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Unit 16 - Emphaty


Başkalarıyla empati kurduğumuzu ingilizce olarak nasıl dile getirebiliriz? 

I want to start university after high school because I want to have a good education and I enjoy learning new things. I need some money to go to a university. I am planning to get a job in summer after I finish school so that I can earn some money for university.



I think good friends can understand each other easily but it's not easy to understand some people. I am pleased with my relationships with my friends. We get along very well with them. I think we can understand each other quite well.


My friend said that putting paper, plastic and glass items into different bins to be recycled  is nonsense. I don't agree to my friend's idea. I think he doesn't understand what recycling is. I believe that we should start a campaign at school for informing everyone about recycling. If you ask me, everyone should seperate those materials. It is the easiest and the most efficient way to recycle. It is not possible to seperate those materials easily if we put them in the same garbage bins.


Empathy is a very important concept. Empathy is trying to understand other people. Everybody should try to understand others.


The message of the story is that emphaty is very important. We can think that we are right all the time, but it is important to look at the events from another perspective too. We can find the truth easily we try do understand other people but we can't find the truth if we don't make empathy.


I think my friends and family usually understand me but sometimes, I can't make myself clear.  Sometimes they misunderstand me but I can make myself clear if I choose my words carefully.
A month ago, we were going to meet with a friend. We decided a location to meet. He misunderstood me and went somewhere else. In the end, we couldn't meet on time. We lost a few hours.


-How was your last Maths exam Jimmy?
-It wasn't good mum. I think I failed.
-Oh Jimmy, why don't you study hard? I think you can get better grades if youstudy harder.
-But I study very hard mum.
-If you study hard, then why are your grades so low?
-I don't know mum, I study very hard. I try to do everything I can but I can't manage to be successful.
-Why not?
-I think I can't understand the teacher very well.
-Why don't you learn from your books?
-The books are very hard. I need some help with them too.
-Why didn't you tell me or your father about this?
-I was scared. I thought you would shout at me!
-I can imagin that it was hard for you! Ok Jimmy, from now on, let's study together. I think you can get higher grades if we study together.
-Do you really think so?
-Thank you mum. I'm glad that you understand me.
-Our team has lost the game tonight!
-Oh dear! Really?
-I've got a very good mark from the Maths test!
-Congratulations! Well done!
-I've just won the lottery!
-How wonderful!
-I saw a ghost last night!
-That's frightening!
-I missed the bus and I had to walk home this evening. I'm very tired!
-Poor you!
I think the statement is correct. I agree to the statement. Empathy prevents bad things. We need to make empathy so that we won't make sympathy.