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Unit 1 - Lesson 1 - School Life

There isn't an exchange student in this class but there is an exchange student in the tenth class.



-Hello, My name is İlhan, What's your name?
-Hi, İlhan. I'm Cem.
-Where are you from Cem?
-I'm from Konya. And you?
-I'm from Nevşehir.
-Nice to meet you.
-Nice to meet you too.



My name is Jack. I'm from France and I speak French.
Jack is French.
Hirotaka is Japanese. He lives in Tokyo.
I want to go to the USA.
The Germans are very good in engineering.

There are twelve students in our class.
There are a hundred and twenty fingers of the students.
There are fifteen pencils and thirty notebooks in the classroom.
There is a blackboard in our classroom.
There is an over head projector in the clasroom. It is also called an ohp.  (tepegöz)



Our class is very small because I have got only eleven classmates. Our class is very hot in summer.
We sit on chairs in our class. Those chairs are very uncomfortable.


There is air conditioning in my dream class.
There are comfortable chairs in my dream class.


The poster is about rules for students in classrooms.


Sit down in the classroom and don't stand up.
Don't run in the corridors.


İngilizce konuşma dilinde çok sık kullandığımız "and" kelimesi olumlu cümlelerdeki iki farklı öğeyi birbirine bağlar.  Türkçede "ve" anlamındadır.
"or" kelimesini ise olumsuz cümlelerdeki iki öğeyi bağlamak için kullanırız. "veya" anlamındadır.
I'm good at English and History.
I'm not good at Maths or Music.

-Are you good at Geometry?
-Yes I am very good at Geometry but my favourite lesson is Maths. What's your favourite ones?
-My favourites are Chemistry and Biology. I am good at Phyiscs too. Are you good at these?
-No, I'm not good at Chemistry, Biology of Physics.