, silver and other jewellery as well as  other metal ornaments such as copper or steel. Don't forget to buy special glassworks too.


-I want to go to Bursa for my holiday this year.
-Why do you want to go to Bursa?
-I want to go to Bursa because I like the city. It is always clean. There are a lot of trees in Bursa and they are always green.
-Oh, that sounds great! Are there any tourist attractions in Bursa?
-Sure. There are many historical buildings in Bursa. Ulucami is the most important one. There are also many shopping centers. Prices are very good in Bursa.
-Can you find good quality hotels in Bursa?
-Yes, of course.
-Are there any activities?
-There are ski resorts in Uludağ if you go there in winter. Skiing is fun.
-How is the food in Bursa?
-It is wonderful. İskender kebab is very famous in Türkiye and restaurants in Bursa make delicious İskender.
-Oh, great. We should go together.
-Of course..


My favourite game is Trackmania Nations because it's free. I also like to play football in our garden. My favourite sport is cycling. I'd like to visit Ayasofya and Dolmabahçe Palace because they are the best places to see in İstanbul.

Dilbilgimizi ilerletirken, aynı zamanda İngilizce pratiğimizi de geliştirmemiz gerekir.

...........a nasıl giderim" diye sormak için "How can I get to........." kalıbını kullanabiliriz.
-Where is the Cafe?
-It is next to the police station.
-Is it near the book store?
-No it isn't
-How can I get to the Cafe?
-Walk down the road. Turn left to Eagle Street. Cafe is on your left.
-Thank you!



-Excuse me. I want to fly to Ankara. Can you tell me the plane times from Rome to Ankara?
-Sure. When do you want to go?
-I want to go on Thursday morning.
-Let's have a look. There is a plane at 10 o'clock.
-Are there any free seats?
-10 o'clock is fine.
-Do you want a single flight or a return flight?
-Single please, How much is it?
-It is 150 pounds.
-Here you are.
-Here is your ticket. Your plane will be on the ninety-seventh gate. Have a nice flight.
-Thank you very much.



"Shall I......" veya "Shall we......." sorularıyla nazik teklifler yapabiliriz. Shall, sadece "I" ve "We" ile kullanılabilir, diğer şahıslar ile kullanılmaz. Şimdi sizlere bazı kullanımlarını örnekler ile gösterelim.
-What shall we do today?
-We can visit a museum.
-Shall I take your order?
-Yes please, I'd like to have hamburger and chips.
-Shall we go to a Chinese Restaurant today?
-I'm sorry, I don't like Chinese food.
-Shall we go to a movie tonight?
-I'm afraid I have to study tonight.
Bize yapılan nazik tekliflere yine nazikçe cevap vermek gerekir. Olumsuz cevap vereceksek "I'm sorry" veya "I'm afraid I can't" gibi cevaplar verdikten sonra sebep bildirmek gerekir.
-Hi Joe. What do you want to do today?
-Shall we go for a walk?
-I don't want to go for a walk today.
-OK, shall we go cycling then?
-Sure, that's a great idea.

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