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Unit 6 - TV Programs



When I go home, I wash my hands and my face first. Then I change my clothes. I watch TV when I am eating dinner in the evenings.


I like to watch cartoons and comedy programs on TV. I sometimes watch the news too.


My favourite TV program is The Simpsons. I don't watch any advertisements. I always zap when I see an advertisement. I watch an hour of TV every day. TV is my friend, but it's not a very good friend. I don't like watching the films on TV or cinema. I like watching the films on my computer.
I never read TV guides or TV programmes.


-Hi, Atakan. Do you watch TV everyday?
-Yes, I usually watch TV everyday. Sometimes I have a lot of homework and can't watch TV.
-What kind of programs do you like?
-I like some series. For example, I like Avrupa Yakası. I like Kurtlar Vadisi too, but it's usually too late.
-Do you ever watch news?
-News broadcasts are boring. I like cartoons.
-Me too. Is there a good cartoon on TV now?
-We can watch Tom and Jerry.
-Good idea, let's watch  Tom and Jerry.


-Do you agree with number 3?
-No I don't.
-Why not?
-Because there is a TV in our house, but I can read books everyday. What's your opinion on number 10?
-I agree with it. Some programs are bad for children. Parents must be careful.
-What about number 14. Do you agree with that?
-Yes I do. We can follow new technologies on TV.


-Hello Mr Show. You are my favourite actor. Can I ask you a few questions for an interview?
-Sure. I would be happy to answer your questions.
-Do you like your job? Is it a lot of fun?
-Yes, I love my job. We have a lot of fun in the studio. And I know you like my shows too.
-What are your hobbies?
-I like skiing. When I have time, I go skiing to the mountains. I also like reading novels. My favourite writer is Dan Brown.
-What kind of TV programs do you like most?
-I like action movies. They are always very exciting.
-Do you live with your family?
-Yes, I have a wife and two kids. We live in a mansion on a hill. We go on picnics together in the weekends.
-Oh, that's very good. Thanks for the interview.
-You're welcome.

May I have your attention please! Mr. Star is coming to our school on Friday. He will talk about TV programs for teenagers in the conferance hall from 10 o'clock to 12 o'clock. Don't miss it.


I watch TV for two hours every evening. I enjoy watching series. I prefer them to sports programs. I don't like news broadcasts. In the weekends, I watch documentaries because I enjoy learning from TV.  I like comedy films and animations because they make me laugh. I don't like to read TV guides. My favourite TV program is Kurtlar Vadisi and my favourite character is Muro.

I prefer sitcoms to dramas because dramas are boring.

His name is Hugh Jass. He is thirty years old and he is very fat. He is a very funny man. He does comedy programs with Amanda Huggenkiss.  He is very popular. Everybody loves him. His show has got the best comedy show award last year.

Bazen kendimizi ingilizce olarak ifade ederken, iki şey arasındaki tercihimizi dile getiririz. Bunun için "prefer" kelimesini sıkça kullanırız.

Ipreferan appletoa banana.
He prefers chocolate to candy.
She prefers books to games.
It prefers a bone to a tomato.
We prefer dogs to cats as pets.
You prefer kebab to vegetables.
They prefer sunny weather to rainy weather.

Verdiğimiz örneklerde "tercih etmek" manasında olan prefer fiilinden sonra iki nesne kullandık. Bu iki nesneden ilkini, ikincisine tercih ettiğimizi, yani ilkini ikincisinden daha çok istediğimizi anlatmış oluyoruz.
-Which one do you prefer, cola or fanta?
-I prefer cola to fanta.

-Do you prefer orange juice or apple juice?
-I prefer lemonade to both of them.

-Do you prefer action films to comedy films?
-Yes, I do. What about you?
-I don't prefer action films to comedy films. I like action films more than comedy films.

-Are you interested in documentaries.
-Yes, I like them very much. Why do you ask?
-I saw a very good documentary on TV. Shall we watch it?
-That would be great!

-Do you like Hugh Jass?
-Yes, he is a very funny man. I enjoy his shows. What about him?
-There is news about him, he wants to buy a house and live in this city.
-Oh, that would be great! We can be neighbours with him!

Öneride bulunmak için "why don't....." kalıbını kullanabiliriz.
-I am bored.
-Why don't you read a book?

-I am hungry.
-Why don't you make a sandwich?

-I don't feel very good.
-Why don't you go to a doctor?

-It is very hot today.
-Why don't you go to the beach?

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