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Unit 3 - Our Natural Heritage?

All living things live in the environment. Some live in the water, and some live on land.



Tükiye has got industrial, cultural and natural heritage. Our natural heritage is great. The environment is very beautiful. We must preserve the environment. We mustn't damage the nature, also we mustn't pollute the nature. Türkiye's cultural heritage is very rich. We have got many monuments and buildings in every city. Some of them are very old. Our industrial heritage is very good too. There are a lot of natural resources in Türkiye.
There are a lot of rainforests in the world. Unfortunately, there aren't any rainforests in Türkiye because Türkiye isn't near the equatorial line. Türkiye has got lots of forests; there are many animal and plant species in these forests but they are not rainforests.
We mustn't put old batteries in the garbage bin. We must collect them in seperate bins and recylce them.




İngilizce dilbilgisinde miktar bildiren bazı ifadeler vardır. "few", "little" sözcükleri "az" manasına gelir.  "a few" sayılabilir isimler için kullanılır, "a little" da sayılamaz isimler için kullanılır.
"fewer" ve "less" kelimeleri ise "daha az" manasına gelirler. Niteleyeceğimiz ismin sayılabilir veya sayılamaz olmasına dikkat edelim.
"many", "much" sözcükleri "çok" manasına gelir.  "many" sayılabilir isimler için kullanılır, "much" da sayılamaz isimler için kullanılır.
"more " kelimesi ise "daha çok" manasına gelirler. Hem sayılabilir, hem de sayılamaz isimler için kullanılır.



We must be careful to protect the environment on a picnic.
We must keep the environment clean.
We mustn't leave our garbage.
We must put our garbage into a garbage bin.
We must put out the fire.
We must be careful to other living beings.
We mustn't harm the plants or animals.


Found kitten in garden. Very young, very cute. Black and yellow fur, blue eyes. Call me if you are interested in giving it a nice home.



A caretta caretta turtle lives in the Ocean. Its species is in danger. Female caretta carettas lay their eggs on beaches. When the eggs break, a baby turtle comes out. Babies must reach the sea but it is not easy. Some animals eat the turtle eggs. Sometimes, sea water can be dirty. People try to catch them to eat them or to make ornaments from their shells. Fishermen catch baby turtles with their nets. You can see turtle eggs in south coasts, Belek, Köyceğiz or Çıralı.