İngilizce Dersleri
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Ders Konuları

Adjective + Infinitive

Genellikle kişilerin duygu ve durumlarını anlatan şu sıfatları da infinitive ile kullanırız. Bu ifadeler İngilizce günlük hayatta sıkça kullanılırlar.



glad I am glad to announce that you won the competition.
happy He was very happy to see his old friends.
pleased They were pleased to be back in their old home.
lucky Superman was lucky to escape the villain's trap.
sorry I am sorry to leave you, but I have to go.
sad She was sad to go, but she had no other choice.
disappointed The teacher was disappointed to see our grades so low.
ashamed He is ashamed to admit his mistake.
ready The referee is ready to start the game.
prepared We weren't prepared to spend the night in the camp.
eager He was eager to learn the results of the last exam.
willing She is willing to teach her friends.
careful You should be careful not to hurt yourself.
afraid The child was afraid to get lost.
surprised The man was surprised to hear that he won the lottery.
shocked Everyone was shocked to hear that Jim was the thief.